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  1. I will certainly be watching with interest to see what happens with the others who are experiencing these 'split claims' lol....was thinking about what was in the letter I got today. The money shop 'exchanged' money with me. So payday loans can now be called payday exchanges.....Yes! it does have a nice ring to it:lol:
  2. Wow! how slimy is that??? so i'm guessing that whilst I think this demand is for half the debt....in fact the 'other half' is probably much bigger.....with charges etc added on. I think I shall CCA the money shop whilst I'm waiting for Bryan Carter to obtain the supporting docs they mentioned. I'm sure anything produced probably is enforceable as someone said earlier. At least being forewarned about how this is likely to go is something I suppose. I don't like surprises! It's all very confusing....but I suppose that's exactly whats intended here
  3. Thanks very much for that lord tiger. Have spent all morning trying to find some of my corre from the money shop. All I can find so far is a letter they sent when the cheque bounced (i did tell them it was going to!). I've realised something VERY strange. Bryan Carter are only demanding half of what is actually owed to the money shop. What is that all about??...why only chase half a debt. Totally confused now
  4. so I should sit and wait to see what, if anything, bryan carter come up with? Is there any point in me replying to the letter?
  5. The payday loan company is The Money Shop. I tried for a long time to arrange a payment plan with them but they wouldn't agree. I gave up trying and hoped it would be passed to a DCA who would accept a realistic repayment plan. Bryan Carter's letter does say they have requested supporting docs from their client which will be reverted to me in due course. And if they're trying to confuse me....it worked!! I thought a loan was a loan?
  6. Last week i recieved a letter from bryan carter solicitors chasing an outstanding payday loan. The letter basically gave me 10 days to pay up before court action is taken. I know from the numerous posts on here about bryan carter that they are one DCA who actually are likely to go down the court route. I sent them a CCA and £1 postal order. Today I have recieved a reply (with my postal order back) stating that my payday loan was in fact an exchange between their client and me and not a supply of credit and is not covered under the CCA 1974. Is this correct? If it is then what else can I do to avoid this going to court? Any help much appreciated
  7. if you have informed them of change of circs as you have said then don't worry i have had an overpayment every single year since tax credits began (due to my ever changing circs!) every time i have kept them informed and every time they have mucked up if they dispute you informed them, SAR them (they don't charge) they will send you a paper mountain and cds of any phonecalls you have made. I have disputed every overpayment successfully by doing this. It takes alot of trawling but it's there and you can prove the mistake is theirs and not yours
  8. I had a rough month last month....car probs anyway i managed to go over my agreed overdraft limit 4 times (the most by £8.01) yesterday I had various charges taken out my account 1. over limit fee £15.00 2. over limit fee £25.00 3. over limit fee £35.00 4. over limit fee £5.00 I also had a monthly over limit fee of £25.00 as well so well over £100 in charges which has totally crippled me. What i don't get is how can going over the limit vary from £5 right up to £35.....surely the charge should be consistent every time? I've looked at the amounts i've gone over and it has no bearing on the amount charged.....how can it be fair to say one time costs £5, anothe costs £25 and so on.... Yes, I was careless.....but how can banks justify such varied charges
  9. have had no replies as yet to any of my requests to anyone.....surprise! all i've had is one letter from cars threatening a doorstep collector and advising me that if this debt is in dispute to let them know so that they can 'help me resolve the dispute' ....should i tell them that i dispute the amount of different companies chasing this debt??
  10. high spirits? well you have to don't you have just reported this lot to trading standards and ofcom over the telephone harassment...i had enough. they ignored every offer of payment and today sent me a default notice for the amount owed plus a whopping £275 in charges
  11. I now know that vanquis definately haven't sent me a default notice. After a painstaking search through my paper mountain I have found my last statement from them. On the front of the statement there is a printed message that states - 'your details have been passed to 1st Credit limited to recover the outstanding debt. Please contact them directly with any queries' Now where does that leave me?? No default notice and the whole debt being chased by 1st credit (c£800) despite the arrears on the accont being less than £300 Any advice on this would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
  12. Statutory demand....sounds scary. The debt is for around the £800 mark so do you think that a stat demand is likely? I don't own any property any assets at all really so I doubt taking that route would get them far. Having had a better look at the letters from connaught and CARS there is a difference of about £35 between the amount that they claim is owed so it looks like someone is adding interest or charges to it. I'm still confused as to where CARS come into all this. i get the connaught/1st credit part of it but can't find any connection between connaught and CARS. Will SAR vanquis and 1st credit and think i should CCA CARS as well. Will probably get another letter from someone else by the time I've done that!
  13. ok after the letter from C.A.R.S yesterday.....today i get yet another letter from Connaught offering me 50% discount on outstanding balance if I pay up now I am soooooooo confused if connaught and C.A.R.S are not the same people then that means that 2 companies are chasing the same debt.
  14. Have sadly realised there is no way round this....and it's left me in a mess. Barclays, who wouldn't give me a new debit card......had a £750 O/D on that account but kept them off my back by having my tax credits and ch benifit paid in there....wages go into other account. To stop any payments from payday company coming out I had to change tax credits and ch benefit to my other account now I expect barclays will start chasing me for the £750 overdraft! If they would have given me a new debit card then I would have done as I have been doing....leaving £50 month in to slowly pay off the O/D. everyone would have been happy and got paid in the end ...but no. in true banking fashion they were awkward and stubborn and now will spend more in sending me letters than I earn and my think they will make my life a misery. only consolation is.....someone else got there before them!
  15. hey samsmoot how is your friend going on with this? sorry haven't looked in on the thread for a bit (been too busy keeping DCAs from the door!) I did check on the next stage for you and it would be the court of appeal but as i said before....thats when it may start costing money. I say may because if you took it to this level then the other side (DWP) might engage counsel in it the proceedings and to be in with a chance you may have to match that be nice to know where your friend is up to anyway
  16. Hey sleepy whats happening? I've heard absolutely nothing this end. No phonecalls, no emails and no letters from clarity. Am just waiting now. Feel like telling everyone else in this mess to do the same as we have done. Yes the phonecalls at the start were stressful and the worry was awful but the feeling of being back in control of my whole wages at end of last month (before payday people got their hands on it as soon as it hit the bank) was a very nice feeling!! These people confuse me. Try to reason with them and they ignore you. They want all or nothing....and end up getting nothing through the way they deal with things....if I was them would take the reasonable route....but:) Anyway sleepy hope all has been quieter for you too.....let me know x
  17. i would certainly tell them to go away! have no problem with that.Incidentally I was at home all day on the 9th...and guess what? no-one did turn up. I wasn't surprised in the least. Have no problem either with making an arrangement to pay what I owe.....but these goons want it all in one go and if they can't have that they are not willing to listen to anything else. Have tried to be reasonable but it's got me nowhere. As for stomach...mine is cast iron these days:D. Have gone into financial meltdown in less than 3 months just because life stinks sometimes...I'll cope:)
  18. update....even more confused!!! I did search for the default notice and couldn't find one. I don't usually throw any mail away but TBH have moved house and personal circs that put me into financial meltdown.....can't say for sure if I recieved one or not, I did CCA 1st credit and as yet recieved nothing back. Then today rec's a letter from C.A.R.S (creditlink account recovery solutions ltd). Very nice letter headed in red with 'CONFIRMED RESIDENT'...our tracing division has confirmed your residency at the above address andtherefore we are left with the conclusion that choosing to ignore our clients. It goes on to outline the usual possible threats etc I haven't ignored anything....well not since the letters from Connaught. I simply sent a CCA request and now am passed onto someone else! Still o clear indication if this CARS company now own the debt or are acting OBO vanquis/1st credit/connaught. What is my next move??? Should i SAR Vanquis to hopefully get a copy of default notice? And how on earth do I get to the bottom of who now owns this debt. It's moving between DCAs faster than I can keep up with. Any help very much appreciated
  19. Have you thought about asking them for proof that the replacement tickets actually cost £375?? I would
  20. I recieved another of these postcards on saturday. No wording added this time and was in different handwriting. Apparently I will now be visited tomorrow (9th Feb) I am still recieveing phonecalls as well although the frequency has died down. All this despite a letter about the calls and threats of a visit and a further letter reminding them that they are still calling me despite my first letter! I have also sent them a budget sheet and offer of repayment to which I've had no response at all. I am going to write to them tonight asking about the postcards and specifically why the extra wording was added to the first one. If I get no response or an unsatisfactory one then it's trading standards.
  21. I totally agree! I work for a govt dept that handles data on the very type of people you mention. These people are regarded as 'protected population' for obvious reasons. The security measures and rules for handling their data is very stringent. I would think that anyone in this situation who is complaining to their MP may want to point out that they are regarded as a member of protected population by the government. It might just make them take a bit more notice.....worth a try anyway.
  22. Sleepy, I reckon that is just what you need! He might think the threat to pass you on to a third party fills you with dread. In reality is the best thing that can happen. Can they be any worse than him to deal with?? If you genuinely offer what you can afford, no-one can make you pay more than that. With any luck clarity will be happy to deal with you in writing and accept your offer of payment and this nightmare will be over. You've done well....stuck by your guns and it looks like the dreaded gavin is giving up. My advice to you if he sends any more emails is to ignore them....bin them, don't even read them. He is a bully who will sadly be giving someone else grief by now. You haven't committed fraud....you're just short of money and fell in to the same trap as lots of others....like me! Have a virtual hug from me:) and don't worry.... take care
  23. You are right benjani...they won't budge thats why it's better not to speak to them. In fact there are some people who have felt bullied and downright intimidated by them. They ignore my offers of repayment so I ignore them. I keep sending them the offers...they keep telling me their collections dept can only deal with it by phone (it's easier to bully some people by phone) I am waiting to passed to clarity and i will offer them repayment. I won't deal with this lot by phone
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