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  1. Firstly I apologise, I know this question will probably have been answered, but I cannot seem to find the answer. Can someone please let me know the address I should use for HSBC Credit card, not current accounts, for Subject Access Requests, or point me in the direction of a relevent post.
  2. Hi everyone, just came across this incredible site after a friend gave me the link. I am having problems with Barclaycard, they didn't like it when I used a balance transfer from another card to pay the balnce of my account off, so they have imposed restrictions on my card, lowering credit limit, no cash withdrawls etc. I want to proceed with action to reclaim charges they have taken from me over the years. I have not had time to read how to do this yet. I am hoping that I can get a lsit of charges they have taken from me in the last six years,I havent kept the statements, do something about what they have put on my equifax file and then cancel my card, they are not a very good firm to deal with at the best on time, in my opinion, if anyone can help get me started I would be grateful.
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