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  1. Cheers for that Its going off tomorrow recorded delivery Bring em on!!!!!!!
  2. Sounds like fun, a mate of mine has just filed to the courts and awaiting his money unfortunatly he works away alot so dont see him often enough. Thanks for your help Cheers Mick
  3. I mean the Data Protection one
  4. Cheers thanks for that, will be interesting to see just how much they have taken over the years. How you doing with your claim ?
  5. Hi can you give me the correct address to send my first letter as im not sure if just sending it to my local branch would slow things down, plus can i claim from my mortgage company as well:?:
  6. Hi Folks just about to do my first letter to nasty west bank, can anybody give me the correct address to send it too Cheers
  7. "Brill" thanks for that looks like im going to be busy tonight wrighting letters to Natwest and Halifax
  8. Hi just a quick question when i send the first letter asking for the details of all charges do i send a payment for each account or is it £10 for the job lot
  9. Hi just joined and finding my way round the site:cool: , i like wot i see so far and looking forward to taking on the banks, could do with the money as they have taken plenty MOD NOTE: POSSIBLY LIBELLOUS
  10. Cor reading all these letters it looks like a mine field out there not as straight forward as i was led to belive
  11. Hello everybody just joined and looking forward to taking on the banks:grin: , they have cost me a fortune in charges most of them caused by them over a few quid over drawn £38 per letter to tell me what i already know:???: catch you all soon
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