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  1. I have had a similar issue, just received my Christmas points and my points balance was virtually zero, i've since built it up to 420 +24 points for that visit, as of the 27/11/2009 my balance is now only at 94 although i've added 4 points to that visit on the 30/11/2009, so it can't be that its the end of the month or something i've then since added another 50 points to my balance of 98. (94+4) so it seems like it's been reset... but if you check the receipt the first time after they seem lost the receipt says it's converted points up to the 22nd and they will arrive by the 19th... so i guess they are doing 2 lots of vouchers pre-christmas. rather than quarterly.. perhaps this explains other peoples issues?!
  2. bar a few spelling issues, it should do the trick. try and remain calm and take a 'proper' approach, don't be angry or threaten as they will use it against you. i would file your court claims for them, complain to OFT, TS, FSA, FO and watchdog! being on tv helps! lol. good luck and fingers crossed. *subscribed and eagelry awaiting more!*
  3. errm not sure on POC's just have to try and find a similiar case and use theirs, but edited to fit your case. just state the facts. in breach of so and so etc. criminal default seeking compensation and the removal of data blah blah blah certain acts etc etc.
  4. well natwest have finally removed my defaults after a month after court claim, and experian have confirmed. i am now a free man. how are you getting on?
  5. ruby.. file your court claim for the penalty charges and include the default notices in your particulars of claim. they will then agree to remove them, once you have a full refund plus interest use that to off set the debt.
  6. keep the communication up and they will either get annoyed and sort you out , or slip up by say something you can use to help you. keep going mate.
  7. £2400!!!!!!!! that can't be fair or right!
  8. why over 12 months old? plus some interest? how much? not very transparent, when you don't mention figures... indeed it has been a good debate.
  9. the issue, is the fact you are taking your cut, or charge a fee, no win no fee types. very cleverly worded to confuse joe public into thinking its a free service but it's clearly not.
  10. full settlement? or did you take your 'cut' ??? nothing to do with that persons hard work, or people on this site, or the banks giving in, as they do. all down to your 'feedback' yes. aren't you great!
  11. i work as a data analyst using statisitcs, this is fact!! lol. "lies, lies, lies and government statistics"
  12. banks don't offer a good service, nor do the post office, yet they are still used! millions of times a day, because there is nothing else convienient or available. indeed though some company's are useless and they end up losing business because of it. but it doesn't apply in everycase! slightly off topic, i apologise
  13. my point was the public will see you as an authority on the matter and will give you trust, do you state in your advertising and any correspondence with your customers that you in fact have no legal authority are not qualified to offer any legal advice. and that they should be seeking a qualified professional !?
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