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  1. Letter received from MBNA dated 29th November 2006, received 15/12/06, saying that they are looking into my complaint and will respond in full by 20th December. What complaint it was a SAR request. Letter received today from Alliance & Leicester saying they have received complaint and they will repond by January 18th even though the request was made to both in the same letter. That makes it well after the 40 days for A&L. Suggestions? Tony
  2. Ozzywizard, where can I read up on this law?
  3. What do you do if you have closed credit card account where you do not know the account numbers?
  4. Can anyone help. I was supposed to nbe with Manweb for Gas and electricity but they didnt bill me for electricity for 3 years. I now have an electricity bill of £2000 and they want me to pay it back now over 3 years. I now have to pay £206 per month £146 for gas and electricy usage and £50 for arrears.
  5. S.A.R request posted today, wish me luck!
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