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  1. It was sent off but how can I prove it? I only sent it 1st class as normal. I moved house a month after so never received any confirmation that it had changed. Should have checked but I can't go back and change it now...... best foot forward
  2. That's what the girl at the DVLA said. Think I'll go that 1st unless there's a time limit at the court for reopening the case? Quick question, anyone know how long can go by before the CCJ can be completely removed?
  3. Please help me- think this is in the right place. I have just viewed my credit report online with Equifax and have found out the reason I was recently refused a loan! There is a CCJ issued gainst me on the 2/8/06. On calling the court involved it seems that it was applied for from the DVLA in respect of a car I sold around 18 months ago for car tax. They said they had sent me 2 letters of which I havent received them as I moved Feb 05 to a new address and they sent them in April and June so I had no idea this was happening. I still wouldn't had I not applied for that loan and
  4. Worked in Mobile phones for years. I'd be very suprised if you were charged for it. If you bought it from a retail store I'd bet they'd have a copy in store
  5. That's just what I was after. Many thanks for that.
  6. Hi, hope this is posted in the right place if not please fel free to move. Basically my mum has some problems paying her credit cards and general outgoings since losing her job recently. She is now on Job Seekers Allowance and only receiving £230 a month. I have calculated her basic outgoings around the £200 mark without credit card payments.(there are 2 cards) Is there a template for a letter that she could send in the hope of temperarily reducing her payments until she's working again? She isn't very confident on thephone so i thought a written approach would be best
  7. Luckily I've only got the software on my tower, not on my laptop.... Deffo think it's time to show them the door. Thanks for the review site, some research to do me thinks.
  8. Good thinking, just a little dubious as to the hassle that seems to be involved in chaging ISPs? I'll have to do a little more research into who to go to and how quick and easy it will be. Heaven forbid being without internet for enev a day lol
  9. I don't supose there is anything like this with regards to other tain operators is there?
  10. Hi guys, new here so please bear with me Searched all over so far so here goes. I've been paying AOL for my broadband connection for 18months or so now in the same property and have recently noticed that they have been providing the same connection for £10 a month less than I'm paying!!! (new customers!) I've contacted them and they are finally willing to "chage my tariff" to the lower price but they insist I have to sign a further 12 month contract to do so....... I do not see why I should sign this extra commitment just to change to a different tariff that provides the
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