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  1. My wife received a pcn for driving in a bus lane on Minster street. She saw no signs, no road markings, absolutely nothing to say it was a bus lane. In fact it was more the case that she was directed down there by the signs when looking for the shopping centre car park. A very quiet street she was driving the only vehicle on it. Not a bus in sight. It seems to me that this is purely a money making exercise. She was in nobody's way. This needs investigating. Cllr Tony Page (on BBC Breakfast this morning is the modern day Boss Hogg (for those who remember the dukes of hazard).
  2. Thanks to everyone who has posted a reply. It's clear from the number of posts and what people have said that there was a problem with the design and as such I think BMW should have taken responsibility for it. There were a number of recurring issues with this car. I was very disappointed with the manufacturer for the lack of help. I would like to make the point that the car had been serviced correctly and not driven stupidly. At the last service with the local BMW dealer I had pointed out that there was a rattling sound coming from the engine but this could not be reproduced by them and they
  3. In a dispute with Internet Service provider 186k Ltd, I understand that Tiscali has cut off hundreds of homes and businesses without any notice. I came home yesterday to find that my home Internet connection had been "hijacked" by Tiscali (who had provided my local connectivity) for 186k who own a number of ISP's. I was re-directed to a couple of web pages offering to transfer the provision of my service. Having paid 186k for a one year contract in advance last year I am upset to say the least. This is the message I had. I believe Ofcom should get involved and knock Tiscali's and
  4. It's interesting to hear all of the similar stories and that last letter is very interesting. I have a couple of points to make. Firstly, you expect any car to last its lifetime and only have to replace the regular components at service such as filters, oil, brake pads etc. Many of the failures that I have learned about are well within the expected lifetime of the car and are quite specific to the 320d manufactured up to 2002. I believe that this turbo has been superseded at least twice since that time and reliability, as far as I can make out, has been improved. This indicates to me that ther
  5. Hi, I was wondering if anybody else has experienced a 01-02 BMW 320 Diesel turbo failure. Mine failed recently and in the process sucked all the oil from the sump and ejected it into the top of the engine and out through the exhaust. I was going less than 30mph at the time and the cloud of smoke ejected from the back end was like an f1 car blowing up. The garage says that it is a common fault and that as a result it needs an engine, turbo and probably cat. It is going to cost thousands. I have spoken with a few others on this matter and several people seem to know of other BMW's that have me
  6. Hi, I joined because I'm looking to avoid driving cars that have potentially dangerous faults. I look forward to browsing through other peoples comments. Thanks
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