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  1. Well my S.A.R safely arrived today(2 days late)!

    I'm stunned to see how much all the penalty charges added up to.

    The charges come under different names and I'm not sure if I can claim them all?


    One failed cheque charge,£34.

    One failed bill payment charge,£34

    Twelve failed direct debit charges,(Three at £30,Nine at £34)Total,£396.

    Sixteen paid item charges,£25 Total,£400

    Twelve unauthorized over draft charges,£25 Total £300.


    A grand total of £1,164.00


    I'm in a difficult situation here as their legal dept are hounding me for £1,800.

    I'm currently going through the process of having a trust deed set up to manage my debts, and they were included in it!


    Anyway,It's off down the summery cause court route for me as the charges exceed the £750 limit!

  2. Just off the telephone to A&L regarding my S.A.R. and when should I expect it to be delivered to my address?

    Nice woman on the phone states that nothing is showing up on her computer but promised that she'd contact the appropriate department to chase them up!

    Only 2 days left until deadline! Or should I give them until the end of the week?

  3. No Pamandal I sent Postal orders :(


    Rang the number in post 5 there was nothing in my account notes


    They did say howevever to send an S.A.R - (Subject Access Request) to


    Mal Boyes


    2nd Floor OPS

    Bootle GIR0AA


    Hi Del, If you don't mind me asking, how did you find out if your postal order had been cashed?

    I'm just of the phone to the royal mail to check if mine had been cashed but they state they can't tell me anything! Instead they said I need to go to the post office to fill out a claim form?

    Think I've been given the run-a-round here! :sad:

  4. Still no S.A.R received yet, deadline is next Wednesday 24th!

    I got my credit reference file yesterday and I see the cheeky beggars added a default to it! I know there's a letter in the template library I will use to demand removal of this when claiming back the bank charges.

    I still owe A & L money according to the credit file so i'm expecting a battle ahead with them!

    Does anyone know what their phone number is as I wish to phone them up and remind them of the S.A.R. deadline?


    That's all for now, Thanks, Kev.

  5. Is it possible to reclaim an early redemption charge?


    We had a loan for £4500 in which we repaid roughly £1000 back in the first year, we then took out a consolidation loan which covered the £4500 plus a few other bills!

    Because we paid off the £4500 loan early the company whacked us with an early redemption charge of at least £4000!

    Although we do not owe them money now I still feel rather miffed that they took £9000 from us in total.

    I know most of the fault is my own for not reading their T & C's correctly but surely that charge was over excessive?


    I'm considering sending them a S.A.R to see what the charges are in total, If there's any way I can get even some of that cash back then I'll be going straight for their jugular!

    Has anyone ever had success in claiming back a charge like that?

    All info appreciated,


    Thanks, Kev.

  6. Hmmn unable to track S.A.R - (Subject Access Request) on Post Office Web site, yet I can track my Woolwich one on there.


    Hi Del, I sent of my S.A.R Rec Delivery to their Narborough address on the 13/12/06, I also used the Royal Mails Track & Trace service on their website, It states that the letter was delivered on the 16/12/06 but it would appear that it was not signed for!


    I intend to phone the Royal Mail in the next few days and request a proof of delivery, I think there's a charge for this though? :mad:

  7. Cash Crisis-the short answer is that I don't know.

    Because of recent changes introduced by the Scottish Parliament where they

    have effectively barred the use of removing goods to pay fines, it seems

    that the Courts are awarding either wage arrestments or bank arrestments

    [where they clear out your bank account]much more frequently .

    I did advise a couple of people who had their accounts arrested to go back

    to Court and seek the advice of the Court Clerk claiming an appeal under

    the Act of Sederunt. That would be claiming that as they missed the Court

    hearing first time round, had they known there was to be a hearing, they would have attended to put their cases. Obviously part of your g/fs case is that much of the debt consists of unlawful charges, and probably reduced

    monthly payments by showing her financial statement of income and


    Unfortunately, they never came back to the forum and said whether it

    worked or not. So if you try it, please let us know what the response is

    either way. And if it doesn't work, get the S.A.R - (Subject Access Request) off as quickly as possible.


    Thanks for the reply.


    Unfortunately my partner is unwilling to go near any court regarding this but has agreed to let me send a SAR letter to the company on her behalf!

    Perhaps once she sees the charges they put on her account that will encourage her to take her case to the small claims!

    Anyway, It's her decision to make and not mine as the account was in her name only.

    My partner finds it amazing that I'm taking my former bank to court and I guess she's waiting to see the outcome of that first!


    Thanks, Kev.

  8. YOu want to be careful about doing that - a court may see you as taking the piddle.




    Not if I wait until the first claim has been settled then start a new claim for the remainder of charges!

    Is that not the case?

  9. Thanks Tamadus, That's good news that we can take them to the small claims court for the credit card penalties.

    I'm currently in the process of taking action against A & L (Scotland) for bank charges and awaiting the return of the SAR I sent them.

    I've carefully studied the Scottish section part of the forum and I expect the charges to exceed the £750 limit, I will need to do several claims in succession I guess!


    Anyway, Hopefully someone knows how to halt the wage arrestment while we're taking this Clydesdale company to court.


    Thanks, Kev.

  10. I need some help with this please!

    My partner has recently had her wages arrested and the debt company are taking a percentage of her wages each Month.

    This has happened because of a credit card she used to have with the Clydesdale bank plc, even though my partner made regular payments they put heavy penalties on to her account whenever they liked.

    I'm urging her to send off a SAR letter to them so we can see how much in total they charged to her credit card account.


    I've got two questions that i'm not sure about..


    1. Is it possible to take a credit card company to the small claims court to reclaim credit card penalties?


    2. If the answer is yes to the above.. Is there any way we can have her wage arrestment stopped or postponed as her account would be 'in dispute' yes?


    Thanks, Kev.

  11. I always send a crossed postal order, so they have no leverage regarding trying to start the clock.


    Hi Battleaxe, That's what I done when I sent my SAR letter. Is there any way I can find out the date that the postal order was cashed by A & L?

    I can't see any contact numbers on my postal order receipt!


    Sorry for asking questions in someone elses thread!

  12. That is truly shocking to hear!


    I hope the Scottish Sun gives them a real tough time over this, and well done to yourself for doing the right thing in that situation mate.


    ...I'll be rushing to the paper shop in the morning for a good read!

  13. Hi Lee, it's the A&L bank, I don't know the name of the debt company but I have their official letters in a drawer somewhere!

    I'm in Scotland so I guess I'll need to make two separate claims, one after the first claim has concluded, I have a hunch that the penalty charges will exceed the £750 limit!



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