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  1. Sorry to hear that mate you may well of been a victim of fraud and I'm guessing that you have already got a copy of your credit file hence the surprise whoever you got a copy of your credit file from raise the issue with them highlighting fraud ie experian,equifax or callcredit this should get things moving quicker, they will then contact 02 directly and you will probably get a quicker response that way. The credit reference agency's have an obligation to keep accurate data... One thing worth bearing in mind is that o2 have bought several companies over the last couple of years such as l
  2. Several years ago my uncle transferred a couple of lock up garages to me and the solicitor organised the deed of assignment that granted me all the title and rights that my uncle had enjoyed such as the arrangement that we have with the railways. So some people would say that the rights from egg have been transferred to the dca so they could levy under eggs t&c. This is contradicted though by the oft guidelines the debt collection guidance updated in dec 2006 However have a look at charging for debt collection 2.9 and 2.10 Applying unreasonable charges for example charges
  3. Just a thought you could contact m&s and ask for a copy of any cctv footage that lead them into believing you were acting suspiciously and any accompanying transcripts that they passed on to the police i understand that they would be legally obliged to do this...
  4. Hi zimmie first of all stay calm you say that cquest have bought the debt off egg have you had a copy of the notice of assignment to cquest, they may well just be collecting on behalf of egg. My partner had dealings with this company sometime ago and they try to worry you in the hope that you might increase payments to them. Don't let them bully you, send all correspondence to the company via recorded mail and keep all correspondence from them if you have decided to honor the debt, dcas have to behave in an appropriate manner there are guidelines laid down by the oft. The following m
  5. Hi all other half has been paying a dca a nominal fee per month, but one day when they were contacted they advised her we are no longer responsible for the debt and they claimed that the original creditor needs to be contacted. So several phone calls later and whilst speaking to the third company it is apparently in the hands of the banks solicitors who are apparently in the process of selling the debt but at this time cant confirm who will be taking over the debt. This debt has had several dcas attempt to collect the debt in the past, am i right in thinking that each time the debt
  6. Thanks for the response much appreciated i didn't think that paying a dca was an admission of any guilt as they generally send a demand out for xyz and usually bully people into paying, is there still not an onus on the bank to produce any original documents ie cca agreement as after contacting the court they stated that the bank only sign a true certification and don't actually show any proof before getting a ccj enforced.... Don't worry about being harsh as i am here for advice.....
  7. Hi all advice my other half had a student account between 99-02 on the account was an overdraft facility of 1250, when the account was not used for about three months out of the blue she got a letter demanding full payment whatever occurred her losing her temper the bank being overzealous it resulted in her being defaulted and then ending up with a ccj all this correspondence was at her student digs address... For the last 18 months she has being paying a dca a nominal fee of £7 per month,Now recently she obtained a copy of her credit report and it shows that a judgment was entered for ju
  8. Thanks for the prompt response will keep you updated....
  9. Hi all making this enquiry on behalf of my younger cousin who has been paying capquest a nominal amount each month for the past 15 months to try and clear outstanding debts with hsbc and barclaycard for debts accrued whilst a student one is an overdraft the other a credit card.... They are stating that because they haven't received the payment on the 9th of feb and also due to irregular payments over 15 months, they want the full amount. Jackie is unable to do this as she is a fulltime carer and in receipt of carers allowance and income support, they are also in receipt of proof of this a
  10. Any views before i get myself in too deep !! Also do i have the right to see any information passed to the bailiff by the local authority, collecting the debt with my details on under the data protection act 1998 or any other legislation??
  11. Hi all! I rent a commercial unit from the local authority and funds were not received on the 1st of Nov, so as per tenancy agreement they passed on to Bailiff company. We had a verbal agreement that Nov payment would be deferred to dec but that was overridden by the finance team. Before this occurred i was not in any arrears. I have read the section entitled bailiffs and their fees and it seems that an appropriate person to collect a commercial rent debt would need to be certificated. The type of letter that was posted through my premises mentions a removals officer and states
  12. Thanks for making me aware of the landlordzone property forum i will browse that now.
  13. Thanks for the response council have been paid in full for Nov and DEC excluding any bailiff fees the bailiff and the council are aware of this as 17/11/06. But as you can understand Mr bailiff is not happy and claims he can continue to pursue this until the council call the debt off. The letter i have states it is a removal of goods notice and there is a name on there the males name and below it he is listed as a removals officer (is that a real bailiff) it doesn't mention anything about certification Also the letter does not mention anything about distress for rent it states
  14. Hi all been browsing the website and has helped me over the last day or so but i could do with some advice about how i proceed further. I rent a commercial unit off the local authority for business usage and payment is required on the first of the month. I had a verbal agreement with the landlord that the Nov payment would be held back to December due to personal circumstances. I assumed everything was fine and when i attended my property on the 15th(evening) there was a removal of goods notice through the door for £1960 dated the 8th of Nov, that included bailiff fees of 575 pounds
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