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  1. The letter comes from Extra Energy I researched a little after my post and it seems they got into the habit of false billing with other people.
  2. For a number of years now Extra Energy have been sending me the odd letter stating that I owe them money. Each time I have replied back asking why and to send me proof. Never once have I received a response. It's starts again this year as usual only then I find out they are in administration. I wonder why! So as usual I reply back by email stating the same as previously, send the proof or take me to court like you keep threatening to because at least in court you can't ignore a request for information and proof. They ignored that so the next letter got the s
  3. I have had all the email correspondence, the letters, proof of direct debit payments and crucially the default notice passed to me so no need for SAR. No not close brothers, car insurance company. I couldn't give two hoots about the debt collection company they have sent after him. They were swiftly told to get lost. I just feel that how on earth could they issue a default notice 29 days before the payment is due. Whilst I appreciate that under that particular section of the CCA they are entitled to end his insurance and give 14 days notice, but here is the
  4. Default notice served under Section 87 (1) of the Consumer Credit Act 1974 for an account not in arrears. Direct debit taken 7th February, notice of cancellation of policy given, direct debit cancelled, 11th February, the above received, final payment not due until 7th March. Default notice given in anticipation of non payment because they would not be able to use the direct debit to take final payment. Cheque and Bacs payment refused. All offered before the 7th March. Can't be normal to anticipate non payment and default an account not in arrears.
  5. I was receiving mail from Virgin Media on average 2 to 3 times per week. I am registered not to receive unsolicited mailings and I got into quite a public argument with them via facebook and twitter. They are under the impression that registering stops the mail and telling Royal Mail not to deliver the letters would also work, but as I explained to them, if the mail is actually addressed to an address by law it has to be delivered. But they know this, it really is just lazy marketing. It is a loophole in the law and they are exploiting it. By not addressing it to the person registered to not
  6. Tell me something I don't already know. The energy ombudsman had to remind them to send me a bill haha. Despite assurances that they would send me regular statements, I have received nothing other than an email from their collections requesting me to contact them. I had been making payments of £10.00 per week. Small amount because I wanted to drag this out. Despite the overwhelming evidence that I had against them, they merely gave the ombudsman the dates they claim they sent emailed bills. In the absence of any promised statements, I stopped paying a couple of weeks ago, now I did email the
  7. Well I would love to be able to come back and say that The Co-operative sorted themselves out but I am afraid not. No customer ever should have to repeatedly ask for things to be done, whoever this Andy is, he is useless. He is clearly relying solely on what the system says despite receiving evidence that the system is wrong. He had no intention of resolving this for sure. He doesn't do what he says he is going to do, he sidetracks questions, and the best excuse was the customer service has a large backlog of complaints. You don't say! I'm guessing that it might be a sweet time to find o
  8. Well the Ombudsman so far hasn't thrown the 2nd complaint back at me yet so that option is still open. After I received the last email from him, I forwarded all the contact emails that "didn't happen" including the facebook messages etc. I'm not beaten yet. I need to to be sending them an invoice you know! The hours I have spent on this has meant less time spent on what I should be doing and that my clients accounts!
  9. I already have sent it to the Ombudsman. I originally told them the truth about when I called them to be told that they didn't supply me, it was two months after I had received the final bill from EDF, so what was going on there I just don't know. The ombudsman wrote to me telling me they couldn't investigate as it was too far back. I did say that it was actually an ongoing issue and that the phone call I made back in 2012 was the first indication that anything was wrong. Didn't make any difference so I have resubmitted the complaint using the dates from January this year and just in
  10. Hmm, popped back home today to find an email. Much of the same really, alleged contact, apparently even solicitors have been in contact. I am so sick of this company treating me as if I am a special kind of stupid. I don't know how many times I have got to say it.......they have made no contact whatsoever. The email was missing so much of what did happen and contained more of what I know didn't happen.
  11. Well I tried that, in fact I sent a text to which to be fair he responded to straight away. I kept it at text message so again proof could be kept and supplied if needed. He asked for the account number and name which I gave him and he said he would look into it the next day and would get back to me. I was talking it over with one of my clients the next morning who advised that it would be very wise to keep everything still in writing so I send him a further text stating that given the seriousness of the situation all communication to be kept in writing. No response to that message and I hav
  12. I did that that last tuesday, no response to that either, I even have a delivery receipt through outlook for the last 3 emails so I know for a fact they have received them. I know I am not the only one, their facebook page is littered with the same complaints
  13. I am getting so sick of this company! I changed from EDF to Co-op back in February 2012. I realised things were not going as planned when 5 months down the line I realised I hadn't had a bill. I telephoned them to be told that I wasn't with them and I needed to contact EDF, who also said I was no longer with them. I emailed both companies, asking them to confirm in writing whether the account was with them. EDF replied but Co-op didn't. I know they got the email as I received their automated "thank you for your email" blah blah. I got fed up with chasing and decided to wait. Someone somew
  14. That's probably why I can't find much information on them if they are name changing. The only thing I know about Payday UK is the tv advert but as before I haven't used them either, I am not employed in the sense they require and in any case as a book keeper I would be very foolish to use them. It really irritates me that I have to be dragged into things like this. I will probably send a complaint to FOS if I don't hear from them in the next 7 days. But if CRA mess me about I may start billing for my time...........
  15. Well nothing on my credit file (Have checked all 3) and I have merely replied to their email stating I don't not owe Month End Money any money and in any case who are they? And that's all I should need to do I am not expecting a reply, but I would like to know where they got my name and email address from. If they do come back and make any demands I shall ignore them and let it run and hope they carry out any threats of court action. It will cost them more than it will me.
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