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  1. Why is it that companies like Moneybarn/Duncton can get away with ruining people's lives to get their pound of flesh if you get into trouble with them financially through no fault of your own. Their expensive rebranding has done nothing to improve the attitude of the legal staff there who seem to be permanently on an ego trip !!
  2. This is just a warning to all you honest people out there, dont do what I did and buy a car on trust from this firm!! Before Christmas I was looking for a particular model and specification 4x4. I found one which fitted the bill advertised by Hadnall4x4 near Shrewsbury in the claassified ads on Ebay. It was at the top end of the price range for the model and year. I phoned the guy up who gave me a walk around tour of the vehicle answering my questions as he went. He summarised it as being a good one owner vehicle with a new MOTand full service history. He agreed to hold it for me on a dep
  3. Am now complaining to the Ombudsman. My MP thinks they are being stupid and totally unreasonable also
  4. They are still being stupid.. forcing another AOE on me which is going to force me to resign. I have told them when I can and will pay but no one is listening. Dear old Gosling must be loving it !! sitting there on her gold plated salary and pension ruining people's lives. Agree with you that they dont listen no matter if it costs them money in the long run. Haven't got a clue some of these Hitlers !!
  5. Despite the fact that I have an arrangement to pay my council tax arrears the ignorant tax officers have lumbered me with an AOE as they cannot find some of the cheques I sent in. They will not give me time to get copies of the cashed cheques from my bank insisting that I have an AOE. This will affect my employment because of the type of place I work in and the lack of confidentiality in the wages department. It seems that I have no recourse to anyone to get this stopped. The Cranswicks and Snows of this world can do anything they see fit no matter how it affects peoples lives
  6. I owe about £6000. I make the payment every month but sometimes its late. Thats when the threats start. I don't like being called a liar by them for a start. I have no assets so don't see hoe being made bankrupt will help my creditors
  7. I have an arrangement with Ruthbridge to repay my Citifinancial debt. However Ruthbridge keep threatening to pettion for Bsankruptcy everytime my payment is slightly late. When I try to explain that my fiances are precarious he calls me a liar and threatens to send a bankruptcy petition round to my house. I do not own any property and there is no CCJ to my knowledge. Are they just being nasty or can they make me bankrupt which would destroy all my hard work getting straight with my other creditors
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