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  1. Yes I have photographs. Please could you advise how I load them onto here? I have not measured the width of the bay but when I went to take pics yesterday there were 3 cars parked in the loading bay but all had to park slightly on the pavement as the bay is narrower than a typical size car.
  2. The bay has broken white lines. The PCN was issued by local council. I have got photographs but don't know how to upload them onto here?
  3. Please someone? Just been studying the PCN and it states that the contravention is 'Parked in a loading place during restriced hours and without loading'. I have been back to take a photograph of the sign and it only states 'Loading Only' but gives no times? Any advice greatly appreciated
  4. Hi, I wonder if you could help? My husband received a PCN for £70.00 on Saturday @ 17:46 for parking in a 'loading bay'. The actual main road is a red route but has a small one way road running parallel to it where drivers can park in front of the shops. He parked up in a very narrow bay in front of the video shop he was going to and actually parked behind the parking attendant who was sitting on his moped. There were also available spaces to his right but he genuinely thought it was a legitimate place to park. At this point he did not notice any visible signs. He was in the sh
  5. Sorry the original figure was a typo. Charges are £221.00, interest and court fees are £100.00.
  6. Will do. Many thanks for your help.
  7. 24/3 Prelim sent £221.00,no response 9/4 LBA sent, no resonse 23/4 MCOL filed 30/4 Notice of Issue received 3/5 Acknowledgment of Service received 14/5 Breakdown of charges sent to DG Solicitors and court in Northampton 6/6 Notice of Transfer of Proceedings received advising claim had been transferred to Birmingham County Court. The sentence regarding completing the allocation questionnaire had been crossed out. 15/6 A letter sent to DG advising we would accept £373.00, mindful they are extremely busy etc. No response 25/6 'General Form of Judgeme
  8. I am claiming from HSBC on behalf of my husband. He received a letter yesterday from Birmingham County Court titled 'General Form of Judgment or Order'. The letter stated that we have until 25 July to provide further written particulars otherwise the claim shall be struck out. A breakdown of the charges was sent to DG and the courts when we originally filed a claim. Is is now normal to receive a letter like this? The total charges were only for £120.00 but now with interest and costs is has risen to just over £300.00. Seems crazy that they are dragging it out for such a small amount!
  9. HSBC 7QZ60983 £373.83 Received notice of transfer of proceedings dated 6 June 2007 but nothing further
  10. I am starting a claim for my auntie and have today received a breakdown of charges. There is a monthly 'Account Charge' which started off as £4.00 a month and is currently £7.00 a month. Can this be claimed back? Many thanks
  11. I only claimed 8% interest. The other looked too complicated!
  12. They are offering the full amount of my claim including interest and MCOL/AQ fees, however have deducted £204.00 which I was charged between 11 November 2000 and 12 December 2000. The top right hand side of the letter says WITHOUT PREJUDICE. Is this the bit you meant? Don't know whether to just accept and be grateful for getting the majority of my money back.
  13. I am actually claiming from First Direct but as I am dealing with DG solicitors I wondered if anyone could help? I have received an offer today from DG (I submitted my AQ on 31st Jan), however they have stated that I am unable to claim charges prior to 15 December 2000 due to the fact my MCOL was submitted on 15 December 2006. As I started my claim with FD in November, am I able to claim back these previous charges? Thanks!
  14. I have received an offer from DG today which is fantastic, however they advise that I cannot claim any charges prior to 15 December 2000. I started my claim with FD in November but the MCOL was not submitted until 15 December 2006. These charges add up to £160.50. Has anyone else come across this?
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