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  1. Oh yes I'm still here ... haven't managed to sneak off to Australia yet! How the devil are you all?
  2. Hello you...how the devil are you?? Long long long time no speak!!
  3. No not too late thanks.... I've run out of ink so it'll have to wait until tomorrow!
  4. Thanks for your help/comments everyone....will get LBA done tonight VF
  5. Hi Slick Thanks for your response. We have received a full refund now albeit that they've credited the final £440 to a closed Barclaycard account. They are saying they can not issue us with a cheque because there is still an outstanding balance on the account. My arguement is that there isn't an outstanding balance because when they offered the settlement their wording was that they would "consider your account settled in full, closed and with all the records updated accordingly" I'm just not sure whether to pursue it any further!
  6. I first started trying to reclaim my hubby's charges in February 2007. Went through the normal route & they refunded the difference between £20 & £12 charges crediting his account with £164 as he still had an outstanding balance. Didn't pursue it any further at that time but later that year he received an offer from them & I quote "Pay £1,502 which is 75% of your total balance , in a lump sum or in three instalments of £501 and we will consider your account settled in full, closed and with all the records updated accordingly" There were 2 other options aswell....pay £xxx & we will credit your account with £124 or £46 As we had just completed the sale of our house we decided to pay the settlement amount of £1502 and received a letter confirming the payment. Earlier this year I decided to re-visit my claim and thought I'd do hubby's at the same time. I re-did the schedule and sent off a letter requesting a refund of the remaining charges. They responded straightaway saying as a gesture of goodwill they have credited his Barclaycard account with a further £440. We wrote back pointing out that the account had been settled and was infact closed and asked that they issue the refund by cheque instead. They responded to this saying they are unable to issue a cheque as "you hold an outstanding balance". In my eyes this statement completely contradicted the terms of their offer so we again wrote back pointing this out to them and again requested a cheque. The 14 days has now expired & they haven't responded. Can anyone help me.....do you think we are pushing our luck with this one or are we justified in pursuing it further? :-?
  7. I find this really interesting....I successfully claimed back the difference between £20 & £12 (credit card charges) in the early part of 2007. The refund was applied against my Barclaycard balance. Later that year I was in a position to settle the account so I did & thought no more of it until my husband was made redundant at Christmas and we needed to find some money!! On 5.2.09 I wrote asking for them to refund me the £12 charges aswell (totalling £588) They wrote back within the week agreeing it & said they were crediting the amount to my Barclaycard!! 1 further letter to them last week pointing out my account was paid in full and closed and today they asked me to contact them to arrange a BACS transfer. 1 phone call later (although transferred to 5 different people!! aargh) and they have refunded me £650!!! by BACS transfer today. Will obviously not celebrate until the money is definitely in my account BUT if they were confident of their arguement....why refund all the £12 charges aswell????? I really thought they would put up a fight!! :D
  8. :eek: :eek: kia, please pass on my love to T via her hubby...I hope she gets well soon xxxxx
  9. You ARE alone HSBCrusher......Have fun!! Villafan:grin: :grin: :grin:
  10. Hi I can't help with this but I'll ''BUMP'' your post to bring it back to the top & hopefully somebody will be along shortly to give you some advice. Good luck.
  11. Don't worry I'm a tough cookie;) .....I've had worse insults thrown at me...especially from charleyfarley!! sorry for hi-jacking your thread HSBCrusher!!
  12. Good luck then....I'll keep an eye on your thread to see how you get on! ;-)
  13. I definitely don't work for them :o heaven forbid the thought!!!!!! ps last time I looked I was definitely a 'she' NOT a 'he' !!!!!! Why do blokes always assume footie fans are men? LOL
  14. Is your PPI with HSBC? They refunded me £3k+ at Xmas after just 1 letter & also rescheduled my loan to exclude the remaining PPI...such a lovely Xmas present from them!!
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