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  1. Thanks Scott, I will have a read thru and adapt one of the templates to say what I want it to!!
  2. Hi all I did have a dmp with Harrington Brooks/all clear finance which I cancelled last month because they kept changing the dates they were paying my creditors and then I was getting letters saying they were gonna add charges etc (I fully understand how to claim back charges (am a bit of a pro hehe)) but my question now is about going it alone and sorting out the small piece of debt I have left....less than £2000 so wont take me long to pay! Earlier I rang one of my debtors, thinking they would quite happily accept a request to set up a direct debit with them but the little twerp on
  3. Hey JM I do try and remember to come back every now and then but my life has been stolen by f*cebook haha!! My claim was on hold by HSBC so I didnt go to the court stage.... Not sure where to go from here tho?!!!
  4. Hi guys Happy new year to you all!! Ok, Ive had a letter from my bank saying they wont pay back charges because they have been ruled as not unfair etc etc....are there any templates we can use to send back to them? Thanks FBD x
  5. Hi all..... Its been a while lol.... There are sooo many posts to read thru that I dont know where to start...can someone explain to me (in a nutshell) what the result meant?? Can we start claiming again?? Do we have to reword letters etc?? Need to get myself prepared incase any new 'debt letters' fall on my doormat...... Cheers guys FBD x
  6. Hi Kenny I didnt no what to do about asking for it by cheque so had the amount deducted from the balance, which was good as it cut it in half!
  7. Thanks guys, Will have a look through those links! Cheers FBD
  8. Hi guys This claim is my cousins. Some info, my aunt died last year and my cousin is now the legal guardian for his brother. He receives job seekers that is paid into a post office account and Guardians allowance and child benefit paid into his Lloyds account. Its about £30 a week and this is used to pay 2 direct debits, one is house insurance and the other tv licence. My cousin isnt the sharpest tool in the box so I help out where I can! The last couploe of months have been particularly bad for him and one month he lost track on the dates the DD's were being taken out - he ended up
  9. http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/hsbc-bank/151630-hsbc-2nd-claim-charges.html How bout that?!
  10. Hmmm, I dont know how to do that unless I copy and paste the http bit lol
  11. Hiya Ultimate I claimed the service charges because my whole outstanding balance was made up of charges!! The service charge is worked out as a percentage of the total outstanding amount on your account - for example: If your balance is £150 and £100 of that is charges then the service charge should only be worked out on the remaining £50 of the balance! They work it out on the total outstanding amount! When they replied originally I rejected their offer because they tried getting out of paying the service charge - I sent another letter explaining how they apply them and got
  12. Hi Littleprincess, Good advice given above, dont let HSBC get to you!! I was in exactly the same position as you! Single mum, young kids - banked with HSBC and got charges of roughly £150 a month because same as you they let me go overdrawn but wouldnt give me an overdraft!! I ended up opening a parachute account with A&L and with that got a cheque book and debit card (my credit history was really really poor). My account with HSBC is still active (overdrawn because of the charges) I havent used it in over a year tho and wont ever use it again!!! You can have a l
  13. Lol, I decided that if they started court proceedings to get it back thats when I would put my court claim in!
  14. Cheers JM Havent been on here much (damm those 'social networking' sites lol) I was looking for one of my old account in dispute letters but I only had ones regarding catologue charges! This one seems a lot better! I never actually got to the court stage just sent the first and second letters. Because this is my second claim it only goes back about 2 years so was ok with the 6 years of claiming rule. Money issues etc prevented me from doing it.... D'ya think thats gonna go against me? I thought that if your account was in dispute the debt couldnt be passed on even if y
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