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  1. Received today from Cobbets, could someone please advise. DEFENCE 1. This defence is filed and served without prejudice to the defendant's case that the Particulars of the Claim do not disclose reasonable grounds for bringing a claim against the claimant to recover the bank chagres (and interest thereon) referred to in the particulars of claim or any other sum(s). In the event that the claim is not properly particularised then the defendant will apply to strike out the claim and/or summary judgement in respect of the same. 2. On allocation the Defendant invites the court
  2. Hi I have submitted the N1 form to the court, and RBS have until tomorrow to say if they are defending or not. However they have today made an offer of refund of charges minus the contractual interest that I am claiming for. Should I refuse this offer, or will court think I am being greedy?
  3. Hi Zoot I,m in. I will research Kensington if this helps. Kensington Mortgages reported a pre-tax profit of £30.3m for the six months to the end of May, up 24% on last year The loan impairment charge surged to £24.5m. That’s a 117% jump on the same period in 2005. Meanwhile the number of accounts three months or more in arrears rose to 9.6% of overall assets, from 9.2% a year ago, while bad debt provisions rose to 0.68% from 0.66% in 2005 13.07.2006 repossessions, house price crash - Money Week
  4. Hi Zoot I,m in. I will research Kensington if this helps.
  5. Hi Krysus I don't think it would invalidate the claim, rather I think the judge would decide who was right and who was wrong. So keep all paperwork relating to the claim i.e rent book etc. I maybe wrong, but a friend was in a similar position and this is what happened with her.
  6. Not legally minded but could these have any bearing.. http://www.dbresearch.com/PROD/DBR_INTERNET_EN-PROD/PROD0000000000200409.pdf. http://ec.europa.eu/internal_market/fin-use_forum/docs/20050418_final_en.pdf. From European Commission
  7. Me again rbrears Thanks for that. Another quick question if I may. Most of us have been referring to Bridge –v- Campbell , however in your opinion this doesn't bode well. So for the rest of us what would be the best route to go down if making a claim. Any help appreciated as I really am quite a numpty. Thanks again
  8. rbrears Very eloquently put but I have been blinded with science. In your opinion (and in layman terms) what would be the best way for Jamorgan to get this decision overturned. Could you perhaps draft her a letter to put before the judge? Thanks red1
  9. Hope they are watching Deathlord, then they may realize that the little guy is not gonna sit there and have sand kicked in his face any longer
  10. 00765 Could you post further info about the couple who won against ERC. Thanks
  11. They will have you on file just send SAR with address mortgage applied to. Yes you can ask for all payments and yes it will cost you a tenner. SPPL Southern Pacific Personal Loans LTD and SPML are same company. Two addresses 1st Floor, 6 Broadgate (Head Office) London, EC2M 2SP 2nd Floor, St. Johns Place, Easton Street, High Wycombe, HP11 1NL (I used this address)
  12. I am just going through my statements so am at a very early stage. Am at the same stage with Igroup. SPML has just sent me the 'sorry you feel the need to complain but sod off letter'.
  13. I am more than willing to donate £20.00. I am also willing to collate the number of companies involved. If you need any more help please contact me POWER TO THE PEOPLE
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