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  1. www.smmt.co.uk/home.cfm?CFID=88570&CFTOKEN=17147940 ombusmen for the motor industry, Address: Forbes House Halkin Street London SW1X 7DS United Kingdom try contacting them to see if they can help
  2. It is quite common for boot locks to seize especially in winter. The MOT was 9 months ago, plenty of time for it to seize. Radiator is not part of an MOT test, neither is the condition of a drive belt. As has been said above any MOT is only an indication that the vehicle was roadworthy at the time it was tested. (corrosion excepted).
  3. I am having the same problem with RBOS, they sent the statements quickly, sent a prelimanary approach for repayment and heard nothing. Just about to sent a LBA. Do they think if they ignore your letters you might just forget about it?
  4. Hello I sent a preliminary approach for repayment to the RBOS for £1030 and the 14 days ended today and guess what? No reply!. Just about to send a Letter before Action. How common is it that they just ignore the preliminary approach? Also someone at work reckons that if they pay out they will give me 30 days and close my account, is it common for the RBS to do this? Thanks
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