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  1. Im getting a bit confused. I have made a claim for all the charges made to my account plus interest. However are you saying that Overdraft Interest Charges cannot be claimed but the Account charges & Excess Fee's can? A bit more help on this would be much appreciated. Thanks in Advance, Tris184
  2. Congratulations! Can I ask did you go to court or did they settle before you had to be there? Also did they close your account at all? I hear after settlement some banks are closing peoples accounts. Also did you claim for every charge no matter how small? Thanks & Happy new Year! Tris184
  3. I forgot about it for a bit and then sent them a final letter saying I wanted the £ within 7 days, seemed to work alright. Cheers for your help
  4. After my 4th letter giving Lloyds TSB 7 days before I begin small courts action to claim the £850 they owe me, they have sent me a letter yesterday with the usual rubbish that they are no legally obliged to pay me anything but on this occasion they will pay me £425. Obviously I do not want to settle for this but on the letter it says the money will be credited to my bank account in the next few days. What I need to know is if the money goes into my account can I then continue to claim the rest? or should I contact them to let them know I do not want any money until they pay me in full? An
  5. Hi all Ive just sent my 4th letter and been offered a settlement for half what they ow me which im obviously not going to take. MERRY XMAS & HAPPY NEW YEAR TO YOU ALL! Tris184
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