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  1. Just been offered the full amount + interest, a 100% refund - to a bank account of my choice. Victory - Chalk it on the list of Egg victors! As soon as the money is in my account a donation will be made to the site. Cheers for the help.
  2. Letter sent special delivery this morning. They have a week to respond otherwise County Court it is. I will only accept a 100% offer and that has to be via BACS or cheque, anything less then they will get served their summons.
  3. Excellent, I'll send it recorded delivery first thing tomorrow ala the superb example on the link you attached. To be fair Egg have been very quick in responding so I'll give them a week (maybe 2) from tomorrow for them to respond before I go legal on them.
  4. Right then, Egg have offered me a £4 refund on all 20+ charges that were £20. It mentions in the letter that the OFT stated that the presumption of unfairness in relation to charges over £12 would NOT apply and specifically refer to Egg's practice of requiring all account holders to have a direct debit set up. It also says "you allege these charges are a penalty. You put forward no evidence to support this and we do not accept it" I thought as I am contacting them they are the ones required to show me evidence to prove that they are justified at £12, £16 or £20? I'm going to push for court proceedings now, should I use MCol or go to a court direct? Do I have to wait for the 14 days to pass after my LBA before I can do this or can I do it now? I suppose I need to send the old "I accept your offer of £*** but will only accept this as a part payment for the full amount of £*** that I want paid by cheque or BACS transfer" etc? Your help, as always, is very much appreciated!
  5. Cheers, very helpful actually, some top quality letters in there too! Any reason why you didn't chase the interest?
  6. Right then, after last year successfully getting £1100 back from HSBC, now it's Egg's turn! Like a lot on here it seems, they have taken my card away despite never missing a payment and not going over my limit in 2 years. I requested my statements, paid a tenner and hey presto - they owe me £*** plus interest. Which will pay for my holiday this year, thanks Egg! I wrote my first letter on April 20th, got the standard "we think our charges are valid" letter back from someone called Sheila Hood. I've now sent letter 2 (LBA), I have about £600 outstanding on my account so I've added on the letter that "I will only accept complete payment by form of cheque, any offer to fully, or partially credit my account will be rejected as being completely unacceptable". Will keep everyone one here informed.... Would be good to hear from anyone else at a similar stage or, in particular, anyone that has requested payment by cheque rather than account credit?
  7. Colin Lagdale has offered me £1150, not the full amount as they do not have to pay the interest, is this correct? I know it's not just need a little encouragment Usual stuff, tempted to take the cash, altough I know I should accept this offer as a downpayment. If I do, do I get the money (£1150 as a downpayment) straight away, ie in seven days as it says on the letter? Or do I wait til court (mcol not filed yet) for them to pay me the full whack? Cheers guys - superb site btw!
  8. Cheers mate, they havn't responded to my prelim' so I sent my LBA to Canada Square and cc'd it to Leeds. Belt and braces and all that
  9. LBA sent yesterday..... Counting down the days now!
  10. Just reading through on here and just thought I'd check to make sure I posted my letter to the rightpeople. It was sent to David Lewis, Head of HSBC Customer Relations. However, it seems everyone else is corresponding with Colin Langdale? I really don't want to have to re-send my original letter due to endevouring to stick to a strict time-scale!
  11. Cheers, hopefully it will be the same for me!
  12. Just sent my first letter off to David Lewis at Canada Sq with full details of charges totaling (with interest) about £2100. The thing that gets me is I havn't had a bank charge in the last 2 years due to work going really well and paying off my debts, however 4 - 6 years ago (when I was between 18 & 20) I was earning crap money (about £600 - £700 per month and HSBC were charging me about £100 a month, basically they penalise the poorest in this society! I've got a couple of mates that work for HSBC and know for a fact what money grabbing paracites this organisation is run by, I'm going to try and reclaim every penny they owe me and I don't care how long it takes! I'm doing this as a "dummy run" for a lot of mates that think these reclaims are "too good to be true". Fingers crossed eh?
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