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  1. Thanks Zoot I must say i did read the whole thread and yes it scared the crap out of me, i will wait to see what they come back with, but can you tell me if its a small claim they cant get costs from you is that correct. thanks:razz:
  2. count me in to....as soon as get paid next fri i'll donate £20 need to know how.....
  3. dear god !!!! Morgy i dont know what to say !! i work for Shoosmiths solicitors and know a few decent ones, PM me if you want me to try to get anything looked at, we to have a secured loan with Kensingston and were being taken to court on the 12th Jan but as luck would have it my bank charges money came through so i was able to pay them and the court case was suspended, now got to go throught the whole thing agaimn with our mortgage, stupid thin is we have 40k equity in the house the arrears are 4k andf they want to take our house !!!! still think of what i said about shoosmiths:razz:
  4. Sorry not been around for a while, still got to donate but need a question answering if anyione can help, sent of the letter for clainming back ERC last week, got a reply sat morning saying they will look into it and reply with in 4 weeks......do you still just give them 14 days or wait the 4 weeks ??:idea:
  5. Hi i'm just starting on Marks & Sparks can you guide me in the right direction of the 1st letter to send please and what it is i need to ask for as the account has been idle for years exact date i have no idea but the card originally was taken out 10 yrs ago !!!!!
  6. sorry if this is a dumb question but hiw do i add it to my original post ?? i'm a bit blonde when it comes to things like this !!
  7. Hi i'm just starting out with stroud and swindon to claim ERC, can you direct me to the letter templates so that i can get the 1st letter sent out, on a roll now as just had bank charges refunded also. Thanks:razz:
  8. Zoot Can i ask a question please, trying to find anyone who has claimed back from Stroud & Swindon, can you help ? also need to know what the max is that we can claim and if there are any letter templates i can use, we swopped mortgages 18 months ago and i'm sure the ERc is over £5K:razz:
  9. Well all done and dusted in just short of a month, thanks to everyone who gave me advice along the way, i will donate once i recieve the money i will be back 2 more Halifax accounts and mortgage company to take on. See you soon xx:p
  10. Thanks for that, we really need the money at the moment, to pay the mortgage due to hubbie being out of work so i know i'm copin out by accepting but i need it in the bank asap. thank though for your advice.
  11. i'm at the same stage as you, started my claim only 3 weeks ago and recieved today an offer only £177 short of the full amount,letter saying something about 2 yrs bla bla bla i was toying with the idea of accepting but having read this thread your right better in my pocket then theirs...will send the rejection letter after crimbo...
  12. Had my offer letter today from halifax 177 short of full amount heres who sent the letter Jonathan Parke, review Manager, Core ops, customer Relations 0191 235 7810, from start to nearly finish 3 weeks....i'm so glad i found this site off to start the ball rolling on the other 2 accounts then the mortgage company for ERC's fingers crossed
  13. Well i can quite believe this i started my claim end of Nov, sent the 1st letter 7th Dec, got a reply that they are dealing with my complaint last week, sent the second letter today informing of intending to take then to court, and in the post today got a letter from them offering £1087.00 full and final now this is where i need advice my original claim was for £1264.00 this is with out the 8% interest as its only £177 short of the original amount should i just take it or hang out for the full amount, i have another 2 accounts to claim for so dont want to look desperate, but i cant beieve its only taken 3 or so weeks....can anyone suggest anything ??
  14. Thats great thanks very much, will get the letter sorted monday, so far its all happened quite quickly, i asked for my statements last week nov, sent the first letter 7th Dec got a reply 13th Dec sending next letter and another copy of charges 21st Dec so what this space !!!!
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