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  1. Hi, just wondered if someone might be able to help with something please. Contacted by former housemate who says that Eon are chasing after a very large bill relating to the period of 2005 to 2010 for the facility for using a pre-pay meter in a house we once lived in. We actually lived there from 2004 to 2005. And I don't think my housemate informed them that we moved, so as far as I am aware they kept us (or just him) on their books until someone 'took over' supply to the house. They have called and apparently seemed very eager to sort out the problem by clearing us from the account by asking us for proof of our tenancy agreements around that time. My ex-housemate does believe that they are interested in helping us and he says that we should cooperate to the most utmost by providing our tenancy agreements to clear our name. However, I mentioned whether it was worth asking them for proof of contract, as without it they could not chase us. I proposed this as they might use the tenancy agreements to support an argument for placing liability on us on the basis that the contract was a rolling contract (I assume it was - don't have a copy, not does the ex-housemate). But my ex-housemate said we shouldn't mess about by doing that, as they could employ investigators and still saddle us with the bill. He also thinks that historic acceptance to pay the meter charges in 2004 to 2005 demonstrates that a contract existed. Just wondered what the views were of others here, as I would like to take the course that ensures I don't have to pay a penny for when I wasn't living there. But don't want to make things easier for them to pin liability on us, if that is their real intention.
  2. Hello, I had a claim against HSBC based upon the old arguments that were commonly made against the bank regarding the charges that they applied to my account. I had already made a claim against Lloyds TSB for charges and had them paid back in 2006 (I think).This later HSBC claim was stayed in the Courts about two and half years ago (if not a little more) whilst the Courts determine the outcome a decision of the House of Lords.I was told on here to hold on and wait until some Scottish cases are decided to see if I would need to change the Particulars of Claim.I think the decision turned out badly from looking on here.Do I need to call the Court and tell them to close the Case now given that the case was set up on the argument of Unfair Terms in Contract? ThanksSam
  3. From reading around the forum of late I assume that there is no possibility of getting the bank charges back. I believe my case is still stayed with Salford Court but I have not heard from the Court or the solicitors in 2 years. What do I do now? Do I just leave things or put something in writing? (I will of course check with the Court to find out the current situation).
  4. Hello, have the Scottish cases been heard yet? What was the verdict?My case is still stayed at Salford Courts, that's all. Thanks.
  5. Hello, I am just posting to ask for an update on the situation for stayed cases in the Courts. Have there been any developments with the CAG test cases in the Courts, so that Particulars of Claim can be changed and things moved on? I expect not. I am just a little concerned about the stayed case. ThanksSam
  6. I've e-mailed you this afternoon. Please let me know if you need further details. I've also just had another letter from Ruthbridge requesting a telephone call and stating they have had no contact, even though I spoke to them a week ago (seems to be a automated dispatch). Of course, I won't be contacting them again.
  7. Hello Lee, I have sent a message to you via the website link. Thanks.
  8. Thank you, but I don't really want to have any dialogue with anyone other than to make it clear that this debt would now be statute barred.
  9. Unless I started making payments or acknowledge the debt. Is that not right? (Not that I would).
  10. Hello,I have a quick query, if anyone could help please? In 2004 I had not paid the full amount on the vodafone bill. I owe £330. I moved out not long afterward, so the company might have continued to pursue for some time by letter, but I wouldn't have known. I have never responded to Vodafone in regard to the debt since defaulted on that amount in 2004. Ruthbridge has sent a letter to me. I did ring out of curiosity, but hid my number. I never acknowledgement the debt (and mentioned that it would be statute barred anyway). They said as I have not acknowledged that the debt is mine they will contact Vodafone. I wondered whether it was best to say I had no idea what the debt was. In any case, would it be statute barred if I gave no response to vodafone since 2004? I know it was not best calling them, but in having denied the debt was mine, was this wise? Thanks!
  11. Hello, I am just posting to ask for an update on the situation for stayed cases in the Courts. Have there been any developments with the CAG test cases in the Courts, so that Particulars of Claim can be changed and things moved on? Thanks Sam
  12. Hi, just a quick question. I have heard mention that the legal situation is potentially different whether you are claiming back on a current account charges or credit card charges. And this is in light of the House of Lords determination on what is a penalty. Is it credit cards where you can use the penalty argument, as has been done for past five or more years? I have in the past reclaimed charges and got them back. I have accrued even more over the past two years but am just about to pay the card account off and get rid of it. I am a just not as motivated as before, as it does appear that the process could be a lot more involved that what it was four or five years ago. Unless I am mistaken.
  13. I didn't notice this had been posted until now. I presume it is wise then to drop cases against the bank on the basis of the charges being unfair, i.e. there is no point in amending the particulars unless we really know exactly what we're doing?
  14. Can anyone please reply to my previous queries that all relate to knowing what to do about my claim now? It is stayed at a UK Court but I don't know whether the chances are slim of winning a case, what would now be required to try and win (compared with how simple it was three years ago), and whether I need to change the Particulars of Claim. If I drop the case, will it simply be a matter of writing to the courts? Or do you need a special form?
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