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  1. So its just a mis-wording? Most sites say its 2 months. The Tenancy Agreement
  2. That would make sense as to what he is trying to say! Maybe he's just worded it wrong - I will point it out, thanks. Yes.
  3. I am a tenant just reading through the agreement and there is a clause that says: "We may repossess the property if you fail to pay us rent 14 days after it is due, whether you have been asked for it or not" This doesn't sound right to me? Other articles on this site seem to think its supposed to be 2 months not weeks? I pay rent monthly. Can you confirm? Thanks! EDIT: Woops - spelling mistake in subject!!
  4. I hear that you can approach your credit card companies and say that you are having problems paying back the debts. Is it true that they can convert the balance to a loan or allow you to pay less interest back? The reason is I am just affording to pay back the minimum a month and the balances never diminish - on the biggest card I pay back around £100 min payment and the interest is something like £85 of that I cannot apply for other 0% cards to balance transfer to as I have too much outstanding credit. I have bitten the bullet and moved back to the parents and have even spreadsheeted a budget, but I will be damned if I am going to spend years paying this back when there must be some tricks around to shorten the horror... Wish I'd never got credit cards...
  5. Really am confused as to what to do now they have stayed my case
  6. Hello this looks fairly interesting can it be modified to be used in my claim? Unfortunately I have already gone past the AQ stage and have paid for allocation to fast track... I got a letter from the Court saying: IT IS ORDERED THAT: 1) Claim stayed until further order 2) Permission for either part to apply to lift the stay specifying why the claim should not await test case decision 3) The parties are to notify the court no later than 07 March 2008 in writing whether the claim has settled or is withdrawn or a hearing is required for directions for trial. 4) The file will be reviewed by a district judge as soon as possible after 07 March 2008. Also a similar letter from Abbey saying "pending the test case we are asking the county courts to stay all claims".
  7. Anyone in the same position? What did you do? Any guidelines on an appeal?
  8. Got a letter today from the court saying that they will be waiting until the test case in Feb and then review the case in March. They said there is a possibility that I can appeal - there must be other people in this position? What did you do? Will have a proper search of the forum when I get back tonight. A bit peed off that I've come this far only to get stuck - if only I had started a month earlier...
  9. Well that's that then - got a letter saying that my case is hold until the test case is decided - it could be years for that! Bloody hell.
  10. Hmm - this looks a bit worrying: The Office of Fair Trading: Questions and answers for OFT test case announcement 26 July 2007 I suppose they could just put my case on hold until the test case draws to a conclusion but that could be months?
  11. Oh dear god... just got some hideous hard-disk error on my computer...I reckon Shabbey have hacked in and left a virus lol ;(
  12. £250 Court fee with N1, and now £100 allocation fee...I hope this claim doesn't go wrong! I think by the look of it they have filed a fairly standard defense. This letter is just asking for another copy of the charges to be sent to the judge - even though I have already sent three copies with the N1! Oh well better not argue...
  13. The court are asking for an extra £100 allocation fee (in addition to the £250 cheque I already sent), and a copy of all the charges. No mention of a AQ?
  14. Don't we have to start preparing our stuff though? How quickly do you think the court date will be set?
  15. Hello, Abbey have sent us a copy of the defense - sounds scary... One question: the FAQ's say the next step is filling in the allocation questionnaire, but I have already filled in the N1 form originally where I sent the check to put forward to the fast track so surely I dont need to do this? Is there a section on what happens for fast track cases? Many thanks.
  16. Update: Defendant filed an acknowledgment of service! I guess I just wait 28 days...
  17. Update: received a Notice of issue from the court. I assume that I keep hold of this until the time Shabbey have to respond has elapsed then send it in?
  18. Will do! But seems rather dumb if you ask me... I suppose at least I don't have to pay solicitors costs!! Maybe I could charge myself £250 an hour
  19. Many thanks Lula - one more question about the N1 - why does the form seem to ask for the same information again down the bottom of the first page in the blue part? You already have to put the defendants address etc up at the top of the page and you have already put the details of how much you are claiming back in the value section???
  20. Hello all, after reading the FAQ's I think it's best if I fill in the N1 (also as Lula recommends above). I have a question though: For the bit below, what do I put if I am claiming compounded? I see from the rest of the forum that you cannot claim both? So I just fill in the charges and put my compounded figure under OD interest and court fee then ignore the s.69 bits? Thanks. -------------------------------------- Charges £xxx.xx Overdraft Interest £xxx.xx Interest under s.69 County Courts Act 1984 £xxx.xx Court Fee £xx.xx TOTAL £ xx.xx Plus interest pursuant to S.69 County Courts Act 1984 from date of issue to date of judgement/settlement at £xx.xx per day [(enter daily rate here - (CHARGES+OD interest)x 0.00022 = pence per day)] OR at such rate and for such periods as the court deems just.
  21. THANKS LULA! There does appear to be a lot of conflicting infomation on this site. Ok I will carry on with the compounded interest. Anyone actually won a claim using that interest tho? It makes quite a lot of difference!
  22. Very 'interesting' - no pun intended!!!
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