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  1. Thanks again everyone for your suggestions. The bailiff did write me an email stating that the case is no longer in their hands and therefore all my dealings have to be with the Court. However I'll make sure to have it clarified that they are no longer expecting me to pay their fees. The National Debt Advice line also got back to me with further information this morning saying that if the case was sent back to Court the bailiff fees no longer apply. I truly hope that is the case
  2. Thank you both for your advice. Yes I have a feeling it's going to be a tricky one as when I contacted the bailiff yesterday they said my case is no longer in their hands and to communicate directly with the court. However the court said I should still offer to pay the bailiff fees. I think the bailiff sent the case back to court just before I informed them that I had paid the fine in full to the court. I will write the letter as suggested and take it from there. Thanks again.
  3. Hello everyone, I am in need of advice with regards to the next steps to take with Marston Group Bailiff. Three weeks ago I had a letter hand delivered saying I owed £275 for a TV Licence fine plus £270 Bailiff costs. I was out so bailiff didnt access the property. I rang the agent back and he gave me two days to get the money. As I didn't have the money I sought the advice of the National Debt helpline and wrote to the Court about a repayment plan which they refused. Eventually I swallowed my pride and asked my father for the £275 for the fine which I immediately paid directly to the Court. After being told the bailiff fees still applied I then offered Marston a repayment plan for the fees. I just got an email from them saying that they can't accept a repayment plan and that my case was sent back to the Court and that I had to deal with them directly. Now the fine is paid (checked with the court) and they are satisfied with it but they weren't sure about what to do with regards to the bailiff fees. Will the court try to enforce the bailiff fees although the original fine has been paid? (I also found out that I overpaid the fine was £245 and not £275 as claimed by Marston so Court will send me a refund check...) I hope this makes sense and if there is anyone out there who can give me any advice I would greatly appreciate it. Even National Debt helpline is not sure about the next step to take. THANKS!!
  4. Hello CAG Forum, I have a question about an Attachment of earnings for non-payment of Council Tax. We had one issued recently to my partner's employer and we were expecting the money to be deducted with his following salary. However this didn't happen since when the Council found out my partner's job is a temporary job they asked the courts to make the Attachment of earnings void and proceed with Bailiff action instead?!?!?! We have been speaking to the Council who said this is normal procedure if you only have a Temp job that can be terminated at any time. However we also said to them we were now in a position to clear a huge chunk of the arrears and then pay the rest within two months. They said no and that bailiffs will have to be the ones collecting now. Can this be true that I have NO option but to wait for bailiffs to come to my front door? Advice would be greatly appreciated. thanks Marta78
  5. Hello,on Friday my husband had £450 taken from his current account to cover an unpaid credit card bill. He had defaulted on the credit card because for 3 years he was without a job and we also were made homeless due to that. We have only just recovered financially (he has a part time temp job). To make a long sotry short he gets paid and within a few days they have taken half his salary (OUR RENT MONEY!!!) to pay for this old credit card debt. I know they can do it but i also know that there is a chance that they will refund the money if you have a strong enough case. Anyone can point me in the right direction? They have left us in a desperate situation this month. Many thanks
  6. Hello there, Since January 2010 I have had a pre-payment meter as i had a debt with Npower. I agreed to re-pay £3.80 per wekk which is deducted from the key as soon as i charge the meter. I have just received a bill from them with a list of all the credits on the meter as well as a bill of £160 for electrycity usage since january. Before I call them and complain i would like to know if anyone else has had the same experience and if you know what the best way to proceed is. I thought i was on my way to re-paying my debt with them but actually i am worse off!! Advice will be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
  7. Hello everyone, my husband recently cancelled his car insurance as the car had to be scrapped. They have now sent a strong letter demanding £60 to be paid as according to them it's "outstanding"although he had paid up to the end of April. They won't release his no claims bonus evidence until he pays. Can they legally do that? Thanks
  8. Hello everyone and thank you all for your advice. I have an update. I just now got a letter from the Decison Makers saying that i am not entitled to JSA because they say i am not a "habitual resident"...i am obviously going to appeal as i do not know how they came to this conclusion... I am an EU citizen, i have worked here since 1997, i trained as a Further Education teacher in England and i have only been out of work since my daughter was born in 2007 and as a result of finding myself a lone parent. I am now actively seeking work again!! They also say that it looks to them as if i am someone who is "incapable of work".... Anyway i am now going to get the CAB involved but if any of you has any more advice or info on this it would be really appreciated. THANKS!!!
  9. I need some advice on my income based job seekers allowance claim. It's a joint claim that i made on March 10th as i had a change in cirumstances (my partner moved in). I have been signing on now for almost 3 months and they have still not processed my claim!!! I have no letter confirming i am claiming and no money coming in. Every time i call or i go into the Job Centre i am told that it is to do with my residency status but i have proved i have lived in the UK for 12 years, i am an EU citizen and until i had my daughter i have always worked. Nobody at the JC seems to be wanting to investigate more into this and they just ask me to ring the Gen Enquiries number and put pressure on them. The only thing i know for sure is that my claim is with Decision Makers. Now my partner works 7 hours a week at the moment and i have been also told that could be an issue. Has anyone had a similar experience? Should i get the CAB involved or just wait as i have been told to do? I am already in arrears with my rent because until Housing Benfits gets the JSA letter they won't process my claim. HELP PLEASE!!
  10. Hello everyone, i have as recenlty as last week sent a preliminary letter to Natwest reclaiming my bank charges on the basis of financial hardship. They have today sent me a letter saying that because of the TEST CASE they will only consider my claim if i fill out their Customer Financial Statement. Based on this they will then decide whether i really do fall under the "hardship" category. What do i do now? Do i reply to this or do i continue with the normal procedures listed in the forum? The letter states that even if i am considered to be in financial hardship they might not refund the charges but give me "guidance" on how to avoid debt or change my account to a cash card only account and cancel all my direct debits amd standing orders. I have not been able to find anything close to this on the other threads there is so much stuff out there!!!!!!!! I would really appreciate a reply:)
  11. Hello everyone, recently my boyfriend moved in with me and he unfortunately came with a few debts to his name. The flat is mine and so all the valuables in it (TV, computer etc.) Bailiff turned up looking for him and wanted to make a list of all valuables in my flat and gave him a week to pay or else he'll come back and take my things. I told him that as the debt is not mine and i can proove the items belong to me he has no right to do so. He said that as my boyfirnd lives in the property anything valuable that can be sold to pay the debts will be taken. anyone can shed some light? Could my stuff be taken to pay off the debt? Many thanks
  12. Hello everyone, I need help with an issue my boyfriend has with TFL,I'll try to be as clear as i can as it is a bit weird and confusing!!!a year ago he got a fine for driving in the bus lane. He appealed and lost the appeal. He wasn't working for almost a year and therefore he didn't pay the fine. It went to Bailiffs and he wrote to them saying he was unemplyoed and was unfortunately going thorugh bankruptcy. NOW IT GETS CONFUSING. The Bailiffs sent this info back to TFL who issued another request for payment for 100pounds however on the reply slip that you need to send in with the payment it said the amount due was 50pounds. We checked with TFL and they confirmed 50. So he sent in a cheque which got cashed and we thought it was all ok. Last week we receive another letter form TFL that says the fine remains only partially paid and now he owes 150pounds!!!! When we checked again with them they said that they have added charges as the fine was only partially paid and the next step is COURT?!? What to do now? I don't think he should pay becuase the way they have written the fine is again very misleading. When you read the first part of the letter it says 150 but then in the "amount due" section there is always 50pounds less!! And they can't explain why!!! They just said pay up or else...Anyone has any ideas about this one? Should we write to them, get a solicitor or just comply? Something doesn't seem right...
  13. Hello there, First of all my apologies if this is not the correct place for this thread but i didn't think it really fitted under Local Authority Disputes YET . I hope someone can shed some light on my issue as i have searched everywhere for info but to no avail. I have an introductory tenancy with my local council. It's a fairly new tenancy and i am thinking about letting my boyfriend move in. It says in the agreement that i can't have lodgers in the first 12 months, will he count as a lodger? And if not do i have to inform housing management that he is moving in or is it enough to declare him on my housing benefits application? I am a bit confused because i also read that a person is considered to be co-habiting if he/she can prove to have lived at the address for a year. It's just that i don't want to be in any trouble with Housing benefits etc. Many thanks
  14. anyone knows how long it usually takes for a bailiff order to be issued. I am awaiting for a bailiff order after my eviction notice for rent arrears. I need to stay in the property until the bailiff order comes in order for the council to help me with housing. It has been now 11 days since the eviction order was issued. I was intially told that it would only take 2 days for bailiff order to be issued but nothing yet...would appreciate some advice. many thanks
  15. thanks!! am trying to gather all the strenght i have left and as much info as possible.
  16. Many thanks for your advice. I went to the Council this morning and they are suggesting i look for letting agencies who accept housing benefits. Failing that they have told me that once i am "on the streets" they only have duty to re-house me for 28 days. I asked what will happen after 28 days and she said "you will not be our responsibility anymore". What chance do i have to get a place to live through a letting agent as a single mother, without work?
  17. I urgently need some advice. After a difficult year and loads of problems with paying rent finally my eviction has come through and i literally have a day left before bailiffs come. I had applied for council housing when these problems started and it was a joint application with my partner. We have now separated due to various reasons. I have a 3 month old baby and no job. Tomorrow i have a meeting with the council and they are expecting me to go with my partner as until a few weeks ago we were still trying to sort things out. Anyone knows what will happen if i just turn up on my own? will i have to re-apply for housing as a single person? Also i was receiving housing benefits in my name but my partner spent most of it the last 3 months (this is one of the main reasons we have split up) leaving me unable to pay any money to the landlord who's obviously very ****ed now and reprted it to the council. What kind of action can the council take over non-payment of housing benefits to the landlord. I am really scared and i really don't know what to do. ANy advice welcome and sorry for rambling on. if you need more details please PM me.
  18. thanks very much for your advice. Unfortunately i fall under the "intentionally homeless" category but the council is still trying to help due to me having just given birth and my partner being unempolyed so fingers crossed...
  19. Hello there, i received a possession order and i have just been told that the hearing is this thursday. The landlady aslo said that because it is a shorthold tenancy, the county court will not take into considertion my defence form and she will be granted the right of re-posessing the property within 2 days. Now, i have been given completely different information by my local Council with whom i'm trying to get council housing. They said i have to wait for bailiffs to turn up and that it might take up to six weeks and once i am out of the property with no way of getting back in then i have to go to Council's offices and tell them i am homeless. Does anyone know who is right? Thanks!!
  20. Hi everyone, i am a new member and i just wanted to quickly say hello! I am about to embark on my journey with LLOYDS TSB to get my charges paid back. I am so thankful that i found you guys at CAG as i have been wanting to do this for a long time but never had the right tools or support. Marta
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