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  1. Just found this website www.checkrate.co.uk which offers a FREE service to check UK and Irish businesses credit scores. It's laughable that some of the 'bigger' businesses like banks and building societies refuse us loans and mortgages based on our credit score when you see the state of theirs!
  2. I have been without my broadband now for 48 hours. A service I rely on from when I work from home. It's typical when I moved house told me I would be without broadband for 2 weeks as a problem with the street cable and required engineers. 2 weeks later engineers came and said there was nothing wrong with the cable. I wouldn't mind if they would give you any idea of how long it will take to fix and told me they don't recommend using the consumer service for any type of business. How many people are going to get a business and consumer service for their residence?
  3. Even if the CCJ is in my partners name and we are not married but reside at the same address?
  4. Thanks. Can anyone tell me if this CCJ will effect my credit rating as we live at the same address but are not married? No joint accounts either.
  5. My partner has just received a judgement in default from Northampton County Court. This is the first thing we have received and never received a claim form. This may be due to the fact that we moved house last year and it went to the old address but we were never aware of the fact. The CCJ seems to have been granted but it is only for a partial amount of the debt £160 + £87 (Costs). The letter from Bryan Carter states the outstanding baance is £891.60 (owing to Shop Direct Financial Services). My partner believes this was from a catalogue from two to three years ago. However she te
  6. Hi, Just posting a message in this forum to see if anyone can offer me some advice concerning VISA credit card chargebacks. A couple of weeks ago I was sold over the phone a 5 day holiday over the phone. They had cold called my mum and against my better judgement I used my credit card. They told my mum she couldn't book for us as the holiday park didn't accept group bookings due to rowdiness. My mum and dad are in their sixties and me and my partner have a 4 year old child and a 5 month old baby. They told me that they were RCI affiliated which I know is a fairly reputible compa
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