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  1. Well having seen off MHA, SCM, Robinson Way, Moorcroft and still arguing with Apex/NCO Europe, I started to get phone calls from AIC today!! Obviously I didn't answer but I can't believe how Lloyds continue to flaunt all the rules laid down, I've had no notification from them yet again, that they have appointed another DCA. So I've now got Apex/NCO and AIC on the case, unless they are one and the same? Equally NCO replied to my complaint that their client's have already sent a final response in the matter and they and their clients haven't breached any rules or guidelines, not quite accur
  2. Not their defence, mine, "would the defence be", not their defence! I have had a long conversation with them today as the SAR's only contains info regarding the CABOT !! when i asked why they told me that i have to contact each company in-turn, I love this bit, like we haven't been trying to get this from the outset and hence why we're here today! I tried for nearly a year to get my SAR and etc. from Citi but they were totally clueless, after saying they'd not received my request, an 'alleged' package arrived, which transpired to be a list of T&C's for a BMI Baby card, which I'd never
  3. It seems they will just press ahead, regardless of the facts. It will be interesting to know how they would take it to Court, as Citi unlawfully sold the account to Opus. They were informed it was unlawfully acquired but then unlawfully sold it on to Cabot, so by the time it went to Court it will have been unlawfully sold on twice. Would the defence be they have no right to claim on an unlawfully acquired debt?
  4. Interesting development, had all the phone calls, template letters etc. so wrote again telling Cabot they had no rights etc. unlawful debt passed on etc. Now get a letter saying that their client Opus refutes my allegations and that they lawfully acquired the debts under my T&C's with Citi? Despite the fact I have Collect Direct who were appointed by both Citi and Opus and passed the file back as it was in dispute. Cabot are now saying I have 14 days before they start collection action against me and of course ignoring all the facts in the matter. I am responding, explaining further
  5. Once again, many thanks for that, I've changed the letter accordingly.
  6. Ok thanks for your help, just putting together a nice, you have illegally acquired debt etc. and you should not be writing to me as you are further breaching my rights under the DPA etc. I will see what response I get and report back.
  7. Thanks for that, the last payment to the account would have been at the beginning of 2010 to Citi.
  8. Received two letters from Cabot this morning saying they have bought the accounts I had with Opus and then the usual waffle about what I need to do now. The thing is, both the accounts were originally with Citi cards, who I had requested SAR/CCA's etc from but received letters saying they'd not received the fees, which they had, then sending paperwork purporting to be a CCA which wasn't and just a basic mess of contradictory statements about the whole thing. This correspondence went on for months with Citi but despite constant requests I only received a few print out of statements and letters
  9. Thanks Disgruntled, it does look like they should still have supplied more than a print out of current T&C's though, under my SAR request, which obviously they have failed to do. Mind you I can't see it meaning anything to them as they just choose to ignore everything.
  10. Hi Disgruntled, Looks like there's lot of going around in circles with Lloyds and their DCA's, funny enough I had two different letters from the same person, telling me they wouldn't respond again. Both dated on different dates but both referring to the same letter that I'd sent. Out of interest does anyone know what the law is on pre 1985 agreements and what they should be supplying me with.
  11. Thanks Howler, I do have a separate thread relating directly to my account but as I'd been posting on this thread on the same subject I posted here. I've also now posted it on the other thread. Looks likes Lloyds are suddenly getting busy though!
  12. In January, after a six month break and hearing absolutely nothing, I suddenly hear from a DCA called Robinson Way, as well as a letter from Lloyds telling me they will supply the documentation requested but in the meantime I must pay up . I responded to both and got a further letter from Lloyds telling me, they won't respond anymore, whereas Robinson Way said they would take instructions from their client. I wrote back again arguing about the abuse of the Data Protection Act and the fact the a/c was obviously in dispute etc. Got another 'final response' letter but still received nothing from
  13. Had two letters this morning, one from the DCA saying they have referred back to their client. The other from Lloyds, basically saying they are not going to talk to me any more and enclosing their last two letters, effectively saying the same thing. However in their letter from the beginning of January they stated they would be sending through the requested documents, obviously I've received nothing and they haven't responded to this specific point in the last two letters, nor have they confirmed why their most recent correspondence now says I have a loan account, when it's a CCA. The DCA is R
  14. Fantastic, thanks very much, amending letter now!
  15. Quick question, does anyone know if Viking Collection Services are owned or operated by Santander, as with Mercers-Barclaycard, Metropolitan-HBC etc. Would just like to find out before sending them a response. Thanks
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