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  1. I'm all set to write up and send off my S.A.R letter to my previous bank (Account closed 2 years ago)! My partner tells me we owed the bank a hefty sum of money due to their charges alone and that they passed on our debt to a debt recovery company and they have since added an enormous amount of fees to it, the total debt now is £1800 approx! Am I still entitled to take the bank to the small claims court even though they passed on our debt to a recovery company? Any help will be gratefully received!
  2. Hi, thanks for the reply! I eventually worked it out for myself after a while, all I require now is a crash course in how to work Microsoft word! I should have my SAR letter ready for sending by the weekend I hope. I'm not very good with computers but I'm getting there! All the best, Kev.
  3. Hi folks, Could someone please tell me how to save the forum bank templates onto my computer as I'm keen to have my first subject access request letter sent off to A&L. I've searched the forum for any possible guides but I can't find any? Any help appreciated! Thanks, Kev.
  4. Hi there, I'm still reading all the useful posts also at the moment to pick up on all the valuable tips that I'll need when I eventually take on the Clydsdale bank, I've also got the Alliance & Leicester to deal with also! I'm not sure which one to have a pop at first! Best of luck!
  5. I'm having real problems with this company and their 'charges' that they are bombarding me with! Please keep us updated on how you are doing with this Steve. Thanks, Kev.
  6. Just a quick hello from myself, this is a great site, wish I discovered it ages ago. Thanks, Kev,
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