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  1. So glad to see my favourite forum has a special needs section!!! My middle son was diagnosed with Aspergers a few weeks ago, we have made a claim for DLA on Friday and I recieved a phonecall from a lady on Monday morning!! She asked a couple of questions on mobility and night times. She said we would get a decision in 1 - 2 weeks. Im guessing that means she wont be contacting any other agencies?! Does it sound like bad news to you?? :???:
  2. Ok, Ill try it. I was just reading through the link to a thread someone posted and it looked likely they were going to pass the buck so thought Id prepare myself. I will see what GE say. Thanks.
  3. Thanks... I have already been told by GE money that Ill need to make a complaint to IFCL so just trying to be prepared, I dont have a lot of time to do this sort of thing so thought Id get as much done today as I can. Thank you everyone for your help so far. This site is amazing!
  4. Ive been told to make my claim through these people but GE Money could only give me the name, they have no contact details and I cant find anything on google. Its a long shot but dont suppose anyone knows an address or a phone number even? Thanks in advance
  5. What a great read!!! I am just starting out with a GE money claim, I did call them and they have already said they did not sell it so I would have to go through the company that did. Once I have my SAR back do you think I should just write the complaint to both parties to save time? Congratulations on your win!!
  6. Ok Ive cancelled the claims company!! Eeeek! Ive got my SAR ready for this particular claim, Ive rang GE money for the correct address. So I send it and then wait? What sort of information are they going to send me? What's the next step? I dont have a cheque book so should I get a postal order? Or I can ask my Mum to write me a cheque? Do I just make it payable to GE Money? Thank you so much for your help so far
  7. Ok, good idea. So you think I should tackle GE money even though they said they couldn't do anything as they didn't sell it to me? Can I skip the SAR? They have already told me I paid PPI on this loan? Thank you x
  8. Thank you. I'll try phoning tomorrow but not sure I can afford £10 per company right now, we are dealing with about 6 companies. Is there any other way to get the information? I have account numbers for most apart from a loan with HSBC where I don't have anything at all and they wouldn't even give me the account number without me giving them an 8 digit telephone banking number from 5 years ago!!
  9. Im not sure. The loan was with First National so Im guessing it was paid to them but they arent the ones that sold it to us so said we can't make a complaint to them? We have already started the process with a claims company but thought Id look here and am now wondering if we could cancel and do it ourselves. We have other companies too, about credit card companies and a bank loan. We dont have account numbers for the loan and Ive phoned HSBC who were less than helpful. Are there letter templates I can just print off and send out? Thank you!
  10. Ok... Im lost already! Maybe it would be easier for me to go through one of the companies and pay them a percentage. Looks like this could get very complicated
  11. I dont have an agreement, we moved house just after settling the loan and the paperwork either got lost or thrown out
  12. Hi all! Really needing help here. I have no idea where to start We had a loan with First National (Part of GE Money) about 7 years ago, I have just rang them and they told us we did indeed pay PPI on the loan. She said she couldnt do anything about it as it was sold through another company, Independent Finance Corporation LTD. So what now? She said we paid £1200 Id be so very grateful if someone could point me in the right direction. Thank you!
  13. Thank you both Lloyds havent defualted us YET but a few other companies have in the last few years So out credit rating is pretty poor.... At the moment they are asking we pay what is over our o/d limit which is £700 But ideally we'd like to start to attempt to pay off the whole lot, thing is with £100 being put on in interest alone it just feels impossible
  14. My husbands blasted overdraft is hanging over our heads, its our last debt and I want it gone but its a biggy. We no longer use lloyds and cant afford to pay into it so the interest charges are just mounting up, its now over its limit and charges are being occured. With natwest they offered us a loan to pay off out O/D which suited us fine. Are Lloyds likely to do this?? We have seriously bad credit but natwest said it didnt matter as it was a different way of doing things... Too tired to try and explain but it made sense at the time! Or will Lloyds just sent it to the collectors?? Who are the collectors?? What are they like?? Will they accept most payment offers!? Im so scared it'll go to them and they'll want more than we can afford. Also whats the situation on claiming bank charges from Lloyds? Robbing ba**tards. They've had thousands from us in charges!!
  15. Still confused!! Doh!! If we were constantly overdrawn would that mean there would be nothing to claim back?? If so that makes more sense... we never had an 'in credit' balance, we've lived in our overdraft for years Does that make a difference?? Sorry to be a pain....
  16. Oh my goodness... I am completely lost here!!! Im using the excel advanced to try and claim back something on my overdraft interest. I also have some unplanned overdraft interest??!! Is this the same?? I dont even know where to start... is there a simple way of explaining it to me??? Sorry to be a pain
  17. Thank you. We have a joint account that our child benefit and tax creditsare paid into (With no o/d) so we will move everything over to there asap. Should I leave some money in there to pay the o/d interest each month though?? Because if not we will go ovr our o/d limit and get some mega charges!!!!! Ive been using the advanced spreadsheet for the overdraft interest but its very confusing... is there an easy way to understand how this works?? I put the figures in but nothing comes up, does that mean Im not entitled to claim anything?? Hope this makes sense!! Thanks so much for your help so far xxx
  18. Yes I definitely intend to take it all te way if anyone here thinks I stand a chance?? I have all the statements so will be making a start on the spreadsheet later on. Am I right in thinking there are holds on all claims re. bank charges?! Or is that old news?! Thanks for the reply.
  19. Hey all!! Havent been here for a while, life has been busy!!! We've worked really hard to pay off all our debts in the last few years but we are left with this HUGE 7k overdraft that belongs to my husband (Had to get that bit in!!!) Every month we get interest charges which is usually £100. Money is so tight we live in our overdraft, we max it out every month basically. The charges are getting ridiculous. We cant help but go over the limit, not good I know... but these charges really dont help. Last month and this month have been difficult leading up to xmas and the letters just come through with the charges to be applied in Dec.. they are £225. At the mo we are £100 over our limit and have been for a few days, hubby doesnt get paid for another week and they charge £20 a day up to a max of 10 days... so thats £200 plus the interest to be taken in Jan I just dont know what to do. Are they allowed to charge such ridiculous amounts?? This has been going on for years now and life would be 100 x better if we could reclaim some of these and pay off the overdraft. We'd be debt free for the first time in 10 years. So am I allowed to reclaim?? What are the chances and where the hec do I start?? I would be grateful beyond belief if someone would just guide me in the right direction. To know that I have a chance would be a great start
  20. Think this maybe in the wrong place :confused:These defaults are not related to the unfair charges...
  21. Im feeling good to be back here and confident you can help me Last time I was here the good people on the forum helped me reclaim £5000 in unfair bank charges from... HSBC So maybe its true, what goes around comes around They shut the accounts when they paid out leaving 2 overdrafts of £1000 and £250, to cut a long story short, times were hard and we missed payments. The unfair bit is this, they sent letters demanding immediate payment within so many days, it included a repayment form which we filled in with our proposal to pay and sent off. About a week later we got the exact same letter and forms. I assumed it was a mistake and our papers passed in the post so ignored it. Next thing I know they are demanding immediate payment. I rang them up and apparently the first form I sent back Id filled in incorrectly which is why they sent a second lot out, how was I to know this I ask?? Anyway, the account had already been sent to collections and she couldnt get it back, so there for 2 default notices were put on our credit file Were really stuck here, we have a really crap mortgage and really need these removed to improve our rating and get a better mortgage deal. Does it sound 'do able'?? We are a young family with 3 young boys and we are struggling here
  22. Thank you! So where do I start? What are Lloyds like at giving you back YOUR money? Clare xx (TIA stands for 'Thanks in advance!' Sorry!! xx)
  23. Hi there!! I'm abit of an old timer from the boards! Claimed £5000 from HSBC a couple of years ago, a huge success!! Anyway, we are back... huge overdraft and have had a difficult month or two with a new baby arriving and other things. We have gone over our overdraft limit a few times, not by alot but enough to be charged obviously! Really worked hard to stay within the limit this month and had succeeded! Until I notice a huge charge of £155 on my statement yesterday taking me over my overdraft limit!! :( What can I do?? Do I still have the right to ask for it back?? TIA xxxxx
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