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  1. Hi! I posted on here a while ago about some problems I was having with my Nationwide overdraft, as despite having it included in a DMP, they were adding unreasonable charges each month (paying £9 per month, £45 per month charges/interest) and were not accepting the payment as being enough. Well they sent me a letter today offering to clear my debt completely for a payment of a lump sum. Being a bit sceptical I called them anyway to see what the offer would be. On an overdraft balance of £1,477.60 they have offered to clear the lot in full if I pay £700. I was thinking of claiming back bank charges from the last five years (including the latest months' ones) of around £350 so I actually think this is a good deal and want to do it to get at least one off the list! I have requested it in writing and they have agreed to this (with no quibble) and I expect a letter from them tomorrow. As it happens I received a bonus from work last month which means I can pay this so it seems to be a happy ending..... My only concern is that it might cause my other creditors to demand more but given that this is the lowest balance of all my debts and it will also mean more for them each month (I'm not changing my DMP payment) I can't see how they can compare their debts to this one... I also spoke to the CCCS and they agreed with me on my thoughts and concerns. What do you think?
  2. Thanks sequenci! I'll check that out.. PS Nationwide Building Society is the bank. (I also had a look at the thread on them...)
  3. Sorry, I guess I didn't explain myself very well. It is in the DMP as a non-priority creditor but they are effectly ignoring this and saying they will not accept the DMP amount being paid as enough, so they're just adding charges every month. And I moved my bank account somewhere else a long time ago to make sure they couldn't grab anything Thanks!
  4. Hello there! I'm new here and had a question which one of you might be able to help with. I'm currently on a DMP with CCCS, due to being very silly and having run up more debt than I could handle every month, and one of my debts was a £800 overdraft with Nationwide BS. At first there was a problem with them taking back a direct debit payment which they refunded in error (6 months previous!) without much warning, which bumped my overdraft up to £1300, at around the time the DMP started. This was manageable at the time because my authorised overdraft limit was £2650 - much higher than my monthly salary! - but then when they woke up and realised I was on a DMP (after about four months) they immediately "reviewed" my overdraft facility, dropped it to £1000 and demanded immediate payment of £300 to reduce the balance. Well I obviously couldn't do it and they wouldn't accept a payment of less than £20 a month (I'm paying about £9) so now they have started adding interest and charges of around £50 a month to an account that I'm paying £9 on....madness. Anyway, I'm annoyed about it and would like to be able to get this stopped - and maybe claim back the £500 or so they've charged me over the years - but given my huge other debt and feeling very annoyed with myself about the whole thing it I really don't want to attract any extra hassle. Can anyone give me any advice? What do you think I should do?
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