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  1. we have been going back and forth with wragge and co was due in court on the 7th but they also sent a letter last week about the oft report so was shocked this morning when received the letter
  2. Hi all, hubby got a letter off wragge and co this morning and they have settled in full it's been long and hard process and hubby now has smug smile on his face from when i wanted to settle will donate when it clears and thanks to everyone who has helped nowing or otherwise:D
  3. hope someone can help you, if you claimed on mcol they always transfer you to your local court for the hearing
  4. hi all, quick update got court date through this morning 7th september , got till 20th july to give court bundle but quick question i sent copies of everything to wragge & co and court with AQ do i still have to send another or would you just ring and check thanks
  5. hi all quick update received offer from wragge and co this morning for less than the a & l offered me before we put n1 form in:mad:, so going to send rejection letter this afternoon, they said it was purely on a commercial basis they were prepared to make a settlement offer.
  6. think it is to show that they are fees and not admin charges etc but not sure so hope someone else can help you
  7. Hi won my claim against the halifax and hubby is in the process of claiming against the a & l, just wondering if any one nows how to get details of my hubby's old halifax account he opened it in 2003 till 2005 when he went over to a & l but have since moved house and his details must of been lost in the move thanks
  8. no mate just entered one in the box will you be calling a witness, they haven't asked for a stay of a month either bit worried now
  9. HI, joe weird were at the same stage but they said they were calling 1 witness with me cheers blue
  10. Hi does any one have a link for terms and conditions 2004 thanks
  11. hi all took A Q to court today and spent the afternoon in the libary printing some stuff off computer still not playing when it comes to printing so trying to get everything ready so that i am prepared hope i don't have to go to court but reading as much as i can and hoping it stays in
  12. Hi me to, my computer wont download at the moment so i would appreciate a list as well
  13. Hi, received an allocation questionare from the courts this morning a & l have said they intend to call 1 witness , not sure who that will be am going to fill it in over the weekend and take it to the courts on monday morning hope it doesn't go as far as the court's but just trying to get a court bundle together at the moment only had a basic acc so if any one has any cases that are worth reading like this all advice would be gratefully accepted, good luck all
  14. hi joe 1969 they have said the same in mine i am going to send them a copy of the spreadsheets on tue because they said i haven't given proof of the charges eventhough i put three copies with n1 form so think it's standard what they are saying good luck mate because we seem to be at the same stage prob a couple of days behind you
  15. Hi received defence from wragge today seems to be the same one that everyone else has received so i am going to send them a copy of my spreadsheets on tues because of the bank holiday and my ageing printer, but they also sentme a letter saying why the lloyds tsb won there case and how this will favour them in court i now this is just scare tactics but it's working tonight
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