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  1. Congrats Hedgey06, you get my last PM and my last post. Pink Lady, how i wish i was Danny Zucko (Grease reference). And the final act that the schoolmaster must do in retirement is to I hand over my chalk and my cane to the young apprentice. Take care of them and keep them safe. The torch has been passed to a new generation of caggers not blinded by war or repression but guided by a genuine desire for helping those who have been stamped on by the banks. Take care and this is one last goodbye to you on here xxxxxxxx
  2. Dave I understood the play on words with lex. I do need a definition of commercial site. Is it one that offers goods and services for a cost? I ask the question because I cannot find an online definition of it so i need to know what is classed as one because that is the test of whether any link to a site can be placed on here. I am a banana which i am open about and would never put a link on here. i am sure no one can be "poached" from the site because everyone on all sites can help across the charging spectrum. Scrambled, maybe, beaten, possibly, but always sunny side up. Anyway, no one laugh at the cobbett slayer's post, for a quick refrain, he said he was a hunt saboteur, and that he got up early and shot the fox. I was amused, or rather I could not believe it when i saw the comment:D
  3. The legal seagulls site has been classed as commercial and is therefore in breach of the site rules to post a link. Others who did post a link have had their posts edited as *commercial link removed* It has been copied with a clear reference. Anyone with a search engine can type consumeractiongroup and end up here.
  4. summer that post actually states the source as well, consumeractiongroup, so acknowledgement is there. Where is the copied stuff unacknowledged? Also a breach of forum rules as the site is classed as a commercial site as an aside
  5. Barracad as you are quoting me, can I ask if you believe Penalty Charges is a commercial site which DOES have the same facilities for a cost? I want to clarify that aspect because it was also made clear in the post that membership to the main forums and information is specifically FREE. I know this site does not have a VIP area nor does MSE.
  6. No i meant this bit is further off the hunting debate than the thread beginning, does that make sense? We can carry on i suppose?
  7. Barracad can part of this be moved off topic because I think it is off the main topic of the thread which is Hunting Debate
  8. I did barracad with regards to 9 quid membership. Please see site questions and suggestions and one of the closed threads. With regards to solicitors referrals it states fully insured solicitor
  9. Barracad, I apologise you are correct and i retract that sentence, you have merely asked the question.
  10. I seem to be almost a quasi spokesperson for Legal seagulls so I will respond. Barracad, you are right it was not said that it was profit making but a commercial site. To Summer, which one of the people on here are you the alter ego to(I can spot somethings a mile away)? I am alter ego to Nattie and I endorse legal seagulls having been told what the facts were from the site owners and how the legal side works. The VIP concept is one that Penalty Charges has, is Stephen Hone making a profit? I am sure he does not. Legal seagulls offer services available to someone which they can use or not use. No hand is forced behind the back you will be pleased to know!! Interesting you make the comparison with no win no fee companies, i did actually read about them and yes there are firms offering to claim charges back on average at a cost of 15% to 25% excluding VAT. Summer, as Nattie, i built my reputation on this site as someone who would not endorse profit making sites or no win no fee firms that do not offer 100% of the money back on bank charges. Any other services offered can be used but as a member you can simply do as you do here BEAT the banks. You mention other things on offer such as HIPS packs, will service etc, all through an insured solicitor. You are right that Legal seagulls are not YET in full campaign mode however, there is information on there that is not on any other charges site with regards to NatWest. Last week i spent 7 days doing that which includes for the first time information with regards to charges refunds not available anywhere else. Legal seagulls has a wealth of experience on the site of people who have claimed and is still relatively small, but will grow as did the CAG. This site started small and built up its base slowly but surely and built up press contacts. Legal seagulls is part of the same team as CAG because people can do it all by themselves and chill out with a similar bear garden(soft core and hard core for the over 18's) and a chat room. Stephen Hone has had nice words to say about the site, and Martin Lewis has not visited it as far as I am aware, Please can you do what you do well and we will do what we do well and that is to face one enemy--The Banks. I feel like a troublemaking rogue which i am not. I will now go and sit in the corner and write my lines sir. and I would let the fox roam in the peaceful contryside. Love seagulls though, quite distinguished dogs I would say. And The cobbet slayer, that was hilarious mate re hunt saboteur.
  11. Make sure you itemise the amounts of compensation and the reasons why. I am surprised they have not refunded the charge for sending it if they have accepted it was bank error. You have no chance with £500 unless you have itemised it all. And I think the Financial Ombundsman Service would say the same. As I said MAKE SURE you itemise your losses that the payment abroad has actually caused. They should offer something if you do.
  12. Today is 1 year since i first came onto the consumer action group as NatWestStaffMember and began posting across the site. This thread was made when the site really took off and a number of bank workers still working came to the site. I believed when i started that I needed to be open in what I did which is why i had the name. I still regard existing bank workers who have the courage to speak out as brave because the bank would eventually try and fight back. RBS Group have introduced a new part to the Code of Conduct which relates to comments on the internet that may be detrimental or derogatory about the Group or its directors. I have always posted that I believe in the Group but am against its charges policy because I have read the effect that charges have to peoples lives. I cannot walk in someone's shoes if i stand idly by and stamp on their head when they are at their weakest. I have spent 1 year helping people get their unlawful charges back from the bank, I continue to do this from the inside. I am sure that my employers will read this post, so my next comments are directed at them. I am not afraid anymore and I know you will sack me when you find me and excommunicate me from the Group. That is why I will never stop what I do across ALL charging sites. I have posted similar messages on all four of them today so that my response to the code of conduct will be seen.
  13. thomass, Nattie has an n/a which means the username has been deleted. I wrote the charges guide to help people understand the charges that natwest make and to know the mechanisms of them. I felt that if you know how something works you will see when you look at the statements how the charge has been applied and by doing so be able to avoid them in the future. It would also have the effect of understanding to a point the mindset of the beast you are tackling. I knew i would get one last chance on one of my own threads to answer a question. So thank you for posting and I am genuinely not being sarcastic. NatWest or rather Cobbetts will defend but they will not win. Keep the chin up you will get something from customer relations unit giving you charges no interest. It is coincidence not stalling/delaying or even mindless delaying tactics. Be positive, Be prepared and follow the advice from this site and ask as many questions as you need. At the root of everthing this site is about is fighting for you rights. Good Luck and I hope someone will tell me when you win.
  14. sorry, 2002 Brazil beat England 2:1 in World Cup in Japan.
  15. conni, I am sure experience natwesters will know what I will say but I can guess the info was from October 2002 to present? (I did say I was good). I know why and someone has made an error in ordering statements.
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