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  1. . Hi l1882, looks like they are just trying to scare us into paying more (sure scared the s... Out of me!) If moorcroft get in touch, I'll just say I'm unable to deal with them, as its a matter for the courts if Lloyd's want to change anything ;0)
  2. Thanks for that renegadeimp, so scare tactics, with no basis in law ;0(
  3. Hi, I too have received a letter from Lloyd s, saying they have transferred my debt to moorcroft, mine is a charging order, as I took Lloyd's to court as the default was issued incorrectly, only giving me 7 days, but they sent down a top lawyer, and I ended up with £5000 in costs, as the 'case was complicated and couldn't be dealt with by the bank solicitors'. But I agreed a payment plan with the judge. Like you, its now nearly 6 Years. Im really concerned moorcroft will call it in, and I will lose my home. I had thought as it had been dealt with i
  4. Thank you for this advice Orangest, as I have no idea how this all works, which is why i am getting stressed. I am now aware, that it is my insurance that are contacting me about an alleged accident, and want the details. I assumed I would have to find the £400, if we went through the insurance. Is that not the case. Any advice appreciated, as i am so unsure how this works.
  5. JoeyJoec, yes I am a woman, and I was mortified at the time, there was no actual witness, but someone sat in the passenger seat and back, the driver returned whilst I was looking to see what/if damage had been done. As I said, I believed I had done no damage, there was a various scratches and marks all over the door, and they pointed out the dent, after standing back and having to have a good look. I did not mention earlier but the quote he bought to my home, was dated 2 days after he had told me the estimate, and I asked him to get a quote from a garage I kno
  6. They would not have to respray the door!
  7. Yes they are petty, and the quote is to too take the dent out and prime, match the paint work, (a different garage quoted similar)so they would get a nice new door and I would have to find £400 to pay for it. The one I have asked them to use will take the dent out as if nothing had happened, but they are refusing to use them. Is it 3 quotes?
  8. Hi, unfortunately my car door got caught by the wind and glanced off the car parked next to me (B&Q car park) At first look I could see no damage, and there was no paint exchanged, but the owner pointed out a 2 inch dent, when you stood back and looked from an angle. I asked if we could sort this, as my excess is £400, and it was agreed, I gave my address and mob number, and took some pictures. They got a quote for £350 + VAT from a garage, I asked for the details to be sent, and they turned up at my home with the quote. When i said it did not seem to equate to the damage done, th
  9. thanks Steampowered, couldn't have done it without your help:madgrin: Hopefully this will help others in a similar situation....
  10. Hi all, update, they have dropped the claim! Of course it's not because of my defense. Thanks all for the help, much appreciated
  11. the debt collectors letter CCI legal, dated 26/12/2012 (their keen, boxing day) states notice of intended legal proceedings. the above letter is on the poc, 6, document 3, Must be the lba just noticed, letter from ccilegal dated 4/1/13 threatening field agent, listing assests etc etc, can they use the earlier letter as the lba? but still carry on with threats???
  12. Good point becky, going through paper work now to see if they have said "letter before action", thank you.
  13. Thank you so much steampowered, you have made me dig out my paperwork, and see how they are being quite evasive. I have also found a letter about bank workers being taken on contract if they have worked in the same position for more than a year, and can say yes to 8 questions, and I answer yes to all of them, and I am at the moment in negotiations with HR, as the department I have been working in for the past 5 years has just given me 4 weeks notice. Heyho!
  14. sorry bit of a mare with this, POC 1. The claimant is engaged in business as a medical services provider. 2. The defendant was formerly employed by the claimant as a nursing auxillary. still am 3. From 1/9/2007 to 28/2/2011 the defendant was overpaid the sum of 2000 net salary salary? I have found out that it was actually to do with WTD holiday pay, % of wages 4. The defendant was made aware of the overpayment at which time by cover of its letter dated may 2011 never received a letter, only the invoice, and I rang to find out what it was all about. Can anyone help me wi
  15. Morning all, and a Happy Easter, Well, I have received a claim from the NHS. don't think that's right!
  16. thank you for that sidewinder, my thoughts too, I was going to send a copy of the DCAs latest letter along with my missive as yes, I am feeling very threatened, but I took Lloyds TSB to court, I may have lost, but I put up a damn good fight ;0)
  17. thank you for your reply assisted blonde, Yes, I thought I was just dealing with the DC, and they want me to ring, (no way,everything in writing). I think I need to do teaboy's suggestion and contact HR and see what they have to say.
  18. teaboy, my apologies for not responding to your post, I do not know why I didn't do as you suggested at the time, as I agree with everything you have put there. Head in sand me thinks!
  19. Hi all, was hoping the NHS would issue a court summons! instead they have passed me to a debt collector. Now if they are entitled to take the money back (I have not agreed to any amount, as I know there is no way I would have known I was being overpaid) why have they sent me to a debt collectors? I have explained to the debt collectors about the 'over payment' via email, and as they say they are in contact with their client and are recommending legal action, I responded with so be it. Now the threats are starting with 1 an agent will call round to request payment 2 location, val
  20. rebel, thank you for the link, but, this page is coming up 'no longer available'.
  21. Hello, would someone be able to give me some help on the wording of the POC to get me started? or point me in the right direction to find the information, I have been looking around, but nothing fits!
  22. Hi Jodyperry. Sorry no I'm still trying to sort it. Yesterday I was trying to get advice from the law centre, who can't help but suggested a local solicitor, who no longer deals with it, but knows a man who can etc! Just need to get the wording right so that they can't get away on a technicality, these are heartless people with no morals. Anyone know how to word the poc?
  23. Just had a phone call from Marlin]07739325883 mobile number?
  24. thank you for your responses. The car was left in the road, in front of the forecourt, at the time when they tried to talk to the gentleman, as she was to worried to drive it. It recently had to be moved (eventually) off road as the tax is about to run out. Spares and repairs were not mentioned in any adverts or conversation with the garage owner, mot was received, attempt to put right the faults were made (how can you repair a car that you have stated is passed repair?!), as I said my daughter would never have swapped a perfectly good car for a non runner, and she feels he added the
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