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  1. Hi here is the info. I have found a letter dated February 2006 that firstplus sent informing us that we could have a guaranteed top up loan of £15,500 to top up our existing loan . it was a unique offer but only available till 28th February 2006. it gave us a telephone number and said our application would be processed within 3 days. This seemed the answer to our problems and we contacted them on the pre approved hotline number . There is no date on the letter but just states february. Our top up loan was signed on the 20th February so as to be in with the deadline of thi
  2. sorry i haven't been back in touch but my mother has gone into a nursing home and we had to empty her house this weekend. i will try and find the details you asked for and post in the morning thanks once again
  3. yes i do have some copies and i know how much some of my monthly payments were made up of ppi. 1/10/2004 Amount of advance £25,000 Optional Payment Protection £4982.50 Total Loan £29,982.50 Monthly interest rate 0.639% APR 7.9% Estimated number of monthly payments 108 Monthly payment £385.19 Can't find out exactly how much of monthly payment was made up of PPI Then from the 27/2/2006 we had another advance to pay off the above Cash Loan £29,000 Monthly repayment Variable were interest rates changes £346.78 PPP Loan £7102.10 Monthly re
  4. thanks for your reply. i am so overwhelmed by all the jargon i really need a dummies guide to all this. . where would i get a soc from ? do you think i should do 2 separate claims one for both loans or just the one . are there any template letters i can use cheers
  5. Hi I wonder if someone could give me an idea as to where to start to see if i can claim back my ppi against firstplus. In August 2004 my husband and I took out a loan for £25,000 ove108 months and £4982.50 was added as ppi. The total amount now £29982.50 which was first payment of £416.88 and then susequent payments of £385.19. In February 2006 we had run into some financial problems and we took out a further advance over 120 months. £23125.03 to repay off existing Firstplus loan £25.00 TT Fee £5849.97 cheque to ourselves £7102.10 PPI Total loan £36102.10 monthly repayment
  6. from the martin lewis site Tues 8 July 08. Appeal likely to take place in November Today was day two of the second case management meeting in the Bank Charges trial. So far little major news has come out of it except the possible date of the Banks' appeal against the ruling that bank charges are governed by fairness rules. From what can be gleaned, The Court of Appeal was willing to hear the case in July and the banks were ready but the Office of Fair Trading needs more time so the hearing is likely to be delayed. The meeting continues tommorow and any more news will be added here as s
  7. whats new this week i heard its another decision in the courts ? linda
  8. hello everyone just thought i would pop on and see where we are all up to. is it this week that a decision is going to be made or have i dreamt it. linda
  9. so tomorrows the day fingers crossed but i think it will just be a day for the banks to lodge any appeal what does anone else think ? linda
  10. good to hear from you bookworm i always appreciate your advice - roll on tomorrow so we will know what the next deadline will be linda
  11. so now we wait till may 22nd is that correct ? linda x
  12. hi thanks for putting all this in laymans terms when it gets a bit technical i soon get flusttered !! so the next deadline will be 22nd of may ? is that right. thanks for all your help in the past and now it is much appreciated linda x
  13. wonder if the same litigation team is there i.e krysta campbell ,dino.papaevripides,paul.quinn etc..
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