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  1. thanks mad nick. well, they have paid a cheque into my account and it has just cleared, so gonna take it out pronto! will be writing to the courts to inform them of the settlement and copy to abbey
  2. thanks airbag. has anyone else got any other views on this?
  3. IVE WON!!!!! (i think) Recieved a letter from Abbey this morning stating " we have conducted a complete reconcilliation of your account and without any admission of liability Abbey has determined in this instance to settle your claim in full. Payment will be made in the sum of £2557.09":D my only little concern is that they say that they will raise a check and pay it into my account, but i do have an overdraft with them which is currently in the red, so Abbey being Abbey, could they immediatley demand repayment of my overdraft??? i didnt close my account with them because it would have meant re-organizing all mt dd,s and standing orders. should i write to them requesting that they send a cheque through the post???
  4. just a quick note. as you can see from my previous threads, i have sent off my court bundles to Abbey and courts, but it has just occured to me that i have not recieved a copy of Abbey's AQ??? Am i correct in saying that i should have recieved a copy? and if so, would it be worth my while writing to the courts to tell them?
  5. ok well, seems most of you must be busy enjoying the sunshine. just sent off court bundles, one to courts and one to abbey. hope ive done everything right! didnt really have an adress of anyone in their legal dept to send bundle to, so ive sent it c/o Edward Miller, which was the name signed on theeir defence, via abbey in London. Also sent court bundle to the District Judge who has sent me directions. Hope all this is correct:eek:
  6. Your claim no. Name of court Between You and shABBEY Claimant & Defendant just to clarify, can someone explain the difference of points 3 & 4 to me? they seem the same things? also, i havnt got any contact information, such as legal department of Abbey, so i was wondering where should i send my bundle to?
  7. thanks for the reply noobrider, and thanks for the link charleyfarley. just another question, how can i claim back the costs for preparing my court bundles and does this cost include photocopy fees of £14 in my case?
  8. thanks again noobrider also, can you clarify, do i send my bundle in an A4 file to courts and abbey?
  9. any help please, only got till 8th May to submit bundles
  10. also regarding court bundle, in the correspondence section, do i need to send all correspondence ie reply letters from Abbey?
  11. Spottiswoode, could you please start your own thread. thank you
  12. also, do i need to include in my bundle coppies of court claim documents and AQ
  13. should the court bundle be sent in a binder? or just loose, but with a covering index sheet?
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