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  1. Hi here is the info. I have found a letter dated February 2006 that firstplus sent informing us that we could have a guaranteed top up loan of £15,500 to top up our existing loan . it was a unique offer but only available till 28th February 2006. it gave us a telephone number and said our application would be processed within 3 days. This seemed the answer to our problems and we contacted them on the pre approved hotline number . There is no date on the letter but just states february. Our top up loan was signed on the 20th February so as to be in with the deadline of this offer of 28th February. On the 10th September 2008 we received a letter from Evershed solicitors stating we were £3161.90 in arrears on the amount of advance of £29,000 ( looking at that i can see that doesn't include the £7102.10 ppi to make the amount £36102.10) They confirmed that possession proceedings had commenced in our local county court. on 17th September 2088 we received claim forms for the possession claim from the county court. It stated the date of the hearing would be 6th November 2008. It stated that the claimant is asking for possession on the following grounds the amount loaned was £29000 the total amount to pay the mortgage in full would be £34357.64 including any adjustment for an early settlement . on the 9th October we received a letter from Evershed to say that they would accept the off of full monthly payment and £140 each month towards the arrears but that they would continue to apply for a suspend possession order on these terms. this amount was one that I had agreed to over the phone with Eversheds because I was so scared we were going to loose our house. I was very desperate by this time. On the 24th October we received a letter from Eversheds saying that they had received a payment of £1000 from us and would accept £120 per month towards the arrears. I cant remember how we came to agree on this figure. but that the court proceedings were still going ahead. I met the representative from eversheds outside the court in the waiting room and he said as long as we paid £600 a month then they would ask for the possession order to be suspended. We went inside to see the judge and he agreed with this. In October 2009 my husband was struck down with an virus that left him in a coma and on a ventilator in intensive care for 5 weeks and in hospital for a further 4 weeks and unable to work till August 2010. During that time i had to apply for payments to be made under the ppi and eventually they were but no arrears just the monthly payment but these weren't done on a regular basis as they pay a daily amount and i had to send in signed medical certificates even thought the icu specialist had said my husband was in a coma and would be unable to work for quite a while. The arrears then went up to £4622.22 and after sending income and expenditure sheets to eversheds they agreed to accept the £600 per month to clear the debts and they will be clear in October 2013. Sorry this is so long winded but tried to put in everything i could remember. If there is anyone out there who could help me put a letter together then it would be very much appreciated.
  2. sorry i haven't been back in touch but my mother has gone into a nursing home and we had to empty her house this weekend. i will try and find the details you asked for and post in the morning thanks once again
  3. yes i do have some copies and i know how much some of my monthly payments were made up of ppi. 1/10/2004 Amount of advance £25,000 Optional Payment Protection £4982.50 Total Loan £29,982.50 Monthly interest rate 0.639% APR 7.9% Estimated number of monthly payments 108 Monthly payment £385.19 Can't find out exactly how much of monthly payment was made up of PPI Then from the 27/2/2006 we had another advance to pay off the above Cash Loan £29,000 Monthly repayment Variable were interest rates changes £346.78 PPP Loan £7102.10 Monthly repayment variable were interest rates changes £84.99 Total monthly repayment £431.71 Total amount of credit £36,102.10 Number of repayments 12o Minimum duration 120 months APR 7.9% £23125.03 of the above went straight to Firstplus to pay off the first loan. I dont know how much was paid off loan or ppi.. would it have been just loan? we currently pay £600 a month which is £128.60 off our arrears which were £4019.65 in march this year. So the monthly payment is £471.40 + £128.60 this is the payment until October 2013 It is really killing us to find this money each month . The ppi paid out from 26th October 2009 until the end of August 2010 - about 10 months. We had to provide a sick note every month and the ppi payments were worked out on a daily basis not monthly . the payments the ppi made were as follows 2/12/09 £455.69 25/1/2010 £769.95 18/3/2010 £769.95 18/5/2010 £471.40 02/6/2010 £659.96 28/6/2010 £549.97 10/9/2010 £659.96 as you can see although we sent in a sick note every month it wasn't paid monthly. We have been paying ppi since 2004 and now it has finished it is still on our monthly payment . How would this work. do i try to work out how much ppi i have paid since 2004 and then deduct the amount of ppi paid to us and ask for the balance to be refunded. also do i ask for the amount of ppi that was put on the loan as a lump sum to be taken off so that my monthly payments are reduced any help with composing a letter would be very much appreciated. many thanks
  4. thanks for your reply. i am so overwhelmed by all the jargon i really need a dummies guide to all this. . where would i get a soc from ? do you think i should do 2 separate claims one for both loans or just the one . are there any template letters i can use cheers
  5. Hi I wonder if someone could give me an idea as to where to start to see if i can claim back my ppi against firstplus. In August 2004 my husband and I took out a loan for £25,000 ove108 months and £4982.50 was added as ppi. The total amount now £29982.50 which was first payment of £416.88 and then susequent payments of £385.19. In February 2006 we had run into some financial problems and we took out a further advance over 120 months. £23125.03 to repay off existing Firstplus loan £25.00 TT Fee £5849.97 cheque to ourselves £7102.10 PPI Total loan £36102.10 monthly repayments of £431.71 Yeah I know it was a stupid thing to do and now with hindsight I could have sorted our problems differently. The arrangements for the 2nd loan were all done on the phone with FirstPlus I had initialised contact with them but they were even calling me at my place of work telling me their was a time limit to complete . The montly amount was paid but again we were struggling as my husband works in construction and times were hard. Eventually we were taken to court by Eversheds for possession of our home but we had agreed to pay the monthly premium and £128 off the arrears so the judge agreed with this. Our monthly payment to them now is £600 In October 2009 my husband caught a virus that put him on life support in a coma in ICU for 4 weeks and in hospital for a firther 6 weeks. We made a claim on our ppi and they paid the monthly premium till August 2010 when my husband was fit to go back to work. Although the monthly payment was made obviously nothing was paid off the arrears . We are still paying £600 a month although the ppi finished in February 2011 and our payment has not gone down. I can't seem to get a total amount of what we still owe from Firstplus. We presumed the ppi would be active for the lifetime of the loan - 120 months but it was only for 60 months so we were informed in February 2011 that it had finished. This wasn't pointed out at the time. One other thing , once when I was ill and had to have an operation and take time off work I made a claim on the ppi only to be told that Full cover was for my husband but only death cover for myself. We had always presumed that because we were both named on the loan and the ppi then we had equal cover. We are really struggling at the moment and I have a dmp with cccs but it doesn't include the payment to Firstplus. Do you think |I am eligible to make a claim even though I am in arrears with my payments and the ppi has finished but I am still paying £600 a month. If so how do I go about it. Any and all help would be very much appreciated.
  6. from the martin lewis site Tues 8 July 08. Appeal likely to take place in November Today was day two of the second case management meeting in the Bank Charges trial. So far little major news has come out of it except the possible date of the Banks' appeal against the ruling that bank charges are governed by fairness rules. From what can be gleaned, The Court of Appeal was willing to hear the case in July and the banks were ready but the Office of Fair Trading needs more time so the hearing is likely to be delayed. The meeting continues tommorow and any more news will be added here as soon as we know it.
  7. whats new this week i heard its another decision in the courts ? linda
  8. hello everyone just thought i would pop on and see where we are all up to. is it this week that a decision is going to be made or have i dreamt it. linda
  9. so tomorrows the day fingers crossed but i think it will just be a day for the banks to lodge any appeal what does anone else think ? linda
  10. good to hear from you bookworm i always appreciate your advice - roll on tomorrow so we will know what the next deadline will be linda
  11. so now we wait till may 22nd is that correct ? linda x
  12. hi thanks for putting all this in laymans terms when it gets a bit technical i soon get flusttered !! so the next deadline will be 22nd of may ? is that right. thanks for all your help in the past and now it is much appreciated linda x
  13. wonder if the same litigation team is there i.e krysta campbell ,dino.papaevripides,paul.quinn etc..
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