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  1. Received a letter today. Nothing new in just asking me to contact them and i f i would like they will roll over the loan enabling me just to pay the interest, isn't that nice of them. On the plus side there are bank details on the letter so in theory i could just start paying back the loan whist i await them deciding to accept my offer or not.
  2. Just to keep you updated i have heard nothing from them. No emails, No phone calls, Nothing. No acceptance to my offer or refusal.
  3. They have now asked me to provide an income and outcome statement before they will accept my offer.
  4. Spoke too soon they just sent an email asking me to phone them. No response to my offer. Should i reply to the email or wait for them to reply to the offer.
  5. They said who they were and what they were wanting. Not heard a peep from them today though.
  6. Hi tillytiger, You have done the hardest bit and decided that rolling over is not helping one bit. Cancel your card and direct debit then wait for them to contact you. Once the phone calls start you can send then an email requesting that they stop phoning. Work out what you can comfortably afford to pay them and make them this offer. Don't be bullied into increasing the offer stick to your guns and they will accept in the end. Good Luck
  7. Didn't say anything to me but did inform my boss who they were which im sure they are not allowed to do. I have sent them another email asking them to re-read my original i also sent them an offer of payment but no response as yet.
  8. I sent them an email formally requesting that all contact should be in letter / email form and that phone calls should not be made. I have just had a phone call to discuss the email.
  9. UPDATE: They have not even bothered to phone me direct but phoned my work and told them who they were ect. Didn't think they were allowed to say who they were. Anyway to stop them phoning work as i'm not allowed to take calls anyway.
  10. Today i defaulted and they were unable to take any money from my account. I have started my own thread spike vs pduk if anyone is interested or willing to help. Thanks
  11. Todays the day that i default on my loan with PDUK. This has been planned as its the only i can get out of the trap. So far i have received the email stating that the loan repayment has failed. I will reply to this with an email making an offer of payment to which i expect with to refuse. I have a feeling the phone calls will start soon so does anyone have a template letter to email them to request they stop the calls. Any help and support would be great.
  12. Well a new debit card arrived today (i never asked for it) with different details so so pduk won't get there money at the end of the month as the old card is now canceled. So Im going to bite the bullet and default just to get out of this trap. I don't want to do this due to the affect on my credit record but i don't see another way out. Do they phone your work? Payment is due on the 26/11/09
  13. Hi, I am in the same trap as you guys and was thinking of just defaulting so that i can get out of the trap of roll overs. My debt is with PDUK, any ways of best approaching this?
  14. So should i just default and wait for them to contact me to arrange payment?
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