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  1. Hi, i'm looking for a little bit of advice. To try to sum up, I had two cars and two insurance policies. I sold one of the cars a few months back and never cancelled the insurance policy. I also had a third car which was off the road and being repaired and had no insurance. The repaired car was picked up by myself and being driven home when it was involved in a bump (My fault if I'm honest). No injuries but the police did attend and I was given a producer. I spoke to my friend who is in the police and he said simply produce the insurance docket for your car which is insured which would c
  2. Ok, thanks for this advice! Anybody have the address?
  3. Hi, Just looking for any quick advice! Cahoot withdrew an overdraft facility on me about two years ago and agreed I would not incur unauthorised overdraft charges so long as I paid it back at £30 per month. Santander then took over and I was aware that I was being charged £30 monthly regardless of what I paid into the account. I queried this with them and they said they had no record of our agreement. I got them to send me all my statements and as I remembered in the months that I ha paid in the required amount there was no charge whilst in the few months that I failed to pay in the £30
  4. Hi, To cut a long story short I decided to contest a speeding fine and agreed over the phone that a lawyer would help and charge me £2k. I then decided tht it was pointless and told him not to bother as I couldnt afford the fees. He told me he had done some work and sent letters and would charge me £575. Now, in my stupidity I never paid the bill and he passed it very quickly to solicitors who took me to court. I wrote in agreeing to pay £150 per motnh but have found this hard to keep up with and have only made a couple of the payments. They have now served me a decree for the ful
  5. Very happy as Halifax refunded my £3100 today!! Was at the stage that they had failed to respond to my MCOL claim, after the 28 days were up I called Halifax Legal Services and the conversation went like this- "Can I speak to A O Brien please?" "She doesnt take calls, is it about bank charges? "Yes, my name is ****" "Ah, Mr ****, I have your claim here, it's due to be paid but we had no contact number for you!" "Thats strange, my number is on the letters that I have sent you! I'll give you until Wednesday morning to pay the money back then I will claim judgement" "Let me ma
  6. Thanks Seaside, there letter offering 50% came in late and after I had started MCOL and came from Intelligent Finance so I ignored it as i was going to court anyway, I 'suggeeted' in the letter that we could avoid court action if they settled the full amount, I will press ahead and go for judgement!! I'm worried though as through reading the posts it appears they can ask for a stay and get a second chance? Is this likely?
  7. On the MCOL site it now has a column for judgment which when I click seems to give me the optin to apply for judgement, I posted them a nudge letter on Monday to show that I was forgiving of their forgetfulness and also to suggest they upped there previous offer of 50%, it also made it clear that I would apply for judgement after 7 days... So, If I phone them, should I just ask for this A O Brien who is quoted on the acknowledgement and ask him to resolve it??
  8. Hi, I am at the stage of my claim where I have completed MCOL, this has been served and acknowledged by HBOS, I got the acknowledgment with them saying that they intend to defend the claim, that was in Mid May. They then had 28 days to submit a defence but I have heard nothing since, reading the threads on this it appears that sending them a letter to hurry them up seems the way to go, I sent that letter and have still heard nothing Should I try to get judgement from the court??? What happens now??? Cheers for any help, much appreciated!! Sm
  9. The date on it is the 24th May so I presume that would be June 21st??
  10. Hi all, I am claiming £2400 from IF in bank charges, they offered 50% on the same day that I sent MCOL which I havent yet responded to. I now have an acknowledgement from the court that they intend to defend claim (which with interest is now at £3100). My questions are these- 1- Will they really defend it in court?? 2- Should I call them and ask to settle?? (I would just be happy to get the £2400 back) 3- If I do call them, should I call the Bank or the legal representative (whose contact name is on the claim acknowledgement) Any help appreciated S
  11. Hi, Have just posted MCOL against IF, sent it to the Halifax Address in West Yorks. The claim of charges if for £2400 of which they today offered to pay back half!! (err, no thanks), Anyway, with the interest at 8% the MCOL fee was then £120 so the total claim is for £3018. I have copied IF in on the letter and re submitted the charge sheet to them and also wanted to write to the OFT as I said I would in the last letter I wrote them.... Is there a template compaint letter and address for such correspondance to the OFT??? I want to copy IF in on that too so that they a
  12. ok, i have sent LBA letter, got an another acknowledgement saying they will respond to my concerns by MID MAY!!! lol Decided to forde ahead but now getting nervous and may need some assistance with the MCOL as I presume they will fail to respond to this letter, any assistance gratefully received
  13. Thanks Babynan! LBA letter sending tomorrow, given a couple of days for easter! lol
  14. Ok, wrote to IF, have sent the second letter (LBA?) which they have respoded to by saying they have it and are looking into my complaint, my question now is this- - The 14 days I specified for there answer expires tomorrow, should I chase them up? Simply go to the next stage or give them a little more time? Feeling strangely excited yet apprehensive- Any help hugely appreciated!
  15. Hi, I have just received notification from IF of charges over the last 6 years that total over £2400!! im now excited about entering the next stage and reclaiming my money, I have two queries though and sorry if the answers are posted elsewhere! 1- The interest calculation for each charge is obviously quite complex as I have no real idea how much each charge might have cost me at the time, i.e I cant recall if a charge took me overdrawn at the time and therefore cost me more interest, I therefore downloaded the spreadsheet to calculate interest so the next question is at what rate do I ca
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