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  1. Looking at the text of some of the judgement: Quote 34. In my judgement ... in considering for the purposes of section 15 [supply of Goods and Services Act 1982] what is a reasonable charge for the service provided by the bank, an assessment would have to be made of the whole package of charges made by the bank for the whole service it provides. Potentially this would be a very difficult and expensive exercise. It is certainly not one which can be conducted within the confines of this case and on the evidence before me Endquote The Judge at Birmingham has decided that in his view
  2. Well Well well A+L acknowledged the claim which gave them 28 days from service. The acknowledgement said that they would defend the case totally. two weeks later ie yesterday a BIG FAT CHQUE for £1600 landed on the mat. This included 17.08% compound interest and also charges going back OVER 6 years, (6-1/2 actually). I think A+L are caving in totally. It's just getting too much for them holday time cometh maranatha
  3. I have just received a cheque from A+L which included 17.08% CCI Out of interest I also claimed over 6 years --- 6-1/2 years I believe that A+L are caving in. maranatha
  4. No It's not correct. Issuing a DPA item should not be done through MCOL but your local country court. It will cost £150. Maranatha
  5. I had a letter from A+L today telling me formally that they do not hold old data on microfiche or any othe system. So what they have is about 6 years and 5 months Regards maranatha
  6. OK - The judge passed it and it has been issued. I suspect the A+L will take it to the wire but lets see. Maranatha
  7. Has anyone made an application to strike out a defence? I know that kazzaw received a surprise strike-out from a judge in Lincoln on his own initiative but I wondered if anyone else has gone on their own as an ex-parté application Maranatha
  8. Took my N1 and POC to the local county court who at first refused to accept it because I was claiming Unauthorised Compound or Authorised Compound or S69 in alternates. she said, "You can only claim s69" Eventually she said "I'll run it past the judge tomorrow and see whether he will agree to issue "!! WHAT? Has anyone else had this problem? What do I do if they refuse to issue? My main thread containing my POC is HERE Any Advice? Maranatha
  9. Well I didn't get any joy from the LBA except another 'get lost' letter. So Today, I took my paperwork to my local county court. Firstly, they don't take credit cards so I had to go to an ATM to get £120 out. Then, the lady behind the desk says, "You can't claim 17% interest. You can only claim S69. She really didn't want to issue it until I pointed out that it was for the court to decide. She finally took it, (I don't think she had seen one with Compound, but she said she would have to pass it by the judge tomorrow to see whether he would 'allow' it to be issued !!!!!
  10. I believe this to be a service charge and not a penalty. I left them all off my claim. However if anyone has information to the contrary let us all know Maranatha
  11. 4.2.1 IS utter nonse. The UK tax is applied on the date of travel not the date of reservation otherwise why are Ryanair asking for more tax AFTER reservation because the government put it up? Maranatha
  12. I hope someone can explain to me a couple of things. I'm not heavy into debt. I have two credit cards £500 each both maxed out and minimum payments each month by DD Overdraft on current account runs at £500 If push came to shove I could pay it all back within 30 days. NOW I tried to get more credit and/or cards but have been turned down by he major lenders. Today I got my Experian Report which showed a national score of 926 on a scale of 0-1000 which they explained as higher than 70% of people applying for credit. There were two anomalies on the report.
  13. A+L responded pretty sharply to my LBA with a standard letter telling me to ..d off I'll wait for the 14 days and then get to the local court. I need to revise the amount due as some of the items (monthly od charge) appear lawful ? - Do I need to start all over again? I'm inclined to go for it Anyone? Maranatha
  14. I need to clear my head and want some advice regarding the 6 year rule after reading through this thread. I am currently at LBA stage with the A+L. Just had a formal reponse saying buzz off). I'llw ait until the 14 days are clear then proceed to action. Now questions: 1. I got about 6-1/2 years of statements. I've requested further details regarding possible microfiche holdings and will consider a further action under the Data Protection Act. Is this wise or should I just take what i can get? 2. Regarding the six year rule. There have been a number of points raised.
  15. I just had an email from Ryanair to say they were going to automatically take more money from my card to pay for new taxes. I didn't know they kep my card details. I booked before the Chancellor made his announcement and I'm still getting hit. Do they have any right to take more money without my approval? As it happens, I now want to cancel the flight but I can't find anywhere online to do it !! And I'm going to claim for the Taxes, Fees & Charges back as well. I'll keep you posetd Maranatha
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