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  1. Hi there, Can someone move this thread to won? I previously didn't have enough money to start court proceedings, and was about to start them this week. I have just received a letter stating the full amount will be credited to my account in a few days. Once cleared into my account I'll make a donation. Thanks for all the help!
  2. SO! I got a letter this morning from Reliable Collections (Simply Be's collection department) YOUR ACCOUNT IS NOW GOING TO BE REASSIGNED THIS MAY RESULT IN DEBT COLLECTORS CALLING AT YOUR HOME WE HAVE ADMINISTERED A £12 CHARGE ON YOUR ACCOUNT PAY NOW blah blah I have received a blank copy of my credit agreement, my signature, account number or any of my details ar NOT on it. They are insisting that they don't need to have a signed credit agreement. I phoned them to tell them that the account is in dispute, that until matters are resolved no action should be taken on my accoun
  3. thanks for your help, I will just sit on it just now and wait another few weeks
  4. I also had a loan with Welcome Finance which I topped up 4 times (shame on me) I never missed a payment and paid it all off a year and a half ago (no early payment discount) I remember being advised to take out Health Insurance and PPI, when I said I didn't want any insurance, they took off the health one but not the PPI as they said you *have* to it to get the loan. I have all my loan agreeement numbers, and I am not disputing charges (as there are none) but I would like to ask for the mis-sold PPI's. can anyone supply a link to a draft letter I can send?? I would really appreciate it
  5. Hiya ,well even though it says Reliable Collections, comparing the address to Simply Be's (they are the same) - I think Reliable is the collections department - probabaly a tactic to get me to pay quicker. So what is my next action? Write them a letter saying that the CCA was not signed by myself and not enforceable, or they did not respond in the agreed time? I don't want to contradict myself, they would prob jump on any little mistake I made. The CCA agreement they sent me has absolutely nothing on it, no account number, no name, address, contact details or signature - I've never seen
  6. Ok, but reading other posts I was under the impression that if the company could not provide proof (the CCA) signed by both myself and them, then they are unable to enforce the debt? Hence the postal order and letter requesting it. And also, if they sent the blank CCA way after the 12 days, surely they are already in breach?
  7. I've got an account with catalogue company simply be. Sick to the back teeth of their outrageous demands I sent the the request for my CCA on the 18th January along with the £1 postal order which was cashed on the 21st January. I then heard nothing - their 12 days were up, they were in default therefore unable to enforce the debt. or so I thought. Then happy valentines day - a letter from Reliable Collections. Dear Miss Kerry Re Simply Be We thank you for your recent letter, the contents of which we note. In relation to your request for a copy of the executed a
  8. DCA acting inappropriately Moorcroft phoning and telling my parents I'm in big debt. Passing the debt onto........ Newman & co messing up my Direct Debit and then blaming me! Reliable Collections who ignore every letter I write now, but still phone me every week but haven't sent me the credit agreement.
  9. In my previous thread - http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/lloyds-bank/58179-kerry-lloyds-tsb-so.html I've sent off my LBA and waited way over the two weeks. What do I need to go down to my county court? (I'm in Scotland) I'm scared that, if I leave it too long, they may use this in their (Lloyds) Defence. *Panic* Please help!
  10. Well Done Gary! If only we were all as well versed as you!! Lloyds have taken to just ignoring me now, how nice of them!
  11. A year and a half ago, I quit my 9 to 5 to live the dream and become a poor student. Being naive, I thought I would be able to pay off my debt with student loans andpart time jobs. I had £500 limit on simply be online catalogue, and it got hammered quite a bit. When I realised that I couldn't afford the repayments, I phoned to discuss a payment plan or such like. I was told that this wasn't acceptable etc etc.... then I read about the CCA and sent off my £1 postal order with the CCA letter. I got a phonecall 4 days letter, offering me repayment plan on £1 a week, as long I agreed to
  12. Anyone?? I don't want to start court proceedings too early and mess things up.
  13. Update!!! Lloyds TSB deadline is up on Monday, shall I get down to my local court on Monday armed with my £39 and a pen? Shall I take my statements, schedule of charges, and interest template?
  14. Well Done! I'm glad you've finally got a settlement, hope the bucks are in your account soon!
  15. Hi there! Can I just ask what address you used for Creation Finance? I sent off my SAR with a postal order, just want to make sure we're all using same address. I sent it to Equipoint, Coventry Rd, B28 8FE anyone else use same address? Good luck with your SAR, hope you find your account details.
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