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  1. adl999

    adl999 vs MBNA

    Bit of an update: Got a reply with details of one late charge of £18 from within the last 6 years. I replied with copies of statements showing further charges from 1997 to 2001, claiming over £750 (10 charges at £18 and over £500 in interest at 22.9% APR). After a lot of waiting, finally got a reply to my claim last week - their 'Goodwill' offer... £18 Got a cheque for said amount the same day. Presumably they are ignoring any charges over 6 years back - has anyone else had any joy with these sort of claims with MBNA?
  2. Sent my reply giving them a further 7 days to provide the requested information and included a copy of a statement 'to assist them'. Statements were received a few days later, although in the accompanying letter they claimed that "the 40 day time period to provide the information starts only when we receive the necessary details to locate the account". I replied with my preliminary letter giving them 14 days before my LBA and also stated that all the information they required was included in my initial request, yet as I now had the information, I would not take this further. I claimed for the bank charges, contractual interest and costs incurred (£10 DPA charge and £10 per letter sent to cover time, materials and postage)... Reply awaited!
  3. adl999

    adl999 vs MBNA

    Seny them my reply giving them 7 days to supply the info on the correct account on the 2nd Jan - letter signed for by them on the 4th. I have been quite busy so unable to chase them up, but not received a reply yet (today is 23rd Jan). According to their first letter they did not treat my request as an SAR, so presumably they are trying to get around the 40 day DPA rule? Should I just keep writing to them badgering them for the information, or should I go ahead and start court action to get the information. Am reluctant to do the latter as they do seem to settle quite readily and don't want to antagonise them!
  4. Got this reply from Richard Cooke of Citi Cards just before Christmas: "I have been unable to find this account on our system. Please supply the dates the account was opened and closed. If the account has been closed for over six years, it may be that we no longer hold this information. I do not have this information, I have statements (showing charges) dating from late 2001 and don't think I closed the account until 2002 so they must have the infomation. How should I respond?
  5. adl999

    adl999 vs MBNA

    Got a reply yesterday - 40 days exactly from my original SAR. Unfortunately they have given me the information for an account I opened with them in 2005 on which there were no charges. I requested the info for an account I had from 2000 - 2003 on which I know there were numerous charges! Strongly worded response going to them tomorrow... One question though - how long should I give them to supply the info on the old account?
  6. I sent mine to: CITIBANK INTERNATIONAL PLC CITIGROUP CENTRE CANADA SQUARE CANARY WHARF LONDON E14 5LB Which I got from the Information Commissioner's website (http://www.esd.informationcommissioner.gov.uk/esd/Search.asp) but think I should have used the Salford address posted elsewhere here. Hopefully they'll forward it... Good luck!
  7. adl999

    adl999 vs MBNA

    Thanks Androobe / Paulo. Not heard anything yet, but less than a week gone by... Will post as I hear something... Still not quite sure about the charges that are over 6 yrs old - any one had any luck with MBNA for these?
  8. As many people have already posted "work to your agenda not the bank's"! Just started my own claim against RBS - how long did it take to get the statements through?
  9. Gost some statements dating back to 2001 showing at least 3 late charges of £15 each. Not sure what is on the statements I haven't dug out yet! Anyway, SAR letter off to them in post tomorrow... I'll keep this thread updated with progress!
  10. adl999

    adl999 vs MBNA

    I held an MBNA 'Advantage' credit card from around 1998 - 2001. I've just dug out some of my old statements and have found a number of 'late charges' that were applied to the account (around £120 from the statements I've got, but probably a lot more as I only have a fraction of the total statements to hand!). I've decided to pursue them to get these refunded. I'm sending the first letter tomorrow and will update this thread with my progress!
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