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  1. Hi Mocha I am still unsure. Does anyone realise how little work is involved in "solicitors fees" ? How can they justify the amount. I have the following "inside" information from within the Northern Bank on what is all entailed in "executing a legal deed" which the Bank said is down to "solicitors fees" Please read the following. "The work done by the Bank's solicitors is that a Release of Mortgage form is printed by the Bank (as usual a template is used and relevant details inserted by any jobsworth) time spent on preparation - less than 5 mins. The release deed is then 'sealed'
  2. Hi everyone I would appreciate any views you may have on this one. Back in 1995 we took our mortgage out. Then in 2004 we left the Northern Bank and stripped them of all our business including the mortgage. There was no other charged involved only £100 in "solicitors fees" which they took without our permission from a small account we held with them. Recently I have asked the Northern Bank for a breakdown of the £100 in time/costs. I have done so on THREE occasions and always they have failed to do so! In the mortgage contract way back in 1995 NO specific amount is mentione
  3. Texel.....This is for you.......smiles God may have created man before woman, but there is always a rough draft before the masterpiece Enjoy!
  4. Hi T4ff As a woman and not renowned for taking orders ....especiallly from a man.(who are often wrong).....I broke all the rules......smiles I filed against the B of Scotland this morning. (7th April). I hope its "lucky 7".......smiles Kind regards Clare
  5. Hi Bad Mother ( think you should call yourself GOOD Mother...smiles) Wow! Thats no ordinary letter!.Its a frightener! If I were them I would settle immediately......You certainly mean business! I claimed against the Northern Bank on a BUSINESS account and was successful. They didnt settle till I filed against them in the small claims court but that was even better because I also got the statutory 8% interest! I wish you well in your claim. Glad to know more business people are claiming now. Many think that the claiming back of penalty charges is only on PERSONNAL accounts but t
  6. Thank you Kitty & Naughty Yes....I have went by the rule book and sent a preliminary letter first then later the LBA giving them a further 14 days( from the date they receive the LBA). I have claimed against other banks but this was the first time I have been had the "Financial Services Authority" regulations mentioned in any correspondence from any Bank I was claiming against. I guess every Bank's tactics are different......smiles This is Good Friday , so I have decided I will file a claim online TOMORROW I dont want any bad luck.....smiles.... One more day wont make much differ
  7. Hi everyone Advice would be much appreciated. My LBA in March clearly stated that I would be taking action against them if by 5 April I did not recieve a full refund. I thought I would ring them today and got this wee girl who stuttered and stammered repeating what was in their letter I received YESTERDAY (4th April) ..."....you will receive a response from us within a maximum of four weeks, in-line with the Financial Service Authority regulations. " Do I still have the right to file against them TODAY..or are THEY within their rights to hold out another 4 weeks." I dont want to seem u
  8. Hi everyone..... I have a problem..... I am claiming back money from the RBS Tesco card and all correspondence has gone to the Edinburgh Head Office. Not surprisingly they would not pay the charges back but offered a small amount provided I signed "my rights away"...smiles. So naturally enough I filed against them ONLINE and named the RBS , Edinburgh a the respondent. This morning I checked the claims progress only to see that it is being queried and the following is why.... Its important you know that I live in Northern Ireland. Re: XXX V ROYAL BANK OF SCOTLAND I am unab
  9. Hi Nervous. Its a long time till MAY!.... Dont panic and dont waste the ink! I am sure they will "chicken out" They are only "calling your bluff" Kind regards Clare . Psstttttt.... I am claiming against the Northern Bank AGAIN but this time with regards an MEAF ( Mortgage Exit Admin Fee). Thanks to Martin Lewis' weekly email I wouldnt have heard of it. But as you know we took everything away from them in 2004 including the mortgage .The Consumer Council in Belfast encouraged me to do so because its a "grey area" at the moment . THE CCB told me what to actually ask for in the
  10. Hi Nervous...... Thank you!.......and I wish you well in your next claim. But....... I think you were very lucky to have been paid the MAINTENACE FEES. I have read elsewhere that they are a SERVICE charge and NOT a penalty charge that is why I didnt risk claiming them back. Would you care to take a bet on it.? smiles..... your winnings from the Northern Bank as your stake? smiles. Someone help us here......smiles. Kind regards Clare
  11. Hi Lizzie. The items we claimed back from our statements :- Referral Fee, Unpaid Charge Warning Letter Sadly "NO" to the following as they are standard SERVICE charges FE DD Setup FE DD Cancellation Maintenance Fee DX Arrangement Fee I am unsure about FE (Strangely no narrative) £8.50 but I am nearly 100% certain it includes interest added on when overdrawn (which they are permitted to do if you were drawn) but at the higher rate of interest. We left the Northern Bank in 2004 so "wordings" may have changed since then. So remember......GREEN is Yes, R
  12. Hi "young fella"..... LTWFB doesnt lie. ....thank you.......smiles. The small claims court ON LINE recommends NOT to withdraw your court action until CHEQUE IS CLEARED!..... You know.......I am walking on air.....today.......lol... It feels good......smiles.
  13. Bring out the champagne!!!!!!!!!!.. Corks popping everywhere.!.... Celebration Time in here!! Yes...today we received a cheque in full settlement!! Gosh......this is fantastic news! If you read this thread you will know there were times when my spirits were low. Everyone seemed to be getting money back on claims filed long AFTER we filed ours......smiles Perseverance won the day.......smiles. But thanks everyone for your help and advice AND encouragement. It is all much appreciated. As this was a FARM business account I would encourage members
  14. Hi Nervous. I am glad you told me that the Northern Bank had infact lodged a defence resulting in a date being allocated for the court hearing. Seems all nonsensical to have done so and on the same day wrote you a letter of settlement. I thought they were "picking" on us when they lodged a defence against us! So no one should be too alarmed when the Northern Bank lodges a NOTICE of DISPUTE or DEFENCE. This only confirms what LTWFB said all along....."....its standard practice" with the Northern Bank. As for our claim........as predicted the Northern Bank lodged a d
  15. Hi Nervous. All I can think why they settled with you so quickly is that IF you left them they would stand to loose alot more. You are probably a good customer .....in the nicest way of course....smiles. I am sure the Northern Bank will be delighted when you sting them for a second time!!....smiles.. I hope a letter or something arrives tomorrow in the post from the Northern Bank! Kind regards Clare
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