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  1. Hi N4B The property I would issue the charging order on is the one I rented for him and is owned soley by him. The courts said that this would be fine to do. I have asked him very firmly, but nicely, a number of times and he did state that he would pay me but has now changed his eyes! I have no idea what his counter claim is!! He has never told me why he is refusing to return my deposit!!
  2. Hi Joa I have called the court service today and they have said that as he still owns the property I rented, I can issue the charging order there. I have sent this email back to him: Hopefully this will make him pay up!
  3. Hi again, I have just received an email from the landlord stating: HELP!!! What do I do now?
  4. Hi there Nightmare4banks. Thank youfor replying. Yes he does still own the property that I rented from him. I had sent everythig to his parents which was the address he had given me for all correspondance.
  5. Hi I am really hoping that someone can help me with this. My ex-landlord lives abroad, but has given me a UK address for all correspondance regarding the property I rented from him. I recently filed a small claims claim against him as he was refusing to return my deposit. Yesterday, he told me by email that he was going to pay me in full and was going to contact the courts to sort this out. I rang the court service today to see what was happening and was advised that as he lives abroad, they have no jurisdiction on this and he is now going to contest the judgement. They say that as
  6. ... to everyone who replied to my previous thread Here. I applied to the court to reclaim my deposit and gave the landlord 2 weeks to respond as advised. I then called moneyclaim online to check if the landlord had responded and he had not. I then entered judgement by default as advised by the lady on the phone. Does anyone know how long he would have to respond to this? I am worried that he is just going to ignore all the letters and I don't know what I can do if he does this. He usually lives abroad and the address for the court papers was his parents address. Do you think I
  7. Just an update from me. My Landlord has until Wednesday to respond my claim. As far as I know, from an email from my 'anonymous friend' he ahs not received the papers. He lives out of the country but I sent the papers to the address he had given me for all correspondance regarding his property. Do you know what will happen if he claims he never received anything?
  8. OK. have just filled the forms in online and sent them off! The anonymous emailer has also said he ahd to do this and the full amount was returned to him as soon as the papers were served! Fingers crossed it's as easy for me! Thank you all so much for your help
  9. OK. So I sent the email as suggested by Darren. My response was I will send the off my claim to the courts then! Thank you Esio Trot for your help as well.
  10. Thanks MrShed. So do you not think I should mention anything about coming to some kind of agreement re cooker? ETA or should I just put "I am writing to inform you that if I do not receive a settlement offer from you within 14 days I will be taking my claim to the small claims court. As you have not responded to my requests for details on the costs incurred by you, I will be claiming for the return of the full deposit. If I am forced to take my claim to the small claims court, I will also be claiming the fees incurred by myself and I believe that I have a strong case against an
  11. I have juist written this email to send to him. Do you think that it sounds ok?
  12. Thank you Darren. I will send him one last emailing stating that I am giving him 14 days to respond with an offer of settlement otherwise I will be forwarding to the small claims court. Do you know if there anything else I need to state in the email? I am happy to come to an agreement as, as I said above, I did not have time to clean the cooker before I moved out. Sorry for all the questions. I have never had to do anything like this before and am unsure what to do!
  13. I only really have had email contact with him. His last email to me just stated 'Please issue your claim through the County Court were I will be happy to respond and issue my counter claim.' This was to my request for copies of invoices etc for the work that was apparently done to the house. Would I still need to send a letter before action? I have twice asked him for proof on how my deposit was spent but he has ignored it. I recently received an anonymous email from someone that he had apparently previously ripped off in the same way. This person is a friend of a friedn of the land
  14. Thank you all for your replies. I have started filling in the forms for my small claims action today but am not entirley sure what I shoudl be entering in the 'particulars of claim'. Do I just out the basics in this bit? So far I have Does this sound ok? What else do I need to put in here? Also, it states about interest. Do you know how I would work this out. TIA Han
  15. Thanks Joa. He is trying to to withold £1200 deposit but has not really given me any evidence as to what this is being held for. He has sent me some pictures which he claims is his evidence. He has sent some pictures of the the cooker which admitedly I did not clean before moving out as I ran out of time, I am happy for him to reclaim the costs for cleaning the cooker from my deposit. He has also sent some pictures of the garden. I moved out the weekend we had all that snow and there was not much I could really do with the garden in the middle of winter. In addition, he has taken some pic
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