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    Capital one was sorted within a couple of months and i settled for £150 out of £180 as i only had the card around a year. With Natwest i had a order statements which i did from my branch they arrived within a week. I took them to court and they settled in full plus abit extra amounted to just under £2800. Good luck with your cases
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    Thanks for the quick reply, been scanning the net all i could find is that their owned by Barclays. I've won cases against Natwest and capital one before christmas , now am on the rappage against another 6 card companies. Thanks again for your help Dave
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    Hi, whats the address you guys are using to contact or request statements from Monument? Thanks
  4. Had a card through the post yesterday from Royal mail asking for an Envelope to be signed for, had to wait till they opened at 7:00 this morning, and yes finally its arrived a nice cheque from Cobberts. Its a great feeling and feel like i've got part of my life back and i can now move on. Many thanks to all, will donate when the cheque clears. Thanks Dave
  5. Cheers Cheddar, think i just wanted some feed back that its looking positive. I'll keep it all updated.
  6. Right this is my first post, and think I just need some reassurance, I’ve been watching a few threads closely and watching the next move from Cobberts. Currently am at the stage where they've offered me £1400 from the possible £2600 ish. This was issued on the 20th of November, also on the same date they sent me there QA, saying the usual you we lose in court etc, seems funny how on the same day there saying am going to lose but here’s a settlement anyway! Today the 1st of December I’ve received my court date for the 2nd of March. Am I right in saying that Cobberts will also get this and now pay up? From looking at other threads it’s about 2 weeks after the 1st offer? Thanks for reading
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