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  1. I would attend the hearing and put my case to the magistrates it could be that the prosecution witness does not turn up in which case the prosecution will try to have the case adjourned but you must refuse the ajournment then if the ajournment in not granted you have no case to answer even if the adjournment is granted they cannot do anything except for another hearing and again you can ask for a specific date.
  2. try this website for parking problems : London Motorists Action Group
  3. If you know what you are doing it is easy peasy
  4. I cant figure this out either. If you are working against the bailiffs then why defend them ? Surely this means that there is something else going on in between ?
  5. gluck i would personally listt all the paperwork you have and post a link from photobucket.com
  6. Typical that is why i am suing them in the small claims court for non compliance with the sar and got a default judgement for £4000 against them.
  7. I am at the monment trying to do this as well.
  8. Yes these are. Write to the council and tell them this and if your are summonsed then take along a copy of your letter. !!!!!
  9. Because of on going litigation i cant comment on what has happened once it is over i will let you all know. !!!!!!!
  10. continue with your claim. they settled mine for £1300 plus interest over the phone !!!!!!!. They didnot send you or the court a bundle no ? Then that means that they are probably not going attend court and you can have their defence struck out !!!!
  11. Update !!!!! everybody was due to return their aq by the 20th of march. the other side still have not returned it !!!!! I am applying to have thier defence struck out.
  12. I have the hearing date for 17th of april for both my barclaycard and barclays bank. 1hour has been given for each. I had another claim for a completely diffrent barclays account. Barclays put their defence in but asked the court to strike my claim out. The bi but !!! they did not enclose the application fee. court wrote back on 05/02/07 no reply to date from them. Entered judgement on thursday last for £601.20.
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