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  1. Thanks for the response. Does anyone have the contact info for the executive level of Lloyds Tsb?
  2. Hi, im after some guidance. I have just received a court date from LLoyds TSB regarding the balance of my current account. The current balance owed is £2150.50, however this balance is made entirely of bank charges that were applied to my account between 1/5/07 and 1/7/08 infact these charges totalled £3747. I am sure I qualify under the hardship criteria and despite numerous calls to LLoyds TSB during the time they offered no assistance so I was basically stuck in a cycle of charges. The only advice they eventually offered was to stop using the account so it was passed to collections all the while adding more charges. I would like to put in a counterclaim for my charges and need some guidance on the best approach. p.s. the court letter came from Northampton Court and as I live in Swansea was wondering if I could get the case transfered
  3. And why should those who end up paying charges subsidise your free banking?
  4. I have now recieved a letter from sc&m (after the money was paid out) stating their client intends to settle this time and I now have to write to inform the court of the settlement and send a copy to sc&m. can anyone point me to a template letter as I want to get this final stage correct as I do not want to jepardise future claims.
  5. ****CASE WON BEFORE COURT**** Around 10 days ago I had a letter from the court "Notice of prelimnary hearing" for the 11/07/07 Sent a bump letter to SC&M around a week ago with no response. Checked my online banking this morning (28/06/07) and LloydsTsb have refunded £4029.32 with no correspondance from either LloydsTsb or SC&M. So a big thanks for all the advice, templates and stickies. Will be making my donation to the site to keep it going. p.s. yesterday my wife found out she's 3 weeks pregnant after 5 years trying. She was even being refered to an infertility expert! so the money will come in very usefull...
  6. just spotted this in a thread on another forum - "Hi, well, lloyds defended my claim so was just waiting for it all to go to the local court. got a letter yesterday: Before District Judge Maw sitting at Lincoln County Court Upon reading the papers in this matter it is ordered that The court, of its own motion, is considering striking out the defence in this action as abuse of process. The basis for this is the fact that the Defendant is settling all claims in this nature where Claimants are seeking the reimbursment of bank charges, with no claims proceeding to a contested hearing. The court considers the authority of Mullen v Hackney London Borough Council (1997) relevant. If the defendant objexts to the proposed strike out, it is ordered to file, by no later than 26th June 07, a schedule setting out all claims of this type in England and Wales which have proceeded to a final contest hearing, and the outcome of such hearings, together with a schedule ofall such claims which it has compromised before the final hearing after proceedings have been issued. Upon receipt of such objections, the Court will consider listing the claim for an on notice hearing of the strike out issue. In the absence of any such objection being filed in time, the defence herein will be struck out a judgement entrered for the amount claimed by the claimant, together with the appropriate costs claimable on the small claims track." As a legal and bank charge reclaiming newbie this seems very interesting, so what do all you experts make of all this..
  7. another bump, can anyone advise on the above 2 questions please
  8. Update: I have now recieved a "notice of transfer of proceedings", and my case is being transfered to my local court in swansea. The letter also states - "IT IS ORDERED THAT : - 1. the filing of an allocation questionnaire be dispensed with in this case unless the Distric Judge orders otherwise" and that i have 14 days to respond. Also attached is what appears to be the standard 9 point defence. ok, so now on with my questions - 1) I can see no mention of the £100 fee in this letter so am I correct in assuming this is to be paid at a later date when I recieve correspondance from my local court. 2) Is this the correct time to send a draft order of direction to my local court or do I wait for confirmation from my local court that the allocation questionaire has definitely been dispensed with.
  9. Thanks for the fast response and guidance. Trying to do as much reading around and making good use of the 'search' button so as not to bog down the forum with repetative questions. No doubt ill be posting alot more in the near future as things start to get serious
  10. UPDATE: they have now entered a defence dated 16/5/07. MCOL states - "You are unable to take any further action online on this claim. The Defendant disputes the whole amount you have claimed. Your claim cannot proceed online and will be transferred to the appropriate court for continuation. You will receive confirmation to where the claim has been transferred to shortly." I assume this is all standard stuff, just waiting to recieve a copy of their defence, hope its the standard 9 point. Suppose its time to start getting my court bundle together.
  11. could you please either upload a copy to this site or email a copy to [email protected] - desperate for a copy for my court bundle, thanks..
  12. im just following the guides posted on here - http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/site-questions-suggestions/71369-getting-mcol-right.html#post614610 "Wait until you receive the Notice of Acknowledgement (not the Notice of Issue) from the court and then send a copy to the bank’s solicitors, since they are the ones who will now be dealing with your claim. Their name and address will be on page 2."
  13. UPDATE : everything seems to be ticking along as expected. The claim has now been acknowledged and defended by sc&m. Have to get a copy of my schedule of charges off to them. Suppose the next step will be a token of goodwill £750 Hopefully not long to go now as I really need the cash!
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