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  1. I phoned customer service and asked who I should call to speak to about my bank charges and I was then put through to customner complaints... they obviously have a standard procedure.. I asked ( sounding as friendly as possible I may add).. how I could go about claiming my charges back. The woman was very helpful and said she could log the complaint over the phone and that i would hear something in ten days. 3 days later I received an offer letter. i had had no details of my charges which the woman said would automatically be sent to me si I called her back. She could now tell me what my total charges were. I told her I did not want to accept the offer and she asked whay I wanted. I told her a figure and she said I would hear back from the other department. 2 days later I received a higher offer, not what i had asked for but it was an amount I was happy with. i simply had to fax back a signed form (I could have posted it but I prefered to fax then call to check she received it!) The money was put into my account the next day. Overall, a very good service. i had stated from the beginning that I did not want to close my account with them and they said they would not ask me to do so. Th only thing i have noticed since the payment is that they will not let me go a penny over my limit which they have let me do for years. never mind, it's probably for the best!! good luck...= my whole process took a week and no letters.
  2. I have moved to scotland. Can I still use the scottish legal system to claim from them as they are not a scottish bank? help please!!
  3. meant to ask, why did you do small claim first? Is it ok to claim from same bank twice? tell me not to be nosey if you like!!
  4. wow, thanks for such a fast reply. I had heard about this but wasn't sure if someone was involved in some [problem]??! It sounds good. I am with Barclays and most of my charges are for going over my overdarft limit, sometimes by a lot, sometimes a little but i do it quite a lot. Is it worth going through with this do you think?
  5. I have scanned thro loads of threads and messages but can only find info relating to £750-£1500 in Scotland. Anyone help please? Ta.x
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