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  1. Good luck twith this. Creation made me take them all the way to court, enter a defence and not even submit a defence. So I won by default. I have now requested judgement which was passed two days ago in my favour. They have not attempted to contact me yet so I have just sent off a reminder with a copy of the judgment requesting full payment. My claim amounted to just over £1200. I gave then two weeks to comply otherwise I will issue a warrant for the recovery of monies owed. Best of luck again.
  2. Hi Cap1 is now defending my claim after it was issued via MCOL. The costs are just under £400. I am also claiming contractual interest and made this clear when they didnt respond to my LBA. I know I'll be sent an Allocation Question documents and not really worried about this going to court but wondered if anyone has reached a similar stage in their claim or experienced this before and can lend some useful advice? I've read up on similar cases where its got to the court date and the bank reps' havent even turned up or settle a couple of days before court date. Do Cap1 usually take it
  3. Capital One Bank Limited Legal Dept. 4th Floor Loxley House Station Street Nottingham NG2 3HX
  4. Capital One Bank Limited Legal Dept. 4th Floor Loxley House Station Street Nottingham NG2 3HX Same address different department. This is the address I used and have got replies. As long as delivery is recorded, you'll have written records when you need to claim in court if it gets that far. The debt collection payment plan is probably different issue from Capital One account. As far as Cap1 is concerned, they have probably written off that debt and your partner's contract is with the debt management company. I would continue to pursue this avenue and see what their resp
  5. I believe that if you had to pay the agency fee as part of the bill then you're entitled to claim it back but not 100% sure. Hopefully someone else can conrim this.
  6. Right, update time. Sent SAR off and received statements. All present and accounted for. Sent off preliminary on 17 January 2007. Deadline day was Wednesday 31 January and not a word from Cap1. How rude:( ! So Yesterday sent them a nice little LBA that they had a further 14 days to comply. This gives them until 14 February in my estimation? Also, just filed against DUET on MCOL today too. Looks like the gloves are on and the bell is about to strike...
  7. Right, another update. Busy as hell. As I mentioned in my previous thread, Duet (Creation Financial Services Ltd) gave written notice that they were investigating and would reply within 15 days. So I fired off a reply stating that I would stick to my deadline and gave caution that I will file a court claim against them. They duly replied promptly offering a measly sum of £28 "without prejudice..." to settle the affair. I nearly split my sides laughing:rolleyes: . Anyway, I replied that I would only accept this as part payment and would pursue the outstanding amount in court if necessary and th
  8. As you will see from other threads, yes you are able to claim from store cards. Treat the the claim as you would with a credit card account.
  9. Dont lose faith:) . Duet (Creation Financial Services) are responsible for the information they hold on you for a minimum 6 years. This is a delaying tactic and can be overcome. Just do a search regarding missing statements or closed accounts and you'll find something. Legally, Duet are obliged to provide you with this information. If you paid any of your statements through standing order or net banking, then you bank account may have the Duet account number it was paid into. It may be worth asking. Hope this helps.
  10. Hi, Havent really had time to log my progress what with the holidays and all but.. Sent my S.A.R - (Subject Access Request) off to one Ms Judith Mucklow at Duet on 12 December 2006 recorded delivery. Received my statements on the 21 December albeit 3 consecutive monthly statements missing. Fired off a prelimenary letter requesting full payment for charges and so forth with consideration to the 3 missing statements... " I calculate that you have taken £xxx.xx plus £xxx.xx which you have charged me in overdraft, service charges and interest for the sum which you have taken. Total £x,xxx.xx
  11. Thanks all! Just another query, How is it some people are using Loxley House, whilst others are using Trent House in the address? They must be using different buildings for different departments? Will this not delay the response time thus giving Crappy1 an excuse to say they did not receive the initial letter?
  12. Hi, Believing this to be the correct address, I sent off a SAR letter on 12 December 2006 to: Ms Katherine Blunt Capital One Bank Legal Dept 4th Floor Loxley House Station Street Nottingham NG2 3HX However, having ploughed through the threads again, I'm a little concerned that this mat not be. The original letter has been tracked and signed for on the 18 December. I have yet to receive a reply. What's the correct address and should I be concerned and write a new SAR letter?
  13. Hi all, Took me a while to read and digest all the info regarding how to claim monies owed to me but I've drafted a SAR letter from the templates readily available and am ready to post. I've made several late payments but nothing too serious and have had the card less than 18 months. I've already sent my SAR off to First Direct but forgot to sign it. They did, however, return it pretty soon requesting a signature and provided a pre-paid envelope with the relevant person's name on it. How effecient! I'm feeling anxious but optimistic at the same time. Good luck everyone and I'll
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