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  1. hi spam my 2 lads were both diagnosed in reception, so they hav'nt just been diagnosed in later life etc, but they were never statemented, they got a lot of extra help through primary school but unfortunatly as soon as they hit secondary that help stopped apart from extra time in there exams, unfortunatly the low self esteem is part of dyspraxia my 2 are the same, honestly conexions are really good, and even arrange for courses, at college or uni or elsewhere, how to claim benefits, or EMA, and whole host of other things they can offer, good luck with the uni interview hope she manages to get in,
  2. hi I have 2 sons with dyspraxia, aged 16 and 18, both doing really well considering the difficulties they have, my 16 year old as just left school and is going on to do an e2e course, which he's really looking forward to, my 18 year old did a year at college and now is working full time, I'm so proud of both my lads, having to overcome these disabilities, my 16 year old still cant fasten shoe laces either, just trying to say really that it can work out for teenagers with dyspraxia, and the person who mentioned conexions further up is a great idea, they can get your daughter on the right path, my lads would'nt be where they are today if it was'nt for conexions, hope that helps, and good luck to you and your daughter,
  3. I already get DLA but only the lowest rate mobility, for depression/anxiety/agrophobia/asthma/nurve damage last week I was diagnosed with diabetes also, my award dos'nt run out for another year yet next May so I'm guessing the renewal will be end of this year as they send the renewal out 6 months in advance, will this diabetes added to my claim make any difference do you think? and should I maybe claim again now? will it be worth it and would I be awarded a higher rate maybe? or should I just wait till my renewal is due! any help would be appreciated thanks!
  4. hi zamzara:) many thanks for your reply, when he left school in july 2007 he did a year at college where I was still claiming child benefit and child tax credit for him, he left july this year walked straight in to a job so I had to gave up the child benefit and tax credit, then unfortunatly because it was only a seasonal job it ended begginning november, put in a claim the first time they turned him down they said it was because he had money in his bank account it was under £150 they told him to reapply after he had spent the money in his account so he did, but they still turned him down grrrrrr this time I had to even ring them up and ask how the claim was proggresing because they did'nt even get in touch at all, and thats when they told me over the phone that he was not entitled, its so annoying because like I said in opening post about my nephew and also a few other 16 and 17 year olds I know who's claimed it with no problems at all, I was chatting to a freiend tonight and she said that he should still sign on tho even tho he dos'nt qualify for any money! so his NI premiums get paid or otherwise he will get a bill for them when he does get a job again? anyone know if this is correct? also my friend said that she thinks he's not got it because its a seasonal job also, would be really grateful for any more help thanks all
  5. sorry forgot to say my son did have a job but it was only seasonal so begginning of november he was out of a job unfortunatly,
  6. hi wondered if anyone can help please? my 17 year old son has been turned down for jobseekers allowance twice, his connexions advisor is going to help him appeal the decision, but just wondered if anyone here can advise if theres any other benefit he could claim that he could recieve? my nephew claimed it when he was 17 with no problems at all, this is why I cant understand why my son cant claim it! I'm only on benefits myself and only single mum and really cant afford to keep him, when my nephew got it both his mum and her partner was working and on working tax credit but the son still managed to claim it! anyone any ideas? thanks all
  7. it might not be too good to be true dont ask me how but I sent blair oliver and scott a SAR and cca request back in january, they failed to come up with both within the given time, so obviously I stopped paying them, finally came up with the SAR in august, still never produced the cca tho, I sent the prelim letter and lba etc but because of the test case did'nt bother following them up, never heard a thing from them, then end of last month they sent me a letter saying its been over paid and I needed to verify my address to recieve this over payment back, anyway I wrote to them to verify my address etc and yesterday in the post from them was a lovely cheque for £196.20 whohoooooo will come in very handy for christmas so you never know it might not be totally a lost cause, I would'nt mind but I have another account with them too, which is also been sorted.lol I thought they would pay it off there but no they've sent that on to another debt company, I was well pleased its clearing in my bank now as I type.lol
  8. hi all I got a strange letter of these people today, and really dont know what to make of it, I owe these people in the region of £200 and stopped the payments way back in january of this year, after they failed to send me the cca, I also sent them an S.A.R - (Subject Access Request) which they also failed to send me, I have reported them to relevant people about non compliance, but today I recieved this letter off them:shock: http://i6.photobucket.com/albums/y208/trickytrishuk/blairedited.gif I just cant understand how they say its been paid off and they now owe me money? not that I'm complaining tho, anyone any ideas? is this just a ploy to get my phone number do you think? but I'm sure they've allready got it tho.lol thanks all
  9. I got one of them off them today too if its anything like mine they will be threatning to send a collector round to your home .lol
  10. ah done that allready thanks MrMarmite they passed it over in june time the worst thing is that wescot have now come up with the agreement it does look to be in order too with all the items, but its so annoying tho they can come up with the agreement but not my S.A.R, the agreements interesting tho too has a lovely amount on it for PPI which I'll definetly be pursuing, thanks MrMarmite,
  11. add me to your list also will be sending in complaint to trading standards about these I sent my cca request to them back in january they still hassled me, and have now passed it on to wescot, Bank Of Scotland also ignored my S.A.R, complaint allready gone in to the OFT and ICO, my next step is trading standards,
  12. hi all intersting thread this. I sent off to these for S.A.R back in january for 2 accounts a preference account and a loan, but up to now I hav'nt heard a thing from them, which is very annoying I've reported them to the ICO and the OFT but still hav'nt heard anything, they managed to cash my cheque tho for £10 these accounts are now with debt collectors, which is also annoying one been there in house debt collector Blair Oliver and scott, the other been logic group (now OES Solutions) I sent both these a CCA request also back in january, stopped paying after the 12 days were up for the cca request, OES solutions still chased me for a few months after for money but not heard anything from then since about april time, Blair Oliver and Scott because they could'nt collect money from me passed it on to wescot, and now they have come up with the credit agreement, which is so annoying because they managed to get that but still cant manage to send my S.A.R, but its very interesting credit agreement to this was for my loan , which has a considerable amount of PPI on it which I'll also be claiming back, the address I sent my S.A.R to was different again to the 2 above addresses also, which was Capital Bank PLC First Floor Knights Court Weaver Street Chester CH1 2BQ this was taken off my default on my credit report, good luck to you all and hope you all get your money back
  13. there wrong because they have to go back at least 6 years, but having said that they are useless too, because quite a few people who's sent for there statements from these have had statements missing me included you need to send an S.A.R (subject access request) to them from the bank templates this costs £10 and they have 40 days to send your statements, hope that helps,
  14. got a letter from Kays catologue today in there final response and not a Penny to be refunded so today I've now reffered it to the FLA also, sent another letter also the ICO for non compliance with my 2 bank of scotland accounts, my next job for tommorow is writting complaints to trading standards about robinson way, Ge Money for passing on my account while its in dispute to viking, and Blair oliver and Scott for also passing it on to wescot while its still in dispute,
  15. dont know weather this will help at all file a defence against them saying you would like to see the Cca And Doa (deed of assignment) to prove this debt exists you never know they might just cancel the court case if they dont have the cca I did this with one of my sisters accounts, they soon cancelled the court case and she's not heard anything since and this was back in february, good luck tho
  16. thanks for that its allways worth a try, doubt that I'll get statements from the 80's tho altho it would be nice if I did .lol mind you having said that they dont send statements any more anyway after what I've read on here they just send you a list of charges etc, methinks I'll send just another S.A.R thanks again Groovycaz
  17. Hi All I've already claimed my 6 years charges back got them back in january:D just wondered how you go about getting statements before oct 2000 1. Do I send another S.A.R stating from beggining of account to oct 2000 2. or just write to them and ask saying I've sent then a S.A.R with £10 payment way back in nov 2006 and could they send me the other statements, since before oct 2000! How Likely am I to get them also? I've had this account from sometime in the 1980's :o not sure what year tho its that long ago now, I know I've had quite a lot of charges, I've thought about claiming beyond 6 years for a while but just waiting to see if anyone else had and how far back they had got statements from and how far back they had claimed, many thanks all
  18. been quite a while since I've updated this so here goes I've reported them all for non compliance to the OFT and ICO but to be honest they have been worse than useless, not heard anything off either since april time grrrrr then it was just letters saying they were looking in to it, Bank of scotland still non compliance with my S.A.R for the 2 accounts, after all this time, I've wrote several times to them too about this, Blair oliver and scott chased me for one bank of scotland debt but because I kept telling them it was in dispute and no payments were forthcomming, they decided to pass it on to wescott, Wescott has since provided me with the cca it does look to be in order too, with all the details, only last month tho, I relise I now have to start paying this, but because bank of scotland did'nt comply with my S.A.R is it still classed as in dispute? The agreement is very interesting got a £570 on alone in PPI which I'm so going to pursue, This is really annoying as they are forthcomming with the CCA but not my S.A.R OES soloutions (which were logic group) I have now found out that this was'nt Kays Catologue but my other bank of scotland account, chased me for a little while after recieving my CCA request but hav'nt heard from them in about 4 months, Kays catologue finally got my S.A.R off these people back in MAY time so put my claim in for £990 with PPI and charges , they have wrote to me several times saying thank you for my patience and it will be sorted by 8th august, but I'm still waiting to hear, I'm putting it down to the postal strike at the minute, Robinson Way (the worst out of the lot) for kays keep chasing me still keep getting endless phone calls and letters demanding money and I keep telling them that it is unenforcable, untill they come up with the CCA, They Have baught this from Kays so will Kays When and if I get my charges back just pay it to these or will they send it to me? I still owe over £800 I have asked Kays tho to send it direct to me and not to them because its unenforcable! I know I did'nt metion this one in my opening post but a store card for GE money which is now in the hands of the FLA which are sorting it out, also claim for PPI on this one in the meantime because its still in dispute I hav'nt paid so they have now passed it on to Viking who ever they are and I've told Viking that I've reported them to relevent companies for passing it on while still in dispute, Peter Knipe I mention in opening post still not heard a thing from them! thanks all,
  19. Hi Richard You dont have to claim exact 6 years to 6 years in other words you can claim from may 01 to present now to this month june! you cant claim debit interest back and also cant claim back any subscriptions like the £8.00 or (now £8.50 monthly fee) for subscription but you can deffinetly claim everything else hope that helps and good luck
  20. hi all I sent Kays an Sar back in january they never replied, so I reported them to ico and they have since complied and just recieved my statements, from them, but only from 2001 I had this catologue tho since the 1980's I defaulted in 2003 area and it was passed first to logic group then now its been sold to Robinson way! Who also have not complied with my CCA request, on my statements it dos'nt list things that I baught just basically says unknown product, and theres no interest added on either and I know they charged me interest! They have all my details wrong also They have me down as a house owner which I'm not, and that I've lived here for 21 years When I've changed address with them twice! they have my age down has 25-29 which is also wrong regarding the PPI I've paid up to £30 per month on some of these statements! :o all I have are statements dating back to 2001 the last 6 years so how am I meant to find out the amount of PPI I paid previously to 2001 I really want to claim all this PPI back, Right back from the 1980's anyone have any ideas please?
  21. dont know weather this will help at all but bryan carter and company tried taking my sister to court this was back in january and I had only just started reading this site back then, anyway I filed her defence for her by not acknowledging any debt to the company and saying I would like to see the deed of asignment and consumer credit agreement, and that was it they cancelled the court case and she's never heard from them since, I was very shocked myself at that outcome but what a result .lol but good luck tho and hope that helps,
  22. I've now found out that this was passed my Blair Oliver and Scott! they have me down by my first name which I never use where as Aos Solutions Have me down by my middle name which I use all the time, So are they allowed to pass my details on like this even tho there in dispute? they never supplied me with the CCA there time run out in March is there a letter I could send them? many thanks for any help on this!
  23. if you do CCA them they have 12 +2 (2 days for postage) to supply the cca if after the 14 days they hav'nt supplied the agreement you can then stop the payments, has its unenforcable if after the 14 days and then a further month they still dont comply with the cca they have then commited an offence If i've got that wrong I'm sure someone will correct me, hope that helps
  24. I think I'd be tempted to go the CCA request route too if they dont come up with it its unenforcable and then you dont have to pay till they do come up with it, I owe RW and co for a catologue debt but they have failed to come up with the CCA but it still has'nt stopped them chasing me and threatning court action they've been reported to the relevent people tho, good luck tho whichever you decide to do
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