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  1. Thanks both. Dx - what would I be looking for if I sent a SAR?
  2. Hi, there is probably nothing I can do about this, but it makes me feel ill so I thought it was worth asking.... I took out a loan in mid 2010 for £13k to clear some credit cards. Yep, totally stupid and I of course ran the credit cards up again. Lesson learnt and now in a DMP with Stepchange. The loan was with HSPF and had front loaded interest at a SCARY rate. I knew this but at the time I was desperate. I kidded myself that when an old account fell off my credit report the following year it would improve my credit rating and I could repay with a loan at a b
  3. Sorry to jump in, but my OH has an old debt with Halifax and has a statement from them which says "WRITE OFF" and then the full amount of the debt, taking the account to £0, then closing the account. Does this mean they couldn't (or shouldn't) have sold it on? This was may last year and we've not been contacted by anyone, the default is marked as Settled and no new defaults registered.
  4. Hi all, have been reading this thread for a while, not being chased by any DCA's BUT at one point that was a distinct possibility so I am pleased so many people are becoming more aware of their rights and not initmidated by these idiots. Anyway, my query is about a loan my OH defaulted on with Halifax, which was taken out mid 2002. The account was defaulted Feb 2003 after his business failed (loan was, unfortunately, in his name despite being for the company in reality). It was passed to Blair Oliver Scott who chased very rarely and also by telephone and were very nice, not pushy for mone
  5. Hi, I wonder if anyone can shed any light on this scenario... OH had a loan with Halifax taken out mid 2002 for £15K. His business went into difficulties soon after and after struggling with payments for a while it was defaulted eventually in May 2003 (we think). Mid-2004 he managed 4 months payments of £200 to Blair Oliver Scott, then nothing since then. Blair have been VERY lenient in not chasing the debt very hard according to OH, due to the fact we had house on market to release equity. Anyway, now sold house but after secured debts paid and deposit to new house (we could only ge
  6. I was fobbed off twice with lower offers and the "not prepared to refund recall fees" argument, but in the end I sent them a letter saying I was going to pursue the full amount and they had 7 days to respond and avoid a court case. They paid up within 4 days.
  7. Good news, received a letter today offering to settle in full £4765. First offer was £3700-ish, second offer after LBA was £4300-ish so sent another letter rejecting and giving a further 7 days to respond. got a letter back within 3 days offering full settlement. Thanks to everyone for help, will donate when money in the account.
  8. Hi all I'm just completing my MCOL for Barclaycard. I'm claiming £140 in charges since 2001 and £114.59 in interest on these charges at their cash balance interest rate of 27.9%. I have got the particulars of claim from the templates library and I'm confused about what I put the two sections below (My questions in CAPS). Can anyone help? Many thanks. 5. Claimant claims: (a) return of the amounts debited of £XXX SHOULD THIS BE THE TOTAL CLAIM AMOUNT? OR JUST THE CHARGES THEMSELVES?; (b) Interest per S.69 County Courts Act 1984 of 8% - £xxx [enter interest total at date of
  9. I could do with some advice. I claimed as above and sent as two seperate claims, one for the joint account and one for my account. THe 14 days were up so I sent the LBA, again, two seperate letters in two envelopes. The next day I received an offer from FD saying "thank you for your request for refund of £4764.00 bank charges" - so they have put the claims together - and offering £3627.00 (the enclosed acceptance slip breaks it down as £1397 sole account; £2230 joint). Now, I want to continue with this so I have these questions: 1) I have sent the LBA's already - they must have crossed in th
  10. Thought I'd start a thread for this claim, one of 4 I've started this week. Their response to my SAR was pretty poor TBH, but as I have the majority of statements (and the few missing ones probably incurred no charges) I thought I'd go ahead on what I've got - It's a small-ish claim anyway. So, prelim sent today for £140, rising to £256 with interest. Will keep you posted.
  11. Vickicb

    Vickicb Vs MBNA

    Thought I'd post my progress so far with MBNA.... Sent off SAR earlier in December and had a letter in response along the lines of "we are investigating your complaint, etc". Received a letter on December 20th with all copy statements and a letter telling me they had credited my account with £330. This cleared my outstanding balance so I called and cancelled the card - got a cheque from them for credit balance of £122 on December 27th. Totalled my charges up - £827 rising to £1398 with interest (using the interest rate on my card). Posted letter today so lets see what happens no
  12. Well, I got my statements from 1st Direct today for the joint account and my sole account. Totals are £2998 and £1766. Immediately completed the spreadsheets and sent off the prelim letters today (treating a seperate claims). Will update any progress.
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