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  1. My reasoning behind it is i have spent time and effort explainng this to them before, and when i next call they will have no record of the previous conversation. I will try again, and give them the information again and see where it goes. i have got this years bill and am tempted to go to the local office and pay it in mixed coppers, that way someone will remember me paying it, but i guess there will be some law that says they dont have to accept that much change.
  2. I have now got warning letters for my coucil tax, which i have paid, and have the reciepts for. My question is, if i just let them take me to court, can i apply for costs (loss of earnings, travel, subsistance etc ) . The alternative is to waste my time on the phone to them as usual to maybe get it resolved. this could take a fair few phone calls and a lot of my time. My argument is why should i bother, ive paid the money , got the reciepts il see them in court. Any advice is welcome, cheers
  3. I have just bought a vehicle, the entire V5C has been passed to me with the car ( it was purchased from an insurance company) however there is no tax on the car. The V5C/2 has been already filled out by the previous owner as the insurance comapany so the details on this are incorrect. Can i iether use the V5c/2 with the incorrect details on, or can i use the whole V5C with the previous owners name on it to tax the car ?
  4. Hi Tbern 123, Yes thats the one, il have a guess if they cant even do thier co house return on time, then the chances of the rest of thier paperwork being in order are fairly slim. Thanks
  5. Hi, thanks for the reply, it was a typo on my part and is Cabot. I will send them this letter off in the morning and see what response, if any i get. What are the rules on a debt over 6 years old, you mention no contact. doe this mean they can allege they have been sending mail out every 5 1/2 years ? or is contact a two way thing where i would have had to have responded. Thanks
  6. Hi All, Im after a little advice, I have recieved a letter from Commercial Collection Services Ltd as below Debt: 1180.31 Both our clients COBOT FINANCIAL (EUROPE)LIMITED and we have written to you before, without response. We have now been instructed by our clients to write to you offering a final opportunity to repay your account in full and have your credit rating improved as a result of this. In order to settle THE ENTIRE BALANCE of your debt, our clients will accept a reduction of your balance in settlement of monies due. That offer includes an undertaking to add NO FURT
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