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  1. i would write to your local MP about this, if he was self employed and was only paying himself £100.00 per week then he only would of had to pay £5.00 per week, if he has his past 6-10 yrs tax returns to prove this then they cant do this liabilty stuff its a nonsense, if worst comes to worst get solicitor and let cmec take him to court and they will fall flat on there faces, the more people complain about cmecs bully boy tactics something just might snap one day, we can live in hope. Good luck.
  2. Hi have written to your MP about this mess? they sometimes help in cases like this, The csa do what they like they prey on people in there net and make there life a misery, and i,m sorry to say yes they can make you bankrupt they have more powers than inland revenue, vat civil servants, its a disgrace, thats why i say you should write to your MP as its them who give them these obsurb rules. Good luck.
  3. Totally brilliant i cant believe that silly girl didnt twig on just goes show what numbtys are on the ends of these phones. Well done.
  4. No i wouldnt do a email, otherwise you will get hassle that way, just send snail mail thats the best option. Good luck
  5. debt4get is totally right dont entertain the idiot he,s just a self employed collecter nothin more make sure all doors are kept locked, iff he comes again and you are in i would call the police and tell them there is an intruder snooping around your property, i know what its like to be bullied by post and that is bad enough but in person that is digusting. Good luck.
  6. The other option would be to phone your bank and cancel the payment as debit card transaction takes 3 days to hit there account so you should still have time to do this.
  7. I would thing not, if i,m right they are part of the lowells group which means they are just basic debt collecters so i would think they dont have the powers to do that, what problems are having with them?
  8. So what do you think i ought do when they reply demanding more money which no doubt they will do, just write to them and tell them to take me to court, as i,m not going to be bullied all the time, this kinda thing has gone on for 3yrs now and its getting on my nerves and my accountants aswell he,s getting fed up with me going every 3 months with letters from them demanding this and that. Sorry if ive hijacked the post.
  9. Blimey i cant believe what ive done, i also have debt with the above mob its derived from DWP ive been paying towards for the last 3yrs, then they sent me an i&e to fill out which ive done and like an idiot i sent 2 months bank statments i did cross out acc no, and other tranaction names just left figures for them to see, they threatened me with ballifs, prison, and taking my driving lisence away, thats if i dont pay more which at the moment i cant do as my trade has been hit very hard by the current recession, and you say they cant have this info only a judge can, what an idiot ive been.
  10. Well yes i have spoken to calls you control and they called me back and said, that they are going to investigate why i have recieved no calls, the reason they give for the same company being at the top of the pile is that if you phone the number and the call does not last longer than 20 seconds the hub does,nt reconise that a call has been made:rolleyes: the main problem is the company at the top of the pile is react fast a nationwide company with money to burn, so basicaly the sole trader dont stand a chance because if r f dont get enough calls they will offer more money to the MD of calls you control so that they can remain at the top of the pile. So to sum it up im still going with the issue i was misold the service as i was given the inpression it was for companys that did not advertise in the thom local, if i,d known about react fast being on the same service i would never of signed up for it, so be warned if your a small company lookin for cheaper advertising dont go to calls you control its a waste of money.
  11. Thanks for the reply, i,ll do my best so here goes, what i paid for was 50 credits to a freephone number which is at the bottom of an add in the thom local, what happens is you share the add with other companys which have done the same thing has me, i was told that the freephone number works of a central phone hub and goes round in a circle so that each company gets a fair share of the add, its a bit like pay as you go advertising, so once you have had 50 calls to the number you have to top up your credits to be able to stay on the add. Since i have paid for the privilege by debit card i have not had any calls which the phone hub is supposed to divert to my mobile, when ever ive phoned the number its the same company all the time, i do this just to see if my mobile rings which it does not, so hense i feel i have paid £200 for nothing, i,d rather have my money back as i feel the system is unfair and does not work but im not to sure how to go about this do claim back of my card or claim back through the above company. I hope ive made it a bit more understandable.
  12. Ihad an ivite by the above company to advertise with them, what happens you share an add and a phone hub, and you are supposed to get 1 out 8 calls but this does not happen, each time i phone the number(0808) it goes to the same company everytime. I paid for a so called 50 credits for phone number and so far have recieved none so im not very happy with what i have paid for cause i believe the hub does not do a circle. I paid £200 by debit card on Monday, can i claim my money back through the company or do i have to go through my bank because i dont want to get silly calls from anybody so that they can say to me, you have recieved calls and wriggle there way out. As you can tell i want out of this dubious advertising as soon as possible. Thanks for any help and advice.
  13. Ye i know what you mean frustating in it, you should be getting statements on a monthly basis if your not i would sort this asap you dont want to be paying more than what you have to, you could slip into the worse case senareo of them saying you ,ve not payed enough and you saying yes i have with no paperwork to prove either way.
  14. Have you started a repayment plan up with them ? or has it been handed over to the debt collection dept? If its the latter it looks as if you will have admin charges put on for collection, as long as you stick to any repayment plan with there in house dc you should be ok and the default will fall of your credit file after six months, what ever you do dont miss any payments or more than likley it will slip into the hands of an outside dca and you dont want that. All the time your dealing with in house dc you can still contest the fact that a default was lodged against you in the first place, well i mean one day out its a bit bad init. Have tryed getting in touch with your accounts manager to try and resolve the matter without all the extra hassle, that in truth is,nt needed.
  15. Is the default for an unauthorised overdraft, and charges relating to that or for unpaid dds, if you contesting overcharching you need to put pen to paper, and reply within the time they have set out, you dont want to have a default against you for something trivial. If you believe the default not a to be true you must let them know, you have got time to sort this out before it gets to the default stage, you dont want to get marks against your credit file. It looks as if they are going to start legal procedings against you if you dont reply and just ignore them. Good luck
  16. Hope you get back what you have claimed, its about time we got something out of these banks we,ve been [edit] for years. Good luck:)
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