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  1. The course was run by Essex County Council - as far as I am aware there was no fine imposed - the letter states that by attending course and submitting fixed penalty notice it has disposed the offence. The thing that alarms me is that the Bailiff was quoting Southend County Court - when there are no court papers. Also, he has asked her to ring him on Monday to let him know if she is paying or not and that he could not take a part payment - payment had to be made in full.
  2. Just to add on the bailiffs paperwork in written pen added by the bailiff it says "client - Southend Magistrates Court" but no court papers.
  3. OK, no court papers have been issued, simply that if payment is not made then he will be liable for substantial costs. Marstons had a copy of Police letter on 8th May.
  4. Thank you, will do this on Monday. My daughter did phone him and he said he was going to come back tomorrow and that in his opinion the Court would make him pay and that it would probably be better if they paid Marston and then claim it back. Obviously we said noooooooooo, her partner is working away at the moment and will not be back for another month, she has a 15 month baby and is 4 months pregnant, I call this harrassment. He added, he did understand and because he is a nice guy and understands (of course he does) he will wait till next week.
  5. Help and advice needed please. My daughter's partner was pulled over by the police in January for not wearing a seat belt, instead of paying the fine he attended a Road Safety Educational Presentation - as such his Fixed Penalty Notice was cancelled. He has written evidence from Essex Police to confirm this as indeed in this letter they quote "As such, I can confirm that no further action will be taken against you in relation to this offence". A letter from Marstons was received on 2nd May asking for £215 for non payment of this offence, stating that they had a Magistrates Court Order and if payment not met in full they would attend 7 days later. The police advised to send copy of letter from Essex Police to Marstons, which was done via e-mail and was told if they called again in the meantime to show them a copy of this letter. Now, today they have called again asking for just under £400 and have left another letter to this effect. Will obviously ring Police again but need to know if there is anything else to do.
  6. GOOD NEWS my claim has been upheld, cheque received on Thursday. Although Barclays took more than 90 days to send SAR, eventually received last week, my claim went through without a hitch and cheque amount was pretty much spot on, so am very happy.
  7. Have already issued them with non-compliance letter but I am afraid as yet have not followed it up - I know its slack of me but have pressing family matters at the moment which has left me very short of time to press this. On the other matter of my consumer questionnaire, Barclays state on their website that new claims will be dealt with in an 8 week timeframe, I know after this time I can go to the Ombudsman but I have been told by Barclays that my SAR has slowed the progress of them looking at my PPI claim. Not sure how the two are connected, I feel I was forced to fill in questionnaire as they had already sent me one and I had informed them I was waiting on my SAR, they then send me a second one and stated that unless I filled this in within 10 days they would look at my claim without it. Felt it was better to fill it in than let them progress further without it.
  8. Just to update, still no SAR! It's now 90+ days and apparently should receive it this week. Also 8 weeks are up since we sent back their consumer questionairre.
  9. I sent for SAR to Barclays on 30th January, I know they received it as I also enclosed letter asking for T&Cs which they have supplied - but with this also sent back my £1 cheque. SAR is now just over 40 days, I have telephone them and apparently they will ring back within 2 days, not holding my breath so have followed up with non-compliance letter and as yet they have not cashed my £10 cheque either.
  10. Will send letter forthwith and no as yet they have not cashed my cheque but I did also send them a cheque for £1 for the T&Cs which they sent back. Thanks for highlighting where the spreadsheet is.
  11. It was a personal loan from Barclaycard, and the PPI is confirmed as Barclaycard Personal Loan Payment Protection. As I say, we are awaiting SAR which is now over 40 days, so should I chase this by a follow up letter? Was a bit surprised about the phone call myself, so will wait and see but as yet have not worked out interest as we have not got our paperwork anymore and I want to do this correctly. We have a rough idea how much PPI we have paid though.
  12. Am claiming back OH's PPI on his barclaycard loan, sent 2 letters for T&Cs and SAR dated 30 January 2012. To date have got T&Cs but no SAR. Today received a phone call asking questions, basically they are looking into whether we have a correct claim or not. They have given me a number to ring if I do not hear from them in 2 weeks, is this unusual, have not even got to the letter stage yet as still awaiting SAR.
  13. doo

    bank takes funds

    In answer to your questions: The loan I believe is behind by 4-5 months Set-off has not been applied before No attempt was made by the bank to discuss or inform
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