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  1. This topic was closed on 03/06/19. If you have a problem which is similar to the issues raised in this topic, then please start a new thread and you will get help and support their. If you would like to post up some information which is relevant to this particular topic then please flag the issue up to the site team and the thread will be reopened. - Consumer Action Group
  2. This topic was closed on 03/06/19. If you have a problem which is similar to the issues raised in this topic, then please start a new thread and you will get help and support their. If you would like to post up some information which is relevant to this particular topic then please flag the issue up to the site team and the thread will be reopened. - Consumer Action Group
  3. I dont know where i stand as to getting this sorted out quickly. My credit history has been glowing for the best part of 4 years now, no missed payments, no late payments whatso ever until 2 months ago. on the 24th of june Black horse Deviated from the normal payment date of the 1st of the month, and took it on the 24th instead, 7 days early. for no apparent reason. (the actual payment was due on the 1st or shortly thereafter of July, they took it on teh 24th of june). This resulted in another of the charges which was due on the same day and for which there were funds in t
  4. In a nutshell i have a student account with a £1500 overdraft with themselves, and due to the financial constraints of student life that has sat somewhere near the limit for the past year or so. Specifically end of july, i received a letter from abbey saying my overdraft was about to expire. It seems that A they have changed my account to a "graduate" account, B have expired the overdraft, due to expire on the 1st of sept 08. Immediately following this at the first available oppertunity, I went into my branch and requested to speak to someone, explained that i am NOT a grad
  5. yes it was signed on the premises of the motorbike dealer, like i said, dont have a problem with the agreement, was jsut intreagued by that statement is all as i had never seen it, and thought that there was a 10 day cooling off period attacked in this circumstance..
  6. Basically i have just taken out a fuxed term, 36month low interest loan (2.2% APR would you beleive) on a new motorcycle. Which i am completely happy with, for the most part. One small clause is bothering me.. written in the "key information" is this statement. "you have no right to cancel this Agreement under the Consumer Credit Act 1974, the Timeshare act 1992 or the Financial services (distance marketing) regulations 2004". Is this a legal statement? Everything else is good soto speak.. just this i was wondering about.
  7. Count me in for cambridgeshire.. i can hand deliver this one, so even saving my postage.. live across the street from the cambs HQ
  8. I got a phone call from their customer resolution team after i left a message asking what was going on with the replacement handset. Basically as i said above they raised the order, for the new handset on the 15th, and the lady at their end said that the phone had not been shipped.. i said i wasnt happy and i would like them to make every effort to get the phone to me, and she agreed. Without any prompting she offered me compensation for 1 months contract term (sum of £40) and promised to chase the phone up.. the cheque is in the post now, and the phone should be here some time next week
  9. Its never the pet poppy.. its always the owner.. i know staffs, and they are gorgeous Ibeen lurking in this thread for some time.. My heart extends its deepest sympathies to your pet cat, den, and the best of luck in court.. let us all know the response.. if needs be i am a training forensic scientist, so if you need help with any "evidence disposal" shout me XD
  10. Montesa USA - Contact Us might yeild you some more information.
  11. The key statement here is Faulty.. they ahve admitted that at time of sale the rocker gear could have been faulty.. I.. personally, would be looking at the "fit for purpose" route.. in the short time and with the minimal miles that you have done thusfar on the bike, it does not sound like it is either "fit for purpose" or "of merchantible quality", you have a 6 year "legal" warranty on the bike, within the first 6 months, the burden of proof (to prove that the fault not was there from day 1) falls to the seller, after that it falls to yourself to prove that when the bike was sold the fa
  12. seems to be some confusion here.. 2 issues are totally seperate.. Gentleman paid for some unused fishing gear that i was selling on ebay.. received money, has yet to collect them.. been 4 months now with him saying "i will be there on this date .... ," ============================================== The phone, was purchased from phones4u, was faulty, they refused to replace, and have insisted that they will exchange the handset for a new 1, i agreed on the premise that i would have it within 7 days, and i have not had it yet.. I don't want a reduction in monthly pric
  13. we are in contact with him.. what i mean by that is (i didnt word it correctly) he has paid for it, and has agreed to collect, but has never shown.
  14. Firstly lets get to the ebay one, Very simple.. Gentleman purchased an item off of me from (win the auction) Paid the money, contacted me and arranged a date to collect, and then dissapeared.. He has good means to contact me (phone, address, email) and has failed to do so.. i still ahve the money and have no way to get it back to him. What do i do? Secondly, I purchased a phone from phones 4 u, (nokia N73) on contract with vodaphone.. The phone subsequently developed a fault, (2 months and 22 days after the original purchase) so i took it back to store, to e
  15. Any more updates on this? They are imposing more unwritten, undisclosed rules on people, and changing the existing rules as they see fit..
  16. itmay have been legitimate then.. as long as ou have agreed to let them do the search, which you most likely would have signing the paperwork for the loan. i would still get in touch with them and ask them why you have had 2 searches on the same day..
  17. i am not interested in the money.. its like £5 p/m anyhow.. but i have been hearing lots and lots of reports of similar cases people doing things, not explicitly outlawed in the rules and being banned/punished for it.. hence i am asking what i can do.. "travian" are of the idea that "we own the game we can do what we like anytime without telling you".
  18. Firstly, do you know the company making the searches, and do you remember what your dealings with the company were? (opening a bank account, taking out credit?)
  19. you would be supprised.. make a complaint to the customer services head office people.. demand some action, the letter was obviously important and also within rights..
  20. it was the boy.. lol he was starting early.. look for adaware from lavasoftusa.com and spybot search and destroy, both good anti spyware applications (get both, they pick up things the other doesnt. and they are both free.
  21. No, because as far as i am aware, in signing up to use the banks services you explicitly give them permission to hand information over to them for the prevention of fraud, and as a safeguard for the banks.. you do however have a right to see this information, including the full credit report from the said agancies (sometimes for a small fee) and they are under a legal obligation to correct any discrepancies within that information.. so it might be worth taking that route.
  22. Ok.. I am a player of an online browser game called Travian.. I dont know where to turn regarding this issue as it is a rather interesting one.. First i suppose i had better start by giving some background issue... When you join the game you are prompted to read the Rules, and ToU, and accept them (small checkbox like you get on most consumer sites). These rules are listed below Rules are at: Travian - Browser Game - Romans, Gauls, & Teutons ToU is at: Travian - Browser Game - Romans, Gauls, & Teutons Also, there is the ability to buy "premium services"
  23. well the parachute account isnt an option, i am 1000 overdrawn on a 1500 limit (student). I explained nicely to the bank manager that it would cripple me (and it would) basically i have around 200 going out regularly a month for my insurance and things, and that leaves me with around 200 for disposables.. basically i am gonna be left with just 60 for transport and such like and i am literally worried sick that this will take me over my overdraft once again and that i am going to get into a downward spiral with them because of this charge (they charge me because i am overdrawn, an
  24. Over the past year i have had little or no problem with abbey, as i Try to keep my account in good order as much i can, (even if it is only slightly above the overdraft). Anyway my story goes, i had a charge refunded about 1 month ago, and they explained that they offered 1 refund of a charge on request every once a year (HAH) on top of their "if you only go over drawn once in a rolling 6 month period you wont be charged" thing Well anyway the story gets interesting here: I was near my overdraft limit and (laughably) on teh way to the bank to settle it, i was taken into
  25. Well i emailed the letter via the halifax link i found on the forums, and also sent the letter via recorded delivery, got this response Thank you for your e-mail dated 28th February 2006. In relation to your query regarding a Data Protection Act disclosure request, I can confirm that I have passed your details to our Customer Care team for them to look into, and contact you direct. However, if you wish to contact them in the meantime, please call the Bank Account helpline on 08457 20 30 40, and a colleague will provide assistance. Lines are open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. I
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